Yae (Japanese: 八重), also known as Guuji Yae or the Guuji, is a mentioned character in Genshin Impact. While she is not currently directly mentioned by any characters in-game, she has been mentioned in official media text and the Chinese Version 1.5 Special Program.


Yae is the Guuji (Japanese: ぐう Guuji, "chief priest") of the Grand Narukami Shrine,[2] which she oversees.[1] She is mentioned by the Raiden Shogun when the Archon speaks of Zhongli.[3] She is an "old friend" of Morax and Baal, and is acquainted with Ganyu.[2]



Yae has purple eyes and long, muted pink hair that is tied at the bottom. She has fox-like ears. Yae wears a unique and stylized variation of clothing inspired by the colors of a shrine priestess's traditional outfit. She wears a golden head accessory accompanied by golden earrings with embedded purple jewels.


  • In the Genshin Impact 2020 New Years tweet, Yae welcomed Ayaka to her shrine as the first guest of the year.[1]
  • While the Chinese, Japanese, and French media mentioned Yae while introducing Zhongli, the English Genshin Impact Twitter decided to leave her name out.[3]
  • She may be affiliated with the Inazuman publishing industry, Yae Publishing House, as they both share the same characters for "Yae."
  • She has been addressed as a fox, and seems to have non-human ears.[2] This may imply that she is related to or is a fox or a kitsune.
  • Yae's name is likely a reference to the shrine priestess from Honkai Impact 3rd, Yae Sakura, as the two share a plethora of connections:
    • The two share the same characters for their surname, Yae.
    • They are both shrine priestesses associated with foxes.
    • Yae Sakura is of Japanese origin, and Inazuma is Japanese-themed.
    • They are both voiced by Du Mingya in Chinese.
    • They have very similar appearance, including long pink hair and purple eyes.




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