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Wangsheng Funeral Parlor's mysterious consultant. Handsome, elegant, and surpassingly learned.
Though no one knows where Zhongli is from, he is a master of courtesy and rules. From his seat at Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, he performs all manner of rituals.

Description from the Official Website[1]


A mysterious expert contracted by the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. Extremely knowledgeable in all things.

In-game character attributes and profile page text

Zhongli is a calm, reserved, and polite man, who holds an air of nostalgia. He knows much about Liyue's history and culture in part due to his time as the Geo Archon; like Venti, he has many experiences and memories, as he was a god well before The Seven even existed and one of the oldest still living in Teyvat. He holds philosophical ideas towards money and has great respect for Liyue's traditions, including those that have been forgotten or warped over time. Zhongli tends to be humble, being worried he comes off as a "bourgeois parasite."[2]

Zhongli tends to forget about Mora in transactions, agreeing to spend large sums of it without having any Mora on hand and even taking "discounts" as granted despite being an obvious scam.[3] He often ends up relying on his acquaintances for financial support, such as the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor or Childe. Although he works for Hu Tao,[4] he does not like her childish behavior.[5]

It is later revealed that Zhongli's "carelessness" stems from being the creator of Mora. With the Gnosis allowing him to create limitless Mora, he never had to worry about running low on his personal finances. Unfortunately, when he chose to live among mortals, he lacked the foresight to find an alternative for them to continue minting Mora in his absence, along with creating a retirement fund for himself. As a result, he shamelessly spends the Mora of others.

Being the reminiscent person he is, Zhongli enjoys Osmanthus wine as it was the drink he and his former Archon friends used to have when they met up in Liyue. He dislikes seafood as it reminds him of the promise he made to his people in the past when he fought a particularly annoying type of sea creature, although he does not mind eating them if they have been ground to a pulp.


Zhongli currently appears as a tall man with fair skin and a stern expression. His eyes are bright and sharp, amber in color with glowing yellow pupils set in the shape of diamonds. He wears red eyeliner on the lower lids of his eyes. When using Geo, his eyes become luminescent. His dark brown hair is styled in a windswept fashion with a longer fringe that hangs from the right side of his face. It fades to amber brown at the tips and is pulled back in a long ponytail that falls beyond his waist. When he is using his Geo abilities, his amber highlights glow. This appearance is also used in The Statues of The Seven's depiction of Rex Lapis around Liyue.

His attire is elegant and form-fitting, consisting of a beige dress shirt, a brown and amber waistcoat, slim black trousers, black dress boots, and black gloves with twin silver archer rings on the thumbs. His neckpiece is a white tie pinned at the throat by an amber gemstone. His left ear is adorned with a jeweled tassel earring. Over everything, he wears a long dark brown tailcoat with dragon scale patterns, gold and silver accents, golden tassels, and Rex Lapis' diamond symbol on the back. Zhongli's clothes are decorated with diamond symbols found on his sleeves, belt, trousers, waistcoat buttons, and tailcoat buttons. Similarly to Venti, because he was an Archon with an innate Gnosis, the "Vision" embedded on his chain at the small of his back is nothing more than a fake.

Previously, he appeared as a brown and amber Chinese dragon with gold accents known as the Exuvia. His outfit, Hermit of Mortal Life, is described to be his leisurewear of choice as the consultant of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor.


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Zhongli is the latest mortal vessel of the Geo Archon, Morax, who serves as a consultant for the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. To the people of Liyue, their Archon carries many titles: the Geo Archon, the God of Contracts, the God of History, the God of the Stove, the Stonebreaker, and the Warrior God among them.

Having lived for over 6000 years, Zhongli has first-hand experience with much of Teyvat's history, including the start of the Archon War. At the time, Zhongli was the co-ruler of the prosperous Guili Assembly alongside the God of Dust, Guizhong. During a certain battle, despite their efforts and the aid of the adepti, Guizhong was slain and the Guili Assembly was destroyed. Sometime afterwards, 3700 years ago, Zhongli moved his people south of Mt. Tianheng and established Liyue Harbor,[6] where it stands to this day.

