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Yet the Butterfly Flutters Away is the first act of Hu Tao's Story Quest, the Papilio Charontis Chapter. In order to unlock this quest line, the player needs a Story Key and must have completed Farewell, Archaic Lord, and reached Adventure Rank 40.

During the act, the Traveler comes across a director of Wangsheng Funeral Parlor to help her unpaid intern solving his paranormal problem since childhood days.

Lists of Quests

  1. The Mysterious Wangsheng Parlor
  2. In Pursuit of a Phantom
  3. Friendships, Wishes, and Regrets
  4. Perfect Send-Off


The Mysterious Wangsheng Parlor

The Traveler and Paimon are travelling through Wuwang Hill in Liyue. Paimon is frantic over their safety as she believes that someone is about to ambush them. True to her prediction, they run into someone named Meng. Meng panics, believing that the two are spirits from the other side and flees, despite Paimon telling him otherwise.

The pair chase Meng, who frantically tells his boss that ghosts are after him. The boss, a young girl, tells him that he is being paranoid and that the "ghosts" are actually future clients. She tells the two that Meng is a new undertaker intern and that they are performing funerals. Paimon then remembers the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, since Zhongli works there as a consultant. The girl is surprised they know about Zhongli and introduces herself as Hu Tao, the 77th Director of the Parlor, and attempts a marketing gimmick on them, but fails. Meng explains that he and Hu Tao arrived at Wuwang Hill to perform a funeral after hearing reports of supernatural activities in the area. Hu Tao is aware that the Traveler and Paimon don't belong in the area, upon which she learns from them that they are on an adventure. Believing them to be part of the Adventurers' Guild, she ropes the two to accompanying her to negotiate as an intermediary, and learns from Paimon that they are looking for someone.

The group returns to Liyue Harbor's Adventurers' Guild branch, where Hu Tao tries to negotiate with Lan on a business deal, but her more than optimistic opportunity for death immediately puts the branch manager off. Dismayed, Hu Tao returns to the funeral parlor where she tries brainstorming ideas with Meng helping them. The Traveler takes a look around the area and talks with the Ferrylady, who offers them a glimpse to Hu Tao's personality. Hu Tao then finishes up her plan and proceeds to go out, but Meng reminds her of "Big G". Hu Tao has the Traveler accompany her to meet several "clients" - Little Wu, Mumu and Congzi, but her attempts to promote the parlor fails.

Hu Tao then reveals that she had given up on the marketing plans after the deal with the Adventurer's Guild fell out, and that the three people they met were friends of Meng, so she suspected Big G may have been hiding near them. She did not sense anything however, so she simply dropped the conversation with them, much to Paimon's surprise over how she did it.

In Pursuit of a Phantom

Returning to the parlor once more, Hu Tao explains to the Traveler and Paimon that Meng is worried about the fate of Big G, who was his childhood friend died in an unfortunate accident. The three "clients" they had visited were all childhood friends of both Meng and Big G. Meng is worried that Big G has turned into a vengeful spirit, despite Hu Tao's insistence that she rarely encountered evil spirits in her line of work. Just as their leads are about to grow cold, Luocheng runs in, telling the three that he is feeling ill and suspects he is cursed by a demon.

Hu Tao tells Meng to perform the exorcism ritual that she had taught him while she prepares the exorcism site with the Traveler. Arriving at the site, Hu Tao explains that there is no curse and that both men are being paranoid; they do not have to do anything. She explains that some people become so paranoid that in order to quell their fears, she has to bind them down with something believable, which is why she keeps them in the dark for their own safety. She also tells them about an ancient plague that formed as a result of accumulated Yaksha karma from fighting the vengeful gods, which hysterical people took as a curse from the gods. The plague killed many until some realized that the spread could be stopped by purifying the air and burning diseased corpses - the founders of the parlor. With their aid, they managed to eradicate the plague after many long years, having ensured the balance between life and death ever since. She intends to use the Ley Line Monolith as a prop to "exorcise" the curse.

