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Yaoguang Shoal (Chinese: 瑶光滩 Yáoguāng Tān) is a subarea in Qiongji Estuary, Liyue. It lies south of Mingyun Village and east of Guili Plains.

A Teleport Waypoint is located to the eastern side of Yaoguang Shoal. There is also a Statue of The Seven located between Mingyun Village and Yaoguang Shoal, which is located high enough to glide over to either location.

To the far east side of Yaoguang Shoal is an unnamed "hidden" location dubbed Heart Island by players, for the heart-shaped puzzle located on the island. Unlocking the chest buried on the island requires standing on the heart with another player in Co-Op.


Yaoguang Shoal is named as such in the local language because of its shallow waters and bioluminescent sea creatures that used to appear after dusk, like stars that had fallen into the sea swimming to shore.
The sea creatures that gave this place its name have sadly all been taken by lovers that visited the area, and the area's namesake can no longer be seen.
But still, if one looks hard enough, the shore may still have things to offer.

Expedition description

Notable Features



Item Specialty Notes
Crab Crab
Qingxin Qingxin
Starconch Starconch
Violetgrass Violetgrass
Mist Flower Corolla Mist Flower Corolla
Electro Crystal Electro Crystal


The following soundtracks are played at Yaoguang Shoal.

Soundtrack No. Soundtrack Name Player Played in
28 Another Hopeful Tomorrow
Yaoguang Shoal
29 This Little Light of Mine
Yaoguang Shoal
31 Hazy Light
Yaoguang Shoal


  • Yaoguang is the Chinese name for Eta Ursae Majoris (Alkaid), one of the stars in the Big Dipper and presumably also the title of a member of the Liyue Qixing.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0