Official Introduction

In his long life, he has met countless people, and shall meet countless more still.
As they say: the waters change course, but the mountains move not.

The Raiden Shogun, commenting on the past of neighboring nations to Guuji Yae.

Wangsheng Funeral Parlor Consultant

Wangsheng Funeral Parolor's [sic] mysterious consultant. Handsome, elegant, and surpassingly learned.

Though no one knows where Zhongli is from, he is a master of courtesy and rules. His grasp of Liyue's traditions is superior to that of any scholar. From his seat at Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, he performs all manner of rituals. Proper clothing, auspicious timing, locations and appliances, observances and regulations, all such things can be left in his hands without a care.

But though he is a man of such particularity, he never has a Mora to his name. Trade requires capital, and transport demands payment, and yet Zhongli has no such thing on him — for in the end, someone else will always foot the bill.

He will attend the most celebrated performances, and be accompanied by the loveliest thrushes. His behavior is immaculate in every way, save for the matter of money. Those around him have long gotten used to his eccentricities, and do not take this matter to heart. If you ask him, he will say: "Is that so? I don't recall anyone ever taking issue with me concerning money."

Money for goods — that is the norm. How could someone living in this world not comprehend its fundamental truths?

Has the passage of too many years eroded his sense of mortal trivialities? Or does he see his voyage through this world as though it were a stroll amongst the clouds?

Character Stories

Character Details

In Liyue's traditional customs, "receiving adepti" and "sending adepti off" are equally important.

The Hus of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, who have been in this business for 77 generations, are the masters of handling funerals. However, Hu Tao, the current owner of Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, primarily focuses on the art of sending mortals on their way.

For the various ceremonies for sending adepti off, Hu Tao usually employs the help of a friend in more or less the same business. That person's name is Zhongli. The adepti have been with Liyue for millennia, but only a handful have ascended in the past three thousand years, which means that everything regarding the traditions now only exists in texts. This is not something one would likely witness twice in their entire lifetime.

Not even the most particular and learned of researchers or scholars could find one fault in Wangsheng Funeral Parlor's ceremonies for sending adepti off.

Everything must be perfect, from the costumes, the time, the place, the items, the weather, the scheduled length, the size of the permitted audience, to the stature, profession, and age of said audience. Nothing can be overlooked.

When folk describe Zhongli as "living history," the latter usually only smiles and sighs.

"I... just have a good memory."

Character Story 1

Item Companionship EXP.svg Friendship Lv. 2

In Liyue, if a person pays great attention to details, and has insuperable criteria by which they judge certain matters, then they are called "particular."

In truth, everyone is "particular" about something. Some people hate spicy food, others don't eat fish, and some want their tofu served sweet...

But as for Zhongli, he is particular about everything.

He attends operas performed by only the most celebrated stars, takes only the most luxuriant thrushes out for walks, and he goes into the kitchen personally to instruct the cooks as to the ratio of shrimp and fish required to make the most authentic Fullmoon Egg.

Zhongli has expertise in all manner of things, from fashion to daily essentials, to fine wines and delicacies, to teas and spices, and to flora and fauna. He is also more than capable of participating in discussions on commerce, politics, and international relations.

But on a typical day, all you will glean from him is a few pieces of useless trivia, because he particularly enjoys sharing these fun tidbits with you.

Character Story 2

Item Companionship EXP.svg Friendship Lv. 3

When making a purchase, look to haggle.

This is a common understanding among the people of Liyue. No matter what high heavens the store owner praises their product to, no matter its ancient history or classical value, prices are always flexible. Half the stated cost is a good place to start.

But when Zhongli pays up (or rather, calls for someone else to pay up on his behalf), he never looks at the price tag. As long as it catches his eye, Zhongli will pay as much as the owner asks. Indeed, he will even buy it at a premium sometimes.

But for some reason, Zhongli always forgets to bring money.