Both men arrive sometime later, and Hu Tao starts the exorcism ritual. The Traveler repels attacking hilichurls, allowing the exorcism to be completed, to Luocheng's delight as he feels cured. Hu Tao then tells Luocheng that he has been pranked, stating that the monsters were actually real and the Ley Line Monolith is simply a monster attractor. She then riddles him on how he felt well, upon which he realizes that the curse was not real. Hu Tao then explains that he most likely suffered a common illness or was scared sick and tells him not to believe in superstitions as much in the future.

Meng is relieved that it was not Big G's doing but still wants to find him, but she tells him that rather G has found them - his spirit appears almost immediately before the four. Paimon is surprised that he is smaller than his name suggested, while Hu Tao states that spirits take the form they had when they died. They bring Big G's spirit to the parlor.

Friendships, Wishes and Regrets

Returning to the parlor, Hu Tao deduces that Big G is unable to return to Wuwang Hill; the spirit confirms this, as he wanted to check up on his old friends and had no intentions of scaring anyone. Big G tells them that he learned of some people heading to the hills on a dare, and seeing that they hailed from Liyue Harbor, trailed Luocheng back, explaining why he was having nightmares and feeling cursed in the first place. However, with his poor sense of direction and acrophobia, along with being his first time in the city, Big G got lost until the Monolith attracted him. Meng is relieved that Big G has not turned into a vengeful spirit.

Hu Tao then states that in order to send Big G back in peace, they need to prepare a funeral with keepsakes from his friends. While she and Meng go to prepare the site, she tasks the Traveler with returning to the "clients" for some keepsakes, while reminding them not to tell them about the situation. Little Wu prepares them some extra-spicy Jueyun Chili Chicken, Mumu gives them a top-of-the-line toy box, while Congzi sends them to the warehouse to collect some Plaustrite Shards to prepare a Xiao Lantern. The three reveal that all five of them were friends that lived in Wuwang Hill, but a disaster destroyed their childhood homes, so they simply go where their friends are - Liyue Harbor. They also know that Meng has been troubled ever since Big G died, but opt not to pry more, suspecting that the Traveler has asked them for the items to commemorate Big G and to tell him that they are doing well.

Perfect Send-Off

With the keepsakes on hand, the pair return to Wuwang Hill and catch up with Hu Tao, Meng and Big G. Hu Tao tells them that they are about to travel into the "border" between life and death. She states that it is an ordinary place that most people are unaware of, but reminds them to follow her instructions or she would have to erase their memories.

Arriving at the border, they are at near "death"; a land where Ley Lines go haywire. They eventually reach the farewell ceremony site, where the Traveler and Hu Tao give Meng and Big G some space. While waiting on them, she explains to the Traveler that the funeral parlor was more like a doctor's office in its infancy, but during the Archon Wars, the balance between life and death was imbalanced towards the latter. Eventually, the balance was restored, but the fallen gods during the war caused trouble to the point that death would overwhelm life once again. The balance was eventually restored after many years; without it, Liyue would not be the nation it was today.

Seeing that Meng and Big G have finished, Hu Tao tells the Traveler and Paimon to return to Wuwang Hill. Although Big G is upset that he and Meng haven't upheld their promises, Meng reassures him that no life is without regrets as Big G peacefully moves on, knowing that his friends are doing well. Meng finds himself unusually empty and states that his wish will be a dream. Paimon inquires as to what they wished for, and he tells them that he and Big G wanted to build up a career, have a family and then spend time together at a Lantern Rite. Hu Tao grants Meng his unpaid leave so he can process his feelings; as he leaves, Paimon remarks that she might have forgotten something.

Hu Tao tells them that based on the Traveler's reaction, she knew that they did not find what they were looking for. She had also asked the dead for information to help the Traveler, but none of the information offered was worth investigating further. Hu Tao still promises to keep looking on their behalf.

Hu Tao also remarks that while in the border, the site was a place where the dead still envied the world of the living, or unable to move on. She did not spot any of the previous directors there in all of her visits, so she knows that they all died without regrets.

Change History

Released in Version 1.3