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Yun Jin can be invited as a Companion into your Serenitea Pot after obtaining her and completing the World Quest Idle Teapot Talk.

Favorite Furnishing Sets

If a character's favorite furnishing set is placed in the same realm as the character for the first time, the character will automatically teleport to the furnishing set. Interacting with the character will initiate a special dialogue, after which the character will teleport back to their original position. Yun Jin has 2 Favorite Furnishing Sets:

Furnishing Set Image Rewards
Feiyun Study Room Furnishing Set Feiyun Study Room Display.png
Item Mora.png 20,000 Mora
Glittering Street Furnishing Set Glittering Street Display.png
Item Mora.png 20,000 Mora

Idle Quotes

  • "A new script..."
  • "I'd like something to drink..."
  • "Let's warm up a bit..."
  • "The troupe..."
  • "Stage make-up..."

When the player is nearby:

  • "A song and some tea?"
  • "You're here!"


Yun Jin: Ah, you've arrived. (Traveler). I couldn't help but notice how busy you are these days...
Yun Jin: If you could manage to find the time to sit and enjoy an opera together or share a pot of tea... Taking a moment to slow down and enjoy the finer things in life is always beneficial to your body and soul.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png How do you like it here?
Yun Jin: Yes, you needn't worry. Everything here seems to be in good order, not to mention the delightful scenery. I think I will have no issue residing in such a pleasant place.
Yun Jin: I have a habit of going to an open space every morning to rehearse my voice.
Yun Jin: It can be difficult to find a suitable place where my singing won't disturb anyone in Liyue Harbor, but here that is not a problem at all.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png "Rehearse your voice"? Every day?
Yun Jin: Yes. Why, that's a fundamental part of anyone's routine in my profession.
Yun Jin: If you skip a day, only you will know. But if you skip three days, the whole audience will know. A master never forgets the fundamentals of practicing.
Yun Jin: *sigh* Alright, I can see it written on your face already, "That sounds exhausting"... As a matter of fact, I don't feel that way at all, quite the opposite, really.
Yun Jin: To fully deliver the elegance of Liyue opera to the audience, we must strive for excellence, properly performing every subtlety in the story.
Yun Jin: To be completely honest, I find great enjoyment in my hours of practice.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Shall I accompany you while you rehearse?
Yun Jin: Haha, how kind. I do appreciate your courtesy.
Yun Jin: However, in my practice routine, I tend to go over my whole repertoire, both singing and reciting... I may suddenly be acting dreadfully mournful one moment, and then practicing a hysterical laugh the next... I fear such a kaleidoscope of outright emotion may scare you.
Yun Jin: I would much prefer to offer you a complete and fully prepared opera instead.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I understand.
Yun Jin: Great. Thank you for your kind understanding.
(Unlocks at Friendship Level 4)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Would you like to have a chat with me?
Yun Jin: Yes, that would be perfect. I've been meaning to ask for your guidance on many things.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You're so modest, Yun Jin.
Yun Jin: It's just that you've traveled extensively... you have much experience for me to draw upon.
Yun Jin: I must respect you if I wish to gain from your experience.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You're so formal sometimes, Yun Jin.
Yun Jin: Haha, is this humor of yours also something that you've acquired throughout your travels?
Yun Jin: Then I won't beat around the bush.
Yun Jin: Ahem, to be completely honest... There are times I have considered giving up the opera and taking time to travel around faraway nations. But things are always busy in the troupe and I've just never found the right opportunity.
Yun Jin: After traveling to so many places, I'm sure that you've learned many different customs. Would you mind sharing some with me?
Yun Jin: For example, the swordplay of the Knights in Mondstadt, what's that like? Does it differ from that of the martial artists we see in Liyue?
Yun Jin: I've also heard that the swords produced in Inazuma can cut through nearly anything... How do they forge such sharp swords?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The knights of Mondstadt are masters of Favonius Bladework.
Yun Jin: A fighting style that flows like the wind? I wonder, are they capable of even manipulating the wind in combat?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The smithies in Inazuma forge their blades from Jade Steel...
Yun Jin: Oh, that must be a very special material, then... It's no wonder that the people of Inazuma are reputedly confident in their craftsmanship.
Yun Jin: I want to hear all that you have to say! It truly is fascinating.
Yun Jin: I'll be sure to prepare some more questions for the next time we talk.
Yun Jin: Of course, I'll be sure to make our conversations worth your time as well. I will prepare an appropriate gift for you as thanks for answering my questions.
(Unlocks at Friendship Level 7)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Is there anything you'd like to do?
Yun Jin: Yes, now that you mention it... there is one thing I have been meaning to do.
Yun Jin: When I was a child, my father often told me legends of the adepti. I remember that one legend in particular made mention of an adeptus's abode in Jueyun Karst.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png An adeptus's abode?
Yun Jin: Yes, that's right. The legend had it that adepti could drift upon beams of light, ride lightning, and leap into the sky to ascend to their abode.
Yun Jin: "From their lofty dwelling, they gaze to and fro. Drifting over land and sea, they know not the world below."
Yun Jin: My father would have a mesmerized look on his face whenever we got to that part of the story.
Yun Jin: But though the story has been passed down all these years, no one has yet to ever see such an abode...
Yun Jin: It has always been my dream to go and see such a place one day.
Yun Jin: I would even like to perform an opera there, letting adepti and people alike hear my voice echoing through the lands.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I think I know of a place like the one you've described.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We could just go to Qingyun Peak...
Yun Jin: No... Really?
Yun Jin: Ahem... I mean... I know that your words are sincere, it's just that you answered so quickly, and I haven't even decided what opera to perform or what costume to prepare...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Take your time to think it over.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'll take you there once you've made up your mind.
Yun Jin: Thank you very much! That's most kind of you.
Yun Jin: ...
Yun Jin: Alright, I have some ideas. I think for the performance, I will sing a selection about you and your dealings with the adepti...
Yun Jin: As for the costume, I was hoping you could give me some creative input.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You have a deal!
Yun Jin: Alright, it's settled. I'll start practicing today... Actually, why not start right away — no time like the present! I must make sure this performance turns out perfect.
(Between 6:00 and 19:00)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Good morning, Yun Jin.
Yun Jin: Good morning. Will you be departing for adventures in a distant land today?
Yun Jin: Let's just hope that the weather will hold up with no rain or storms, and that you can go speedily about your way.
(Between 19:00 and 6:00)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Good night, Yun Jin.
Yun Jin: Yes, good night, (Traveler)! It is good to turn in early from time to time.
Yun Jin: The night markets are always worth a visit though, perhaps we can save that for tomorrow.

Special Dialogue

When a character is invited to or invites themselves to their favorite set for the first time, the character will provide a reward. They will provide a reward for each of their favorite sets.

Inviting them to the furnishing set again will replay the dialogue, but no further reward will be given.

Glittering Street

Yun Jin: I always love to take a stroll around the night market after a performance.
Yun Jin: This street has a striking resemblance to those back in Liyue. It really feels just like being there.
Yun Jin: Let's take a stroll around here tonight, then. What do you say?

Feiyun Study Room

Yun Jin: Hmm, would you look at that... the name of this room is the "Feiyun Study Room."
Yun Jin: Its name contains the word "yun," just like my own name... It looks like I have a special connection with this room.
Yun Jin: Haha, I'm kidding, of course. It is most definitely to my liking, though. Furnished with all the supplies one could possibly hope for in a study. I am truly grateful.

Change History

Released in Version 2.4