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Xigu Antiques is an antiques shop found in Liyue Harbor. The shop is tended by Linlang between 22:30 and 06:00, and offers 2-star versions of all five artifacts from the Traveling Doctor artifact set for sale.

The stock is replenished every 7 days.


The Xigu Antiques shop menu can be accessed by speaking to Linlang.

Item Item Mora.png Stock Total
Traveling Doctor's Medicine Pot Traveling Doctor's Medicine Pot 2,000 1 2,000 Weekly
Traveling Doctor's Owl Feather Traveling Doctor's Owl Feather 2,000 1 2,000 Weekly
Traveling Doctor's Handkerchief Traveling Doctor's Handkerchief 2,000 1 2,000 Weekly
Traveling Doctor's Silver Lotus Traveling Doctor's Silver Lotus 2,000 1 2,000 Weekly
Traveling Doctor's Pocket Watch Traveling Doctor's Pocket Watch 2,000 1 2,000 Weekly
Total cost for all items

Purchasing Antiques

There are certain quest items Linlang will buy from you in exchange for Mora. These items are one time only sales, and the items cannot be purchased back from the shop.

These items include the three Nameless Treasures which will be purchased by Linlang for 350 Adventure EXP, 40 Primogems and 100,000 Mora, and the Dull Ring from the Nine Pillars of Peace quest for 200,000 Mora.


  • Xigu Antiques is the setting of the Rex Incognito series, where its first owner, Min'gui, tries to pass off a counterfeit item as a genuine article to a disguised Rex Lapis.
    • The Rex Incognito series is labeled as a fantasy novel, so whether these events actually happened are dubious.


Change History

Released in Version 1.0