For small purchases, he has friends to help him out, and large bills he somehow finds ways to have written off.

To those merchants who secretly pride themselves on their powers of flattery, Zhongli is a man of strange proclivities: in truth, he knows a great deal about the value of money and finance, and he also understands the suffering of the people. However, he seems to not understand that poverty is part of the human condition.

Or perhaps it might be said that he cannot imagine himself being poor.

How has such a person not died of hunger yet?

Character Story 3

Item Companionship EXP.svg Friendship Lv. 4  • UI Quest.png A New Star Approaches

There is no way Zhongli can starve.

Such concerns as profit and loss are beneath his notice. The Seven Nations and the world itself are where his efforts are directed.

As for wealth... He is wealth itself.

He is Morax, the overlord Rex Lapis who rules Liyue, and the Geo Archon of the Seven Archons. The very money that circulates throughout Teyvat, Mora, is named after him.

When night falls and bustling Liyue begins to slumber, he will sometimes stand atop the towering mountains and gaze upon this city, which he made with his own hands.

To the people of Liyue, Rex Lapis has many divine titles.

When he laid down Liyue's laws by his divine might, he was the God of Contracts. When he minted the first Mora and made Liyue strong by dint of commerce, the merchants revered him as the God of Commerce.

He has lived through countless years and is the eldest of the Seven, and so historians call him the God of History.

Thousands of years ago, the forebears of the citizens of Liyue Harbor struck stones together to start fires and used piled stones to create stoves. These blessings derived from the Geo element led the Geo Archon to gain the title of God of the Stove.

People from other lands tend to call him Morax, though the people of Liyue prefer to use the term Rex Lapis.

But in the hearts of lovers of opera and children, Morax's on-stage aspect, the all-conquering defender of Liyue — the Warrior God — is the most fascinating.

The delicacies that Rex Lapis discovered while lost in the streets, the plaques inscribed with his handwriting, a famous opera that he once starred in, playing the part of a warrior... Many stories and tales of Liyue are, when studied closely, stories of people visited by their deity at some point — and the citizens of Liyue are most proud indeed of that history.

Character Story 4

Item Companionship EXP.svg Friendship Lv. 5  • UI Quest.png A New Star Approaches

As the founder of Liyue Harbor, "contracts" are the most important thing to Morax.

From simple monetary exchange and agreements between merchants to the ancient laws that Morax himself laid down, there is no part of city life untouched by "contracts."

To merchants, "contracts" are the most important standard to which they hold themselves: deadlines, invoices, shipping destinations... Only a refined and strict order can sustain vibrant commerce, which is itself the lifeblood of Liyue Harbor.

Thus the Qixing punish violators of such laws unceasingly, not only to uphold the divine rulings of Morax but also to allow Liyue to maintain its vitality.

Through the millennia, every generation of the Liyue Qixing commits to interpreting the law, including subtle amendments to plug loopholes found in the law. Any loopholes that remain undiscovered are seen by the merchants as "permissible if unaddressed," and they make killings off such holes until they are discovered and patched up by the Liyue Qixing.

Amid this game of cat-and-mouse, the book that collates such amendments has reached a whopping 279 pages thick.

The person currently responsible for maintaining this book, the Tianquan Ningguang, is secretly (and humorously) referred to as the "Tailor of Liyue," in honor of her speed in patching these laws up, and for her sharpness of eye.

But no matter how complicated or tangled mortal laws become, one of these stands above all others in the eyes of Rex Lapis.

"The one who reneges on their words shall suffer the Wrath of the Rock."

Character Story 5

Item Companionship EXP.svg Friendship Lv. 6  • UI Quest.png A New Star Approaches

Rex Lapis, most ancient of The Seven, has lived far too long.

Rex Lapis still remembers that moment when the final archon took their divine seat, thus ending the Archon War and the era of warring gods. The Seven were a diverse lot and dispersed far and wide, but they all shouldered the burden of guiding humanity.

As time passed, many of The Seven's titles changed hands, and only two remain of the first Seven: Rex Lapis and the Anemo Archon.

