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Zhongli's Treat is the seventh part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Chapter I: Act II - Farewell, Archaic Lord.


You meet Zhongli at a restaurant called Third-Round Knockout, listening to a story told by Iron Tongue Tian. As you listen, the camera pans to Ganyu, looking out over Liyue Harbor from above. Iron Tongue Tian's story is about Ningguang: He says that she has three research assistants who gather a lot of papers for research, and Ningguang shreds the papers and scatters them to the wind, where they fall and settle all over Liyue Harbor.

After the story, a stranger approaches. She introduces herself as Ganyu, emissary of the Liyue Qixing and secretary at the Yuehai Pavilion. She is currently serving as Ningguang's special emissary, and offers a letter of formal invitation to Ningguang's palace in the sky.

Zhongli makes plans to meet you at Dihua Marsh after you're done speaking to Ningguang in the Jade Chamber.


  1. Wait until the appointed time (18:00-23:00)
    • You may use the clock to speed up the time
  2. Go to Third-Round Knockout
    • It is located across the Teleport Waypoint near the Adventurer's Guild.
  3. Sit next to Zhongli



(After sitting next to Zhongli)
Zhongli: Ah, you're here. There's no need to order, I've already done so.
Zhongli: "Third-Round Knockout" is not for lightweights, like those taverns in Mondstadt. Here, the owner does not take such unorthodox orders as fruit juice.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So, does this mean I can order wine this time?
Zhongli: I ordered some wine-fermented sweet rice balls for you, if that counts.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I guess I should have expected this...
Iron Tongue Tian: ...If it's to your liking, dear customers, I shall continue the tale of Lady Ningguang's Jade Chamber.
Paimon: Hey, there's even a storyteller here! Great atmosphere!
Zhongli: Besides the fine wine, the excellent ambiance is the reason why this place is so well loved.
Zhongli: But, when I say ambiance, I refer to a different sort from the one the Teyvat Travel Guide uses to judge other establishments.
Iron Tongue Tian: As you all know, high above the land of Liyue lies a pavilion in the clouds, a palace in the mist...
Iron Tongue Tian: What does it mean to have all-seeing eyes? This, my friends: Lady Ningguang's masterwork that bridges earth and sky.
Iron Tongue Tian: Imagine. The weather is clear, and you gaze down from the deck on the world below...
Iron Tongue Tian: Behold! The glorious sights of Liyue Harbor, stretching out far and wide!

(A cinematic begins)
Cutscene's Travel Log summary:
Iron Tongue Tian grows animated as he broaches the topic of Tianquan Ningguang's palace in the sky, the Jade Chamber. All become fascinated by the Tianquan as he tells her tale of ultra-secretive scheming and "paper snow..."
Iron Tongue Tian: They say that when Lady Ningguang ponders important affairs, she retreats to her Jade Chamber with none but her three closest confidantes in tow. Why brings she these trusted three? To sift through sources, dig through documents — looking for information.
Iron Tongue Tian: Piece by piece, facts and figures paint a picture on the walls of the chamber... But well before the wall is filled, Lady Ningguang's mind is made up.
Iron Tongue Tian: Having made her call, she has every last document shredded. And fwoosh! she scatters the shavings out her window.
Iron Tongue Tian: Ah, look at them! How they billow in the wind like a sudden swirling blizzard! As the fragments fall, traces of text flicker before the eyes of the merchants of Liyue like ink stains in white snow.
Iron Tongue Tian: The saying goes, the rarest treasures in the land are the words brought by the paper snow. For the words of the Tianquan have the power to move mountains and all throughout the land know it.

Iron Tongue Tian: These are but scraps of paper, and yet they guide Lady Ningguang's hand — such is their value.
Iron Tongue Tian: Merely grasping one or two of them will surely gift you a fragment of her wisdom — enough to stay a step or two ahead of your peers.
Paimon: Tianquan Ningguang... feels like we're hearing this name a lot.
Paimon: Liyue locals talk about her, the Fatui hate her, she's most likely the one who hid the Exuvia, and we saw her at the Rite of Descension...
Paimon: Paimon wonders what sort of person she is.
???: At last, I have found you, you who returned from Jueyun Karst.
Paimon: Who's there?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png (Paimon, we gotta go...!)
???: Wait, I am not with the Millelith, nor am I here to claim your bounty!
Ganyu: However, I am an emissary of the Liyue Qixing. My name is Ganyu, secretary at the Yuehai Pavilion, and I have come specifically to meet you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Emissary?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Secretary?
Ganyu: Well, in concrete terms, I am the corporate secretary for the Qixing. At the moment, I am serving as Lady Ningguang's special emissary.
Paimon: Ningguang sent you? We were literally just talking about her...
Ganyu: My apologies, you who have returned from Jueyun Karst... I am duty-bound, and cannot extend my courtesy to you in full.
Ganyu: But I have with me a letter from lady Ningguang. She extends a formal invitation to you in her capacity as Tianquan.
Ganyu: She invites you to her palace in the sky.
Paimon: An official invitation...?
Ganyu: Lady Ningguang said this:
Ganyu: "Invite (him/her) to come here."
Ganyu: "I wish to meet (him/her)."
Ganyu: "At the Jade Chamber, together, we shall snip every one of these entwining dark threads."
Paimon: And with that, the emissary who called herself Ganyu just disappeared.
Paimon: But we've received an invitation from the Liyue Qixing. Paimon still can't believe it!
Paimon: (Traveler)! We'll be meeting people that have any more money than Paimon could ever count! We should be on our very best manners!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I always mind my manners.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Paimon is up to something again...
Zhongli: Hah... An invitation to visit the Jade Chamber is a rare honor, indeed.
Zhongli: You'd best be on your way now. But don't forget about the Rite of Parting. Once you've finished at the Jade Chamber, meet me at Dihua Marsh.
Paimon: Don't worry, we won't forget! Dihua Marsh. We'll see you there!
(Talk to Zhongli again)
Zhongli: Ningguang... Ganyu...
Zhongli: I wonder where we will find them amid these dark tides?


Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishZhongli's Treat
FrenchInvitation à boireInvitation to Drink
RussianПриглашение Чжун Ли
Priglasheniye Chzhun Li
Zhongli's Invitation
VietnameseĐồng HànhCompanion
GermanEinladung zum EssenInvitation to a Meal
IndonesianUndangan ZhongliZhongli's Invitation

Change History

Released in Version 1.0