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Yoimiya can be invited as a Companion into your Serenitea Pot after obtaining her and completing the World Quest Idle Teapot Talk.

Favorite Furnishing Sets

If a character's favorite furnishing set is placed in the same realm as the character for the first time, the character will automatically teleport to the furnishing set. Interacting with the character will initiate a special dialogue, after which the character will teleport back to their original position. Yoimiya has 2 Favorite Furnishing Sets:

Furnishing Set Image Rewards
Wakeful Spring Furnishing Set Wakeful Spring Display.png
Item Mora.png 20,000 Mora
Sakura-Hued Street Furnishing Set Sakura-Hued Street Display.png
Item Mora.png 20,000 Mora

Idle Quotes

  • "Festivals..."
  • "Let's make some fireworks..."
  • "Interesting stories..."
  • "Let's have some fun..."
  • "Naganohara..."

When the player is nearby:

  • "Hi there!"
  • "Want to kill some time?"


Yoimiya: Hey, it's you, (Traveler)! How are you doing?
Yoimiya: If you want to pass the time, you can't go wrong hanging out with me.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png How do you like it here?
Yoimiya: Pretty good! I'm surprised how awesome your place is!
Yoimiya: This is an adeptus relic from Liyue, right? It's incredible. I thought you were joking when you asked me to get into this pot.
Yoimiya: I had no idea what to say, I didn't know if I should object or just follow along...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What was your objection going to be?
Yoimiya: Something like, "Are you blind? I can't squeeze into that!"
Yoimiya: Haha, Paimon told me that she had the same reaction when she first saw the pot.
Yoimiya: If she couldn't get in, there would be no chance for me.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What would you have said to humor me?
Yoimiya: Like, "Let me send over 'Tarou the Goldfish,' the most trusty fish in my aquarium, to accompany you!"
Yoimiya: I'm sure it'll be able to get in. It's a goldfish after all.
Yoimiya: Who would have thought that a little push from you, and poof — we're in here!
Yoimiya: A wide open view, fresh air... It's such a nice place!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm glad you like it.
Of course I like it. I could easily live here forever.
*sigh* Maybe I can open a second "Naganohara" here?
You can invite all of your friends to see the fireworks. Consider it a gift from me to you!
(Unlocks at Friendship Level 4)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Do you want to chat?
Yoimiya: Sure, you know I love to talk. Let me think, is there anything interesting going on these days...
Yoimiya: Ah, right. You've got such a large piece of paradise here. Do you have any plans for it, you know, besides just living here?
Yoimiya: Ever thought about building a parlor or a show room? Or maybe a training ground?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'd love to do some business like you.
Yoimiya: Wha—? There might have been a slight misunderstanding, you see, my family's business is not the usual kind of business.
Yoimiya: I know merchants in Liyue are really good at making Mora, they're experts at landing deals both big and small.
Yoimiya: However, our family's customers are mostly regulars, so we put most of our focus on those relationships.
Yoimiya: My pops and I, we mainly do business so that we won't let everyone down.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I want to build a garden.
Yoimiya: Wow, good idea! That sounds really interesting. I want to help.
Yoimiya: If you need anything, just tell me. If it can be found in Inazuma, I can get it for you.
Yoimiya: Thanks to the family business, I've got tons of connections. Haha!
Yoimiya: Well, I guess I can't get you the stars, or the moon. But pretty much anything else.
Yoimiya: Anyway, when it's finished, let me know. I'll set off some fireworks to celebrate.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What would you build if you were me?
Yoimiya: Me?... Hehe, I'd build a playground!
Yoimiya: With toys everywhere! They'd be flashing, moving, and spinning. Also, tasty snacks for whenever I'm hungry!
Yoimiya: Living in a world like that would be a dream come true!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'll think about it.
Yoimiya: No, no. No need to seriously consider it. It's just a little fantasy of mine.
Yoimiya: But... I'm happy to hear you say that.
Yoimiya: A playground... Ahh, how wonderful.
(Unlocks at Friendship Level 7)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Anything you want to do?
Yoimiya: I want to know more about youuuu!
Yoimiya: I've heard people everywhere tell tales of your heroics, and I've seen it first-hand adventuring with you.
Yoimiya: But the more I learn, the more curious I become — what makes you so special?
Yoimiya: There is always a reason for everything. For example, I like to talk because when I was a kid, pops really seemed to enjoy listening to me.
Yoimiya: I like fireworks because creating incredible fireworks makes me feel so proud of my work.
Yoimiya: So what's there for you?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png There is someone I want to see.
Yoimiya: So that's what drives you.
Yoimiya: And you don't want your reunion to be a disappointing one, do you?
Yoimiya: Wow, I'm really impressed. Honestly, I envy you!
Yoimiya: I'll help you. No matter where it is, you must be reunited!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png There are people I want to help.
Yoimiya: So that's what motivates you.
Yoimiya: You don't want to see anyone suffer.
Yoimiya: You are like a storybook hero, so awesome.
Yoimiya: Hmm, that means I'm friends with a hero, doesn't it?
Yoimiya: I'll support you with all I've got, so go ahead and write the rest of your story!
Yoimiya: Hehe, sorry, I'm getting too excited.
Yoimiya: But I've decided, I want to retrace your path!
Yoimiya: Starting from Mondstadt, to Liyue, and then to Inazuma... I will go see the sights you've seen and meet the people you've come across.
Yoimiya: That's what one has to do if they want to get to know someone completely!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Isn't that a bit much?
Yoimiya: Sorry, I don't mean to put any pressure on you. I was just, well... how should I put it? Simply, I...
Yoimiya: I want to know more about youuuu!
(Between 6:00 and 19:00)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Good morning, Yoimiya.
Yoimiya: Morning, (Traveler)
Yoimiya: What a nice day! Let's go have some fun!
(Between 19:00 and 6:00)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Good night, Yoimiya.
Yoimiya: Hehe, night. Sweet dreams, (Traveler)
Yoimiya: I hope you dream about my fireworks.

Special Dialogue

When a character is invited to or invites themselves to their favorite set for the first time, the character will provide a reward. They will provide a reward for each of their favorite sets.

Inviting them to the furnishing set again will replay the dialogue, but no further reward will be given.

Sakura-Hued Street

Yoimiya: Yes! This is the kind of atmosphere I live for, I absolutely love it!
Yoimiya: I'm super impressed, it's pretty amazing that you managed to do this place up like a shopping street. Is there a Naganohara Fireworks here, too? I wanna go find it!
Yoimiya: Come on, come with me! After all the effort you've put into this place, we should have some fun here!

Wakeful Spring

Yoimiya: Wow, is that an open-air hot spring I see? Amazing~!
Yoimiya: There's no better feeling than jumping into a hot spring when you're done with work for the day!
Yoimiya: Do you wanna join me? Relaxing in a hot spring, chatting away, ahh, it's one of the greatest feelings!

Change History

Released in Version 2.0