The carefree Barbatos, the Anemo Archon, is the second eldest of The Seven.

When Barbatos first came to Liyue, Rex Lapis believed his fellow archon to have encountered some terrible crisis in pursuit of their duties, thus requiring his aid.

So when Barbatos descended in a gust of wind, the Geo Archon had already prepared himself to receive this neighboring deity and lend what help he may.

But as he looked, the Anemo Archon tossed a wine bottle at him.

"Here's some wine from Mondstadt. Care for a taste?"

To forsake one's duty to deliver a single bottle of wine — what a preposterous notion!

Yet the Anemo Archon kept coming to visit, to explore Liyue Harbor, all sorts of strange questions on his lips. The Anemo Archon's questions knew as little limits as the wine in his hands.

From then on, the first Seven would often gather in Liyue.

Rex Lapis still remembers how those wines tasted.

The world has changed much since then, and all that was once familiar has faded into memory.

The seven seats changed and again were changed, till five of the seven at the table were all departed.

Nor would the duty of guiding humanity be honored by the new archons.

Even the hardest rocks may be worn down after three thousand years.

Nor would the wind ever return again.

One drizzly day, the ancient ruler was strolling about Liyue Harbor, and overheard a merchant telling one of his workers,

"You've finished your duties, go ahead and call it a day."

Long did he stand amidst the milling crowd.

"Have I... already finished my duties?"

That Which Rises From the Sea

Item Companionship EXP.svg Friendship Lv. 4  • UI Quest.png A New Star Approaches

During the Archon Wars, every corner of Teyvat was consumed in the fires of conflict. Not only did gods fight amongst themselves, but countless wicked things also sought to expand their domains.

One such type of creature caused no end of woe for the Geo Archon, long before he took that title along with his place among The Seven.

These foul creatures, straight from the murky depths of the ocean abyss, had a squishy exterior, and possessed agile tentacles that would live on even after being cut off, even secreting some thick and revolting fluid in the process.

This alone would have been enough to make them the most monstrous of all creatures, and still it was not the pinnacle of their monstrosity.

What made them so truly terrible was their small size, which gave them the ability to duck into unimaginably small nooks and crannies.

No space was too narrow for them, neither the wooden boards of tables and chairs, nor the seams of windows and doors and curtain folds, nor even books and brushes.

Many a poor soul had, on at least one occasion, unwittingly outstretched their hand, only to quickly retract it in horror with a blood-curdling scream at the sensation of something cold, clammy and damp, while one or more of these despicable creatures came crawling up their arm, leaving a shiny trail behind them...

At the behest of the people of Liyue, Morax agreed to wipe these creatures out. But these parasites upon civilization could not be destroyed like enemies on a battlefield, by simply summoning a storm of stone spears that would shatter the earth and churn the soil....

Still, he was the God of Contracts. His word had to be his bond.

So, he went through the town from house to house with prisons of stone, seizing these creatures one by one and locking them away for good...

This long campaign of pest extermination taught Morax the true meaning of "a burden lifted."

The grueling campaign itself, and the terrible smell of those ocean creatures' secretions, left a lasting impression on the deity.

Today, even when he goes out incognito as the mortal man, Zhongli, Morax gives those living, squirming seafood products a wide berth.

...Well, except for dishes where said seafood products have been sliced and diced into oblivion, such as seafood tofu. He'll quite happily eat those.


Item Companionship EXP.svg Friendship Lv. 6  • UI Quest.png A New Star Approaches

Once the Rite of Parting, of which Zhongli was both director and star, was over, the Fatui Harbinger named Signora appeared before him.

By prior contract, she was here to claim the Geo Archon Morax's Gnosis.

Before the Traveler and the two Fatui Harbingers, Zhongli related the truth that he had established a contract with the Cryo Archon.

In his own words, this was his final "Contract to End All Contracts."

Yet no matter how one looks at it, the loss of his divine ability to defend Liyue was too great a price to pay.

Even amongst mortals, the basis of a contract is "equivalent exchange."

