We Fatui hail from Zapolyarny Palace.

Zapolyarny Palace (Russian: Заполярный дворец Zapolyarnyy dvorets, "Polar Palace") is a palace in Snezhnaya from which the Tsaritsa, who is the Cryo Archon and ruler of Snezhnaya, reigns.[1] The Fatui diplomats hail from Zapolyarny Palace and were sent from there by the Tsaritsa to enact her will throughout Teyvat.[2]


  • "Zapolyarny" (Russian: Заполярный Zapolyarnyy, "polar") refers specifically to the area beyond the Arctic Circle.
  • When Venti mentions the palace during Ending Note, the English language subtitles refer to it as Zapolyarny Palace, while in the audio he calls it the "Winter Palace." The Winter Palace is a palace in Russia that served as the official residence of the Tsar/Tsaritsa until the fall of imperial rule.



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