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Yoriki Samurai are tall, muscular Shogunate Samurai. They behave similarly to the Kairagi, although they do not imbue their katanas with the Element and do not taunt their opponents.

Abilities and Attacks

Names are unofficial.

  • Slash: Performs a quick upward or downward close-range slash, dealing Physical DMG.
  • Double Slash: Performs two sweeps with their katana, dealing Physical DMG.
  • Slash Combo: Unsheathes their katana to unleash a flurry of slashes, dealing Physical DMG.
  • Sword Lunge: Lunges toward the player with their katana, dealing Physical DMG along their path.
    • Variant 1:Readies their weapon on the hilt before dash-slashing at the player.
    • Variant 2:Points their blade towards the player and charge towards them.
  • Block: Assumes a defensive stance, temporarily blocking attacks from the direction they're facing.
  • Dodge: Jumps backwards, away from the player.



Yoriki Samurai
Spotting the Traveler Teach me a lesson.
Brace yourself.
Show me what you've got! (Sword Lunge)
Watch your step! (Slash Combo)
A worthy opponent.
Allow me to strike first! (Slash Combo)
Hyah! (Slash)
Slash! (Double Slash)
Clear cut! (Double Slash)
Deflecting Attacks Don't hold back.
I dare you!
Defeated I need to... train harder...
I've been... bested well...

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Yoriki Samurai
Jìqí Wǔshì
Jìqí Wǔshì
Japanese 寄騎武士
Yoriki Bushi
Yoriki Samurai
Korean 요리키 무사
Yoriki Musa
Yoriki Samurai
Spanish Asistente de Samurái
French Samouraï yorikiYoriki Samurai
Russian Самурай-ёрики
Yoriki Samurai
Thai Yoriki Samurai
Vietnamese Yoriki Samurai
German Yoriki-Samurai
Indonesian Yoriki Samurai
Portuguese Assistente de Samurai

Change History

Released in Version 2.0