And for the God of Contracts, who must have established countless such agreements in his long years of existence, such an important contract must have come with its benefits.

Now, the Geo Archon has given away his Gnosis as his part of the deal.

What, then, must the Cryo Archon have wagered to balance the scales?


Zhongli: Planet Befall
Item Zhongli: Planet Befall.png Obtain:
Reward for reaching Friendship Level 10 with Zhongli
Stars fall, light dims.


Lapis Dei
Zhongli Zhongli Lapis Dei.png Story Chapter:
Historia Antiqua
God's Stone

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Character Mentions

For character mentions involving Zhongli as Morax, see Morax § Character Mentions.

Character Stories


Character Voice-Overs

  • About Zhongli
    The gentleman from the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor? Clearly, he's an extremely learned individual, and I do have a lot of respect for him. But his mindset is too traditional for me — he thinks in the same tired old terms as Rex Lapis did.. If he were more of an original thinker, I'm sure he'd be a great asset to me in reaching my objectives.
  • About Zhongli
    That gentleman claims to be a mortal, yet is very familiar with my master, who is an adeptus. Master once said: "If you see him drinking on a stone stool in front of my abode, do not disturb him. Let him sit quietly for a while." And that's precisely what I did.
  • About Morax
    Have you seen that gentleman around? Huh? He's just a normal man by the name of Zhongli now? That must be quite the change for that old block-head. Come with me to see him, will you? I have a vintage I dug up from Windrise that I can take as a condolence gift. Oh, ahh... did he still seem strong when you saw him? How strong? Am I likely to get blown away?
  • About Zhongli
    I've come across a lot of fussy eaters, but Mr. Zhongli is very particular and has no problem getting straight to what he has to say. The first time I served him salt and pepper tofu, he took just one bite, and then proceeded to say: "It would be better to try sea salt extracted from the shallow seas of Guyun Stone Forest, because it would bring a fresh sense of depth to the tofu." I tried it and the taste was just so different! He's just amazing, don't you think!?
  • About Zhongli
    My father and brother entertained that gentleman as a guest once. From the way they were acting, he must be a very high-profile figure indeed. I also heard that he directs funerals for adepti, so he must surely have some inside information. We should do some digging and see what we can find out about him!
  • About Zhongli
    There was this one fellow who invited me to perform at his place, back when there weren't many who would give my music the time of day. I was touched, let me tell you what. Like, hey, someone gets it! I agreed right away... But when I got there, I found out that he was the consultant at the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. What a weird guy. I mean, how was that appropriate?
  • About Zhongli
    Mr. Zhongli has so much in-depth knowledge on so many topics, he's like a walking library, you know what I mean? He's a total savant, though he never flaunts it. I could tell just by looking at him. People like him rarely shy away from taking on complex problems alone, so in my estimation he's certainly not a potential client.
    And yet, somehow, I can't help but think I know him from somewhere, it's hard to describe the feeling... I asked my father about it, and he just said something to the effect of he didn't know either, though he seemed a little evasive. It was so strange... Anyway, makes me wonder if my father is hiding something from me. Hmph, alright then — if he won't tell me what's going on, I'll just have to find out for myself...
  • About Zhongli
    The customs of the opera are very particular, and are passed down from generation to generation. Sometimes I find that I only know the hows but not the whys behind what we do. But when speaking with Zhongli, it is abundantly evident that he knows the origins behind almost everything. Who wouldn't be delighted to have such a connoisseur in their audience?



