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The skeleton of a great snake rests on this island. The presence of evil is palpable here.

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Yashiori Island (Japanese: ヤシオリ島 Yashiori-jima) is an island in Inazuma. At some point within the last two thousand years, the island was attacked by the Watatsumi Omikami Orobashi no Mikoto, an ancient god who created Watatsumi Island.

As a result of the heavy concentration of Tatarigami energy, the island suffers from torrential rainfall and frequent thunderstorms in the open, which in turn applies constant Wet status. Getting hit by a thunderstorm while raining can cause Electro-Charged. Until the quest Orobashi's Legacy is fully completed, this abnormal weather will remain on the island.


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After Baal and her twin sister Beelzebul united Inazuma under their rule, none of the remaining gods sought to claim any territory that was not theirs lest they be eradicated by the Archon. Orobashi no Mikoto, known as the Watatsumi Omikami, was one such god. However, for unknown reasons, it suddenly came into conflict with the Shogunate. Orobashi and Beelzebul fought at Yashiori Island, where she slew it using the Musou no Hitotachi and split the island into two, creating the Musoujin Gorge. Orobashi's lingering hatred turned into the Tatarigami, which she suppressed using her wards. The people of Watatsumi Island begrudgingly accepted Baal's rule afterwards, although they continue to worship Orobashi even in the present.

Along with the wards, the Kitain Clan, descended from Kitain Bunsou, took the mantle of the Yashiori Guardians who suppressed the Tatarigami. However, the Kitain bloodline came to an end for unknown reasons.[1]

With the implementation of the Sakoku Decree and Vision Hunt Decree, tensions between the Shogunate and the people of Watatsumi escalated into war as the Sangonomiya Resistance formed to openly resist the Shogun's rule. A radical group within the Resistance, without their leader Sangonomiya Kokomi's knowledge or permission, disguised themselves as Shogunate troops to get close to Baal's wards and destroyed them. They believed this would restore Orobashi's "dignity,"[2] but all it served to do was unleash the Tatarigami upon the island. Whether they were aware of this would happen or not is currently unclear.

Without the wards to keep them at bay, the Tatarigami began wreaking havoc on the island. The people of Higi Village began succumbing to mysterious illnesses and madness, leaving the village abandoned by the time the Traveler explores the area. Shogunate troops stationed in the area were also badly affected, causing General Kujou Masahito to send a report to his father, Tenryou Commissioner Kujou Takayuki, about the Tatarigami disturbance. Takayuki was furious over what he perceived to be Masahito's incompetence and dispatched an investigation team to report the "truth." Based on the findings of this investigation team, Tamayuki was going to consider demoting Masahito and assigning Kujou Sara to the area instead.

Over the course of the Lost Texts found throughout Yashiori Island, the investigation team discovered that Masahito was neither lying nor exaggerating about the effects of the Tatarigami. They began succumbing to the Tatarigami influence and the entire group is now presumed dead or missing.

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  • Yashiori Island was first seen in the Version 1.5 Special Program.


  • Yashiori may refer to Yashiori no Sake (Japanese: 八塩折之酒 "eight-fold refined liquor"), a sake that was used to defeat the serpent Yamata no Orochi in Japanese mythology.
    • The Chinese name 八酝 Bāyùn, which literally means "eight brews", may be of the same derivation.

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