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Yelan (Chinese: 夜兰 Yèlán, "Night Orchid") is an upcoming Hydro character in Genshin Impact.

She is a mysterious person who claims to work for the Ministry of Civil Affairs. She can be seen wielding a bow.[Note 1]

Official Introduction

Oh, you're looking for Yelan? Hmm, I'd like to suggest that you treat her as an ordinary person, but if you do, it's easy to lose control over negotiations. There are some things that really depend on her impression of you.

Yelan's identity has always been a mystery.

Like a phantom, she often appears in various guises at the center of events, and disappears before the storm stops.

The people who are caught up in trouble look forward to meeting her. For some reason, most of them think she will help them, and if not, they want her to be their ally.

But the problem is, their opponents harbor the same idea.

Every one of these people has met a Yelan who goes by a different name and identity, and each of them thinks they can reach a partnership with her. However, everyone has been kept in the dark.

Who does she want to help? When will she tell the truth?

Once she acts and intervenes, nothing can be trusted.

When she reveals her true identity and speaks the truth, those who are eager for answers may not have the chance to hear it.

Other Languages

Language Official Name
English Yelan
Japanese 夜蘭イェラン
Korean 야란
Spanish Yelan
French Yelan
Russian Е Лань
Ye Lan'
Thai Yelan
Vietnamese Yelan
German Yelan
Indonesian Yelan
Portuguese Yelan

Change History

Version 2.6
  • Yelan was introduced as an NPC.


  1. She is seen wielding a bow in a story cutscene during the quest Wherefore Did the Spiritstone Descend?.