  • When Zhongli's Elemental Burst is ready, the golden gem on his chest will glow along with his Vision.
  • Zhongli may be one of, if not the, oldest gods in Teyvat, at over six thousand years old.
  • In the Teyvat Travel Guide - Liyue, the author, Alice, names Zhongli as her companion during her travels to that region.
  • According to Xiangling, Zhongli's palate is extremely precise; he could distinguish the kind of salt she used in her dish from a single bite.[7]
  • On the Wangshu Inn Bulletin Board, one anonymous message is likely Zhongli's.
  • Zhongli is the first character whose Story Quest Chapter name did not derive from his Constellation.
  • Zhongli is also the first character whose in-game Profile and Story sections change depending on Archon Quest completion; before completing Chapter 1, Act 3, his "Vision" is listed as Geo (and his Story section shows Vision, albeit locked until Act 3 is completed), while his constellation is labeled "???". After completing it, "Vision" changes to "Gnosis" on both his Profile and Story menus, while his constellation is revealed.
  • Zhongli's Chinese voice actor (彭博) is one of the directors of Genshin Impact's Chinese voice actors.[Note 1]
  • Zhongli was heavily foreshadowed to be Morax before it was confirmed with the release of Chapter I, Act III in Version 1.1:
    • Zhongli is extremely knowledgeable about money, government, and Liyue's traditions and history. He even remembers customs and traditions that have been watered down, forgotten, and lost to time — as if he was there himself.
    • When he asks the Traveler and Paimon to retrieve the Cleansing Bell from Madame Ping for the Rite of Parting, Zhongli uncharacteristically refuses to join them. Madame Ping says that an "old friend" gave her the Bell and that, since they have come to borrow it, this friend must have "decided to take matters into their own hands." She also makes it no secret that she is an adeptus — which means Zhongli must be much older than his apparent age would suggest.[8]
    • After retrieving the Cleansing Bell, the Traveler has the option to ask Zhongli either if he knows Madame Ping, or if he is an adeptus. He confirms the former and fails to answer the latter.[8]
    • Zhongli is shown throughout the story to have several connections to Venti, the Anemo Archon Barbatos:
      • Zhongli states that a friend from Mondstadt would always bring him a few bottles of Dandelion Wine when they visited.[9] Dandelion Wine is Venti's favorite drink.
      • Zhongli's appearance is similar to that of the Statues of the Seven in Liyue, much like how Mondstadt's Statues resemble Venti. The symbol on his jacket also matches the symbol on Rex Lapis' statues. Although the Geo Archon wears a hood on his statues which covers most of his hairstyle, it's apparent that Zhongli and the Archon share the same bangs.
      • Zhongli's hair fades from black to amber, similar to how Venti's hair turns to blue-green at the ends of his braids. This was a stronger point during Version 1.0 when most of the characters who had ombres in their hair were known or theorized to be more than ordinary humans. With the release of more clearly human characters with ombres in their hair, this point is no longer a strong point for deducing Archon identities going forward, though they may still follow the pattern.
      • In the Version 1.1 trailer,[10] it is apparent that the tip of his ponytail glows when using his skills, a feature that Venti also has.
    • The Rex Incognito book series implies that Rex Lapis has amber eyes no matter what shape he takes, a feature that Zhongli also has.
      • Later on in the Moonlight Merriment event, speaking to Zhongli reveals that there wasn't "quite so much ostentatious shapeshifting as the book would have you believe".
    • Zhongli calls Rex Lapis' "corpse" an "Exuvia." The word "exuvia" refers to the outer skin molted by some creatures as a new exoskeleton grows in.[11]
      • During the Rite of Descension, Ivanovich states that "he heard" the Exuvia which Rex Lapis "appears as" during formal events, is a "celestial cross between two of Liyue's celestial creatures" (which the Chinese version specifies to be a dragon and qilin). This suggests that the Exuvia is only one of potentially several forms Rex Lapis can appear in.
        • This information was one of the many circulating Liyue during the Rite that can be either true or false since the information was something Ivanovich "only heard about", and as during the Rite, Zhongli was also stated to be the God of the Stove, which was proven wrong during the Moonlight Merriment event. It is also revealed in Zhongli's Story Quest dialogues in Sal Flore that even famous Liyue archaeologists had inaccurate information about Rex Lapis, and the whole quest itself revolved around further inaccurate information about Rex Lapis.
