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Zhongli (Chinese: 钟离, Zhōnglí) is an upcoming playable character in Genshin Impact. He first appears as a worker at Wangsheng Funeral Parlor in Chapter 1, Act II: Farewell, the Archaic Lord.

Character Info




Zhongli is a calm, polite man who knows quite a bit about Liyue's history and culture. He holds very philosophical ideas towards money and has great respect for Liyue's traditions, even traditions that have long since faded. Zhongli highly values contracts. Despite having a wealth of information, Zhongli tends to be humble and even seems somewhat insecure about being in, as he puts it, a "bourgeois parasite."

One of Zhongli's most defining characteristics is his knack for forgetting about Mora and agreeing to spend large sums of money without having a penny on him. Because of this, Zhongli is terrible at negotiations involving money.


Zhongli is a tall man with pale skin and black and brown hair pulled back in a long ponytail. He has amber eyes with yellow pupils.

Zhongli typically wears a long dark brown coat with silver shoulder pads and Rex Lapis' diamond symbol on the back. He also wears gloves, a formal dark gray shirt, and black pants. He wears his Geo Vision on a chain at the back of his coat, and a tassel earring on his left ear.


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