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Note: Information regarding timers and respawns need verification and appropriate citations.

Server Daily Reset Time

The daily reset time for each regional server on global is 4 AM in their own time zones.

Server Timezone Time
NA GMT-5 / PDT 4 AM / 2AM
Asia GMT+8 4 AM

After the server reset, the player will receive:


Not all resets are bound to the server reset; harvested Ores and certain plants appear to reset based on the time you harvested them.

Village Investigation Points

Carts, barrels, and similar non-destroy-able objects.

Food Material Spawns

Carrots, apples, etc. cooking materials that spawn on the ground (excluding special mission spawn point material).

Local Specialties

Local Specialties respawn 2 days after looting it.

Ores Investigation Points

Boxes or carts of iron ore near mining caves are repeatable, reset may vary based on quality of ores.

Ores Nodes


All chests do respawn, though we are unsure of the time it takes them to respawn.[1]

However, Genshin Support seem to have simply said that chest don't respawn, and player experience have shown that chest respawning is hard to capture on footage.[2]

Common chests are more commonly seen to respawn. The higher rarity chests take longer to respawn. Most common chests do not respawn at the exact location. Higher tier chests respawn on the exact location (need more verification). The exact timing of all chests respawning are unknown.

NPC Shops

Most NPC shops like Good Hunter refresh some or all of their stock every 1~3 days. The Souvenir Shop does not refresh. See Shops for a list.


Elite Bosses like Pyro Regisvine and Anemo Hypostasis will respawn 3 minutes after the rewards are collected from the Ley Line Blossom. The player must also leave the area where the boss was fought. The simplest way is to teleport to the nearest Waypoint or Statue of The Seven and walk back to the boss's location. Logging out of the game also works.

Normal Bosses like Geovishap Hatchlings and Fatui Pyro Agents have multiple respawn points and will respawn daily, on server reset. You can find most of them by using the Adventurer Handbook.


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