    • The World Quest Treasure Lost, Treasure Found and Stone Tablet Compilations: Vol. I both state that Guili Plains (Chinese: 归离原) is named after the God of Dust (Guizhong; 终) and the Geo Archon himself. Neither Morax nor Rex Lapis fit into this name, but Zhongli (钟) would.
    • Several stories claim that the Geo Archon uses polearms, such as in Teyvat Travel Guide - Liyue and Diary of Roald the Adventurer: Guyun Stone Forest, which is also Zhongli's weapon of choice.
    • Although he has some difficulty, Zhongli manages to repair the Guizhong Ballista, which was constructed by the adepti. Later, Keqing and a detachment of Millelith are found investigating the repairs, as getting it working within a single night should have been impossible for a mortal.
  • Compared to Venti, Zhongli is more secretive with his identity as the Geo Archon, making fewer people aware of his true identity:
    • Cloud Retainer appears to be aware that he is Morax, seeing that she leaves him alone whenever he comes to Mt. Aocang to drink and sit at the stone table she used to share with him and Guizhong.
    • Xiao is also aware that he is Morax.
    • Signora and Tartaglia know that he is the Geo Archon, the former having been likely informed by the Tsaritsa while the latter was only made aware after Osial was defeated.
    • His fellow Archons are somewhat aware of his current status:
      • Venti is surprised to learn that Morax had since stepped down and assumed the identity of Zhongli.
      • Ei is aware that he had stepped down but does not comment about his new identity.
      • The Tsaritsa is aware of his current form, seeing that she had sent Signora to interact with him.
    • Others have their suspicions but are unable to make any connections:
      • Keqing likens him to Rex Lapis, stating that he is too much like the Archon for her liking.
      • Hu Tao suspects that he is an adeptus due to being calm, collected and knowledgeable, although she does not make any connections to him being the Geo Archon.
      • Yanfei suspects that he may be Morax, as she has a strange feeling about him and her father evaded her question as to who he was.
  • Zhongli is one of the few currently playable characters who acknowledges (or even seems to be aware) that the Traveler is from another world, presumably because of his status as an Archon.
  • In his Collected Miscellany trailer, Zhongli can be seen fighting in the Realm of Clouds, a domain created by the adepti to hold the artifacts Guizhong collected.
  • The Chinese Teyvat Food Notes entry celebrating his birthday gave a real-life recipe for Zhongli's special dish, Slow-Cooked Bamboo Shoot Soup. The real-life version takes two hours to simmer, and the recipe doesn't count prep time.
    • In the blog post's story, Zhongli quotes three idioms from the Xiang Dang book in the Analects, a collection of sayings and ideas attributed to the Chinese philosopher Confucius. The passages he quotes are about doing things in their proper way and order, particularly in regard to food and dining habits.[12] The quoted idioms are:
      • 食不厌精,脍不厌细 Shí bù yàn jīng, kuài bù yàn xì, "When he ate he was not averse to refined rice, nor to finely minced meat."[13]
      • 肉割不正,不食 Ròu gē bù zhèng, bù shí, "nor would he eat food [meat] that was not properly sliced."[13][Note 2]
      • 席不正,不坐 Xí bù zhèng, bù zuò, "If a mat was not straight, he would not sit on it."[13]
    • He also tells the Traveler that the dish relates to the Six Ritual Jades.
  • Zhongli also appears in the Teyvat Food Notes' blog post for Adeptus' Temptation, in which he supervises the preparation of the dish. During the cooking process, he and Xingqiu sneak a taste of the lean meat taken from the chicken and duck used for the soup stock, much to Xiangling's chagrin.[14]
  • The meteor summoned by Zhongli's Elemental Burst, Planet Befall, resembles a Burr puzzle, specifically the six-piece burr which is also known as the "Chinese Cross".
  • Zhongli wields the Vortex Vanquisher in his portrait art.
  • Zhongli actually uses a combination of his equipped weapon and "stone spears" during his Normal Attack sequence, switching between the two as he attacks. He is currently the only playable character with this specific trait.
    • Zhongli can also be seen wielding one of these stone spears in his Wish artwork.


