World Quests give insight into the various locations and stories of the world. Players must find the starting NPC to receive these quests. Some have Adventure Rank requirements or are only available after a certain Archon Quest has been completed. In-game they're described as:

The best way to understand this world is to explore all that is around you, leaving no stone unturned.
Solving the enigmas of old, helping hapless travelers, and following the trails of long-lost treasure will all become invaluable knowledge and experience...
Even if you are not the least bit interested in ancient riddles or the plights of others, there is always treasure to be found at the end of the road.

Mondstadt Quests

One-Time Quests

Quest Name Description Start Adventure Rank EXP Primogem Mora Other Rewards
A Fine Opportunity? Even in the midst of the storm, Cyrus of the Adventurers' Guild seems to be gearing up for action... Talk to Cyrus after completing Dragon Storm 100 0 6,000 Adventurer's Experience x4

Teyvat Fried Egg x5

After the Storm After Dvalin was cleansed, access to Stormterror's Lair has been restored. Wagner would like to go there to look for precious Crystal Ore... Talk to Wagner after completing Song of the Dragon and Freedom 100 0 20,000 Crystal Chunk x12
Break the Sword Cemetery Seal According to Dr. Livingstone, there are three Hilichurl tribes surrounding the Sword Cemetery. To the north, the Meaty tribe; to the south, the Sleeper tribe; and in the valley to the east, the Eclipse tribe. The key to breaking the seals on the Sword Cemetery may lie within their encampments... Talk to Dr. Livingstone in Dadaupa Gorge, Mondstadt 0 0 0 Gives access to the Luxurious chest and Anemoculus within the tri-seal
Busy Adventurers' Guild
Cleanup At Dawn After the storm, head housemaid Adelinde is preparing to render the Dawn Winery spick and span on the inside and out, but things aren't going so smoothly... Talk to Adelinde, the Head Housemaid, outside of the Dawn Winery after completing Song of the Dragon and Freedom. 100 0 20,000 Tea Break Pancake x5
Collector of Anemo Sigils Paimon has discovered a very unique store...
Equivalent Exchange Viktor is looking for someone to help him gather some local specialties... Talk to Viktor in Mondstadt Cathedral 100 0 30,000 Hero's Wit x4
Every Day a New Adventure Katheryne of the Adventurers' Guild seems to have a new commission for you.
Flighty Flora... and Flora Flora from the flower shop in Mondsadt is quite upset... It seems that many of her flowers have suddenly been blown away by the wind. She's looking to somebody who could help her... Talk to Flora in Mondstadt 100 0 0 Hero's Wit x5, Cecilia x5, Small Lamp Grass x5, Windwheel Aster x5
In the Aftermath Huffman has his hands full with cleanup work that followed the storm... Talk to Huffman within Mondstadt after completing Song of the Dragon and Freedom 100 0 20,000 Guide to "Ballad" x1
Lingering Malady Due to the storm that swept through the city, the posters and signboards of many shops have been blown off to the rooftops and city walls of Mondstadt. Aramis of the Knights of Favonius is currently mulling over how he might retrieve them... After reaching AR30, talk to Aramis in front of Mondstadt's Cathedral 100 0 20,000 Hero's Wit x 6

Northern Smoke Chicken x3

Mondstadt and its Archon Now that Mondstadt has been spared from disaster, Sister Grace would like to offer her thanks to the Anemo Archon for its protection of the city. Talk to Grace, near the Anemo God Statue Plaza. Must have Venti's Story Quest completed. 100 16,000 Hero's Wit x4

