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Xu is an NPC in Liyue Harbor. He works for the Feiyun Commerce Guild, primarily under Xingqiu, whom he refers to as "Master" and often ponders his disappearance. He is also the NPC that gives you the Kamera, when completing the world quest Snapshots.

Quests and Events

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Idle Quotes

  • "Where has Master gone..."


Xu: Just where has he gone wandering off to this time? Honestly...
Xu: Oh, my apologies. How may the Feiyun Commerce Guild be of assistance to you, good sirs?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Sirs...?
Xu: Yes, I'm referring to you. The vast majority of visitors here are in big business, so I've become accustomed to speaking politely.
Xu: What's more, the master here has made it clear, if you want to be in business, you be polite to everyone.
Xu: If you treat people by their appearances, one day you're going to offend someone very important.
Xu: Call it a business principle of the Feiyun Commerce Guild if you will.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Master?
Xu: The master I just referred to?
Xu: A lot of our business is left up to him, including our most important silk trade.
Xu: As incredibly gifted as he may be in the art of business, his heart isn't in it. He has a habit of suddenly disappearing.
Xu: What's even more impressive is the fact that this hasn't affected business in the slightest. Conversely, business over the last few years has only become better and better.
Xu: Even if you do manage to catch him, there's nothing to really accost him for anyway so...
Xu: *sigh* I can't make sense of it...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We need to get going.
Xu: Take care. If you have anymore business to attend to, remember us here at Feiyun Commerce Guild, won't you?


Change History

Released in Version 1.0