  • In demonology, Morax is the 21st demon of the Ars Goetia and a president of hell, ruling over thirty (or thirty-two according to other authors) legions of demons. He teaches astronomy and other liberal sciences, and gives good and wise familiars that know the virtues of all herbs and precious stones. He is depicted both as a man with the head of a bull, and a bull with the head of a man.
  • His title, "Vago Mundo", is Latin for "I wander the world."
    • His Chinese title, 尘世闲游 Chénshì Xiányóu, means "leisurely wanderings in the mortal world."
  • His constellation, Lapis Dei, is Latin for "The Stone of God." It follows the same pattern as Venti's constellation, Carmen Dei.
  • Zhongli (Simplified Chinese: 钟离; Traditional Chinese: 鍾離) is likely named after Zhongli Quan (Simplified Chinese: 钟离权; Traditional Chinese: 鍾離權), one of the Eight Immortals — a group of eight legendary xian (Chinese: ) in Daoist mythology.
    • The figure is said to have possessed a large magical fan that can resurrect the dead, as well as alchemical powers, which he used to transmute stones and base metals into gold and silver to save people from poverty.
    • In the game's Chinese text, the adepti are known as xiān.
  • The first character of Zhongli's name in Simplified Chinese, , may cause much ambiguity and confusion. is the simplified form of two different Traditional Chinese characters, and , which have two different meanings.
    • There is also a Simplified Chinese character which can be used as the simplified form of when used as a surname. This has only been made an official simplified form for the surname in these past few years, so it may not be commonly used. Strictly, it should only be used for the surname "Zhong" (Simplified Chinese: 钟 or 锺; Traditional Chinese: ).
    • To make matters even more confusing, in Taiwan and Singapore, a fourth Chinese character, , is occasionally used instead of either or .
    • Both "Zhong" (Simplified Chinese: 钟 or 锺; Traditional Chinese: ) and "Zhongli" (Simplified Chinese: 钟离; Traditional Chinese: 鍾離) exist as surnames in Chinese.
    • Based on the official localization of his name in Traditional Chinese and Japanese, his name should be 鍾離. However, as a result of the above ambiguity, his name is sometimes incorrectly rendered as 鐘離 even among Traditional Chinese players. The confusion may also stem from the pun below
  • The name "Zhongli" is a pun that can signify him stepping down from his position as Rex Lapis. Zhong (Simplified Chinese: ; Traditional Chinese: ) in Zhongli is homophonous with the word for "clock" (Simplified Chinese: ; Traditional Chinese: ) in Chinese and they are even written the exact same way in Simplified Chinese. Li (Simplified Chinese: ; Traditional Chinese: ) is the common word for "leaving" or "away." The name can therefore be taken to mean "off the clock" or "time of leaving/departure."
    • The Li () in Liyue is a word for precious stone (usually referring to lapis lazuli) or glass.[15] The word itself contains Zhongli's li (), with an extra radical to its left (𤣩). This radical resembles the word wáng meaning "king." Zhongli's () dropping off the may be symbolic of him stepping down from his reign over Liyue. This analysis only applies to the Simplified Chinese version of his name.
      • This would also imply that Liyue's name carries a secondary meaning: "The Month of the King's Departure," which bears striking similarity to the pun on Zhongli's name ("time of departure").
    • Zhongli's li (Simplified Chinese: ; Traditional Chinese: ) additionally was used as the archaic form of chī which refers to a mythical creature, such as a mountain demon or a mountain beast, which may or may not be a cryptic statement alluding to Rex Lapis being an adeptus.
  • The name used in Zhongli's sixth constellation, Chrysos, is known as the spirit of gold in Greek mythology.


  1. The Chinese version 1.1 stream on October 30, 2020 had the voice actresses on stream call him "director," then teased him about not knowing future plot details despite being an "assistant director."
  2. In the Analects, the phrase is 割不正不食, and is part of a longer sentence within the same passage as the quoted idiom above; the version in the Teyvat Food Notes adds Ròu, "meat".


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