Dandelion Seed x5

New Horizons of Adventure The Katheryne of Mondstadt asks you to talk to the Katheryne in Liyue Harbor Mondstadt 350 40 0 Mondstadt Shrine of Depths Key x1
Not to be Missed The storm has subsided, but Cyrus seems displeased...
Question and Answer Quiz Round Talk to Swan, a Knight of Favonius, near the entrance of Mondstadt 100 0 20,000 Knights of Favonius Handbook - 5th Edition, Mondstadt Hash Brown x5
Scent on the Wind As you walk through Mondstadt, Paimon is attracted by the aroma of food...
Sharpening the Axe Won't Hinder the Work Paimon believes in order meet the adventures that are to come, it would be best to first make some preparations.
Solo Venture While investigating the movements of monsters at the Thousand Winds Temple, Jack was discovered due to his recklessness and attacked. Jack somehow made it back to Mondstadt, but he seems to have left something important behind at the Temple...
The Art of Cooking On the outskirts of the city of Mondstadt, the adventurer Lynn is currently preparing to make a meal...
The Blessings of The Seven Paimon suggests you go to a Statue of The Seven.
Thief-Catcher The storm has just ended, and Cyrus from the Adventurers' Guild is currently planning to clear the Treasure Hoarders out...
Time and the Wind You reach an uninhabited island across the sea, which is home to an enigmatic sundial. Who knows what secret it holds? Reach the island and inspect the sundial 500 60 60,000 Hero's Wit x4, Mystic Enhancement Ore x6
Time Waits For No Man Mondstadt's crisis has passed, but Cyrus seems... unhappy? Talk to Cyrus in Mondstadt after completing Song of the Dragon and Freedom 100 0 20,000 Guide to "Freedom" x2
Welcome to the Adventurers' Guild Katheryne from the Adventurers' Guild has sent you an invitation.
Windrise, Windfall The recent storms have been affecting business at Dawn Winery, so Elzer is trying his best to come up with ideas to get things back in order... Talk to Elzer inside of the Dawn Winery. 100 0 10,000 Adventurer's Experience x8

Repeatable Quests

These quests can be completed more than one time, and are not found in a fixed location, randomly spawning in various locations. They all give Companionship EXP, similar to Commissions. These quests can be failed if they are not completed promptly.

Quest Name Description Start Adventure Rank EXP Primogem Mora Other Rewards
Allan's Dilemma Defeat the monsters and save Allan. Allan is in trouble. Pass near Allan while he is in trouble in Windrise
Dr. Livingstone's Transport Request Help Dr. Livingstone take something to Dr. Edith Talk to Dr. Livingstone 0 0 1592 Fine Enhancement Ore x1

Companionship EXP x10

Explorer Jack's Dilemma
Lianne's Troubles Something seems to be troubling Troubled Lianne... Mondstadt
Lynn's Troubles Something seems to be troubling Lynn...
Margaret's Troubles Something seems to be troubling Margaret...
Pallad's Dilemma Reckless Pallad is in trouble.
Six-Fingered José's Dilemma Six-Fingered José is in trouble. Companionship EXP x10

AR Dependent Rewards

Liyue Quests

Quest Name Description Start Adventure Rank EXP Primogem Mora Other Rewards
...What Do Adventurers Do Again? At Lan's direction, Tiantian of the Adventurers' Guild has ben put in charge of distributing commissions, but she has no idea what sort of commissions she should be giving out to adventurers... Talk to Lan after finishing Fabule Textile Act I and reaching AR 28. 100 0 20,000 Hero's Wit x4, Guide to "Prosperity" x2
A Little Game You met a strange person on Mt. Tianheng who is looking for someone to play hide-and-seek with him... Talk to Childish Jiang near Mt. Tiangheng 250 30 20,000 Hero's Wit x2, Mystic Enhancement Ore x3
An Adeptal Summons If you wish to meet Cloud Retainer again, you must prepare a food offering... Trigger upon entering Mt. Aozang's Central Lake 100 0 20,000 Guide to "Diligence" x3
Hero's Wit x3
A Lone Ship In Guyun A heavily armed ship of unknown origins has stopped outside Guyun Stone Forest. You hop right on board to investigate... Gliding or swimming onto the boat triggers a cutscene. 100 0 16,000 Hero's Wit x2, Black-Back Perch Stew x5
And This Treasure Goes To... You discovered a strange encampment in Lingju Pass. Something seems to have happened here Inspect one of the items near the encampment in Lingju Pass. 300 40 10,000 Hero's Wit x2
A Provisional Agreement Something's wrong with the stairway at Wangshu Inn, and it's been closed for repairs. Getting up to the top is now a problem... Talk to Zhen Qiang in Wangshu Inn, Liyue. 100 20 4,000 None
A Quiet Day In Liyue Harbor Nervous An, busy at the harbor, is looking for someone to help to ease the nerves of guests from other nations... Find Nervous An on the harbor after completing Pressing Deadlines. 100 0 50,000 Hero's Wit x5
Big Business Having lost the invoices to a large business venture, Landa is currently beside himself with anxiety... Talk to Landa in Wangshu Inn, Liyue. 250 30 30,000 Hero's Wit x3
Blackcliff Woes The Chasm remains closed by order of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, which has put the Blackcliff Forge out of action since. Manager Kuan is troubled over this matter... Talk to Manager Kuan in Lisha, Liyue. 100 0 16,000 Hero's Wit x3

