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The primitive wandering inhabitants of Teyvat's wildernesses.
Hilichurl warriors who have wooden shields. These shields are not only sturdy defense tools but also treasured items within the tribe. According to many reports, hilichurls will often charge at travelers making camp to cook and will snatch their pot lids after chasing them away.

Wooden Shield Hilichurl Guards are Hilichurls equipped with a wooden club and a Dendro shield. When not attacking, they raise their shield to block incoming frontal attacks regardless of whether the attack is physical or elemental. They can still be struck by arrows from afar if caught off guard, and cannot block attacks from behind. However, if its shield is already raised, it will rotate to face the player, making a sneak attack from behind quite challenging in single-player mode.

Since it is considered a Dendro object, it can be caught on fire with Pyro attacks to burn and destroy it. When the shield catches fire, the Hilichurl Guard will panic and dance around while trying to put out the fire. Typically, the shield will be completely burnt before the fire can be extinguished. However, if it is raining, the rain will put the fire out almost instantly, making it very difficult to deal with Wooden Shield Hilichurl Guards in bad weather.

It is possible to burn only the wooden club while leaving its shield intact, if this happens, they will attack by clawing, while still defending itself from any attacks, or by throwing rocks (which they throw immediately instead of aiming first).


Item Stained Mask.png Lv.40+ Stained Mask
Item Ominous Mask.png Lv.60+ Ominous Mask

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Released in Version 1.0