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Yanshang Teahouse (Chinese: 岩上茶室 Yánshàng Cháshì) is a store in Liyue Harbor that is inaccessible to the player.



Yanshang Teahouse claims to offers high-quality teas and "other goods" but is actually a casino.[1][Note 1] They refuse to show their stock of tea varieties and customers must pay a deposit up-front in order to enter.[2] The teahouse is notorious for having bad customer service. Its hostess, Chuyi, is extremely rude.

Before the Traveler's arrival to Liyue, the previous owner had an outstanding debt with the Northland Bank, who in turn sent Childe and Javert to reclaim it by force. Childe exposed the previous owner's fraud, landing him in jail, while also obtaining a Sigil of Permission in the process.[3]

After Osial's defeat, the Fatui that were previously using the teahouse left. Yelan, who had intended on investigating the previous owner on her return from abroad, took this opportunity to turn the teahouse into her secret base.[4][5] Soon, she became famous for her gambling skills and people warned others of her in the Chihu Rock Bulletin Board.[6]



  • Considering there is a cliff behind the store, "yanshang" (Chinese: 岩上 yánshàng) may mean "on a cliff." Alternatively, it may mean "above the [Chihu] Rock," as it is located on the street of which lower end is a square called the Chihu Rock.
  • In the Chinese version, the securities The Halberd and The Fang only say "Hēng?" (Chinese: 哼?) and "Hā?" (Chinese: 哈?), respectively. They are likely a reference to the Two Generals Heng and Ha (Chinese: 哼哈二将 Hēng Hā Ėr Jiàng), a type of menshen (Chinese gate gods who usually form a pair), who originated as Buddhist guardian deities but were later incorporated into Chinese legends as mythological generals by the fantasy novel Investiture of the Gods (16th century).

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishYanshang Teahouse
Yánshàng Cháshì
On-Cliff Teahouse
Yánshàng Cháshì
Ganjou Chashitsu[7]
On-Cliff Teahouse[※]
Amsang Chatjip
On-Cliff Teahouse
SpanishSalón de Té YanshangYanshang Tea Salon
FrenchMaison de thé YanshangYanshang Tea House
RussianЧайный дом «Яньшан»
Chaynyy dom "Yan'shan"
"Yanshang" Teahouse
Thaiโรงน้ำชา Yanshang
Rong nam cha Yanshang
Yanshang Teahouse
VietnameseTiệm Trà Trên ĐáOn-Stone Teahouse
GermanTeestube YanshangTea Parlor Yanshang
IndonesianYanshang Teahouse
PortugueseCasa de Chá YanshangYanshang Tea House


  1. Guanhai mentions playing cards.

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