Cor Lapis x3

Book in the Woods A little girl is hoping you'll play a game with her... Talk to Little Nine in Wuwang Hill, Liyue 100 20 0 Adventurer's Experience x2
Luhua Landscape Vermeer, an artist who is looking for inspirational material near Luhua Pool, seems to have hit a snag, and is looking for help... Talk to Vermeer near the Ruins south of Luhua Pool 450 50 30,000 Hero's Wit x2
Nine Pillars of Peace Nine stone pillars tower over the barren plains, and they appear to disguise some mystery... Read the stone tablet in the middle of Cuijue Slope, Liyue 500 50 0 None
Old Tastes Die Hard Emerald Maple's Mr. Zhu is feeling nostalgic for an old delicacy. He's looking for someone to help bring that flavor back to him. Talk to Mr. Zhu in the Sea of Clouds 150 20 20,000 Zhongyuan Chop Suey Recipe x1
Overstretched Millelith Qiaoxi is tasked with guarding a major thoroughfare to Dihua Marsh. But he thinks this mammoth task is too much for one person. Talk to Qiaoxi at the bridge in Dihua Marsh. 150 20 20000 None
Pressing Deadlines Clerk Zhao is so swamped with work that she can't even get a moment to herself. It seems she could use some assistance... Talk to Clerk Zhao, in the room opposite the Northland Bank, after reaching AR 29. 100 0 20,000 Hero's Wit x6, Golden Crab x3
Share Not Your Treasures Light the Bonfire. Interact with the Worn Letter guarded by a Ruin Hunter in Guili Plains 250 30 30,000 None
The Chi of Guyun It seems Mt. Qingce is hiding some secrets... Talk to the hooded person near the entrance of the ruins south of Qingce Village. 500 60 0 Liyue Shrine of Depths Key x1
The Ocean Pearl A mysterious ship has dropped anchor outside Liyue Harbor. The ship appears to be quite luxurious, all the more reason to hop right on board. Start the quest by gliding and swimming to the boat. 100 0 30,000 Hero's Wit x2
The Tree who Stands Alone In Mingyun Village you discover a very strangely written will... Talk to the ghost of Yuan Hong in Mingyun Village. 400 50 0 Liyue Shrine of Depths Key x1
Treasure Lost, Treasure Found According to Sayora, the strange jade plate in the ruins may hold more clues... Speak with Soraya outside of Guili Assembly in Guili Plains. 400 50 0 Liyue Shrine of Depths Key
Trails in Tianqiu There is a strange tablet in Tianqiu Valley that seems to relate some of the valley's history... Interact with the Ancient Tablet in Tianqiu Valley's Ruins
The Yaksha's Wish The words of a certain Yaksha seem to have been left behind on a stone tablet... Interact with the Ruin Tablet in Minlin's Ruins 250 30 Adventurer's Experience x6
Will of Stone Millelith soldier Jiayi wants to send a gift to his daughter. Little Liu, but he has no time to return to Qingce Village, and as such is looking for someone to help him out... Talk to Jiayi in Liyue Harbor. 100 0 30,000 Hero's Wit x7

Quingce Stir Fry x5

Adventure Rank Ascension Quests

Quest Name Description Start Adventure Rank EXP Primogem Mora Other Rewards
Adventure Rank Ascension 1 The Adventurers' Guild has posted an emergency relic commission. The performance of the adventurer that takes up the challenge will affect their ranking within the guild. Take your next step towards the stars and the abyss. Reach Adventure Rank 25 0 100 10,000 Acquaint Fate x2
Adventure Rank Ascension 2 The Adventurers' Guild has posted an emergency relic commission. The performance of the adventurer that takes up the challenge will affect their ranking within the guild. Take your next step towards the stars and the abyss. Reach Adventure Rank 35 0 100 20,000 Acquaint Fate x2

Liyue Shrine of Depths Key x3

Event Quests

Quest Name Description Start Adventure Rank EXP Primogem Mora Other Rewards
One Giant Step For Alchemy? In an effort to hone his alchemical skills, Timaeus had designed an all-new alchemical furnace. There's just one problem — he needs some help to get it working...


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