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A noble soul that watches over Wolvendom. When the safety of the wolves is threatened, it will take the form of a wolf and bare its fangs and claws. It is said that its powers were given to it by an ancient god.

The Wolf of the North Challenge is the location where the spirit of Andrius, Dominator of Wolves, may be fought.

Players can test their skills against Andrius after completing Act I of Razor's Story Quest, The Meaning of Lupical. This challenge is considered to be a Weekly Boss similar to Trounce Domains, but the fight itself takes place in the overworld rather than in an instance.

Boss Description

A noble soul that watches over Wolvendom. When the safety of the wolves is threatened, it will take the form of a wolf and show its fangs and claws. It is said that its powers were given to it by an ancient archon.

In-game description from the Adventurer Handbook

The noblest and greatest of souls, who watches over the lupical of Wolvendom.
When the wolfpack is imperiled, it will emerge in the form of a wolf and show forth its fangs and claws.

The wolves of Wolvendom are frightening phantoms to the people of Mondstadt:
A blurred shape flashing through the forest, a chilling howl in the indeterminate distance, the creeping sense of eyes constantly nailed on their backs...
Humans rarely have the oppotunity to lock their eyes with a wolf, for this is the law Lupus Boreas laid down for its race.

In-game description from the Archive


The Wolf of the North Challenge offers the following exclusive Talent Level-Up Materials:

The boss also drops the following Artifact Sets.

Item Berserker's Rose.png3-4★ Set Berserker
Item Instructor's Brooch.png3-4★ Set Instructor
Item Exile's Flower.png3-4★ Set The Exile

In addition there is a chance to receive Dream Solvent Dream Solvents as well as Northlander Sword BilletNorthlander Bow BilletNorthlander Claymore BilletNorthlander Catalyst BilletNorthlander Polearm Billet Northlander Billets.
Rewards and difficulty increase with Adventure Rank (AR).

Adventure EXP Mora Companionship EXP Character
Artifacts Materials
3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars Ascension Talent
1 39 300 6,075 55 Shivada Jade SliverAgnidus Agate SliverPrithiva Topaz Sliver 6–7 1–2 2–4
2 42 300 6,375 55 Previous Rewards +
Shivada Jade FragmentAgnidus Agate FragmentPrithiva Topaz Fragment
6–7 1–2 3–5
3 51 300 6,675 60 5–6 2–3 0–1 4–5
4 63 300 7,100 60 Previous Rewards +
Shivada Jade ChunkAgnidus Agate ChunkPrithiva Topaz Chunk
4–5 1–2 0–1 4–6
5 73 300 7,600 65 3–5 2–3 1–2 4–7 1
6 84 300 8,000 70 Previous Rewards +
Shivada Jade GemstoneAgnidus Agate GemstonePrithiva Topaz Gemstone
4–5 2–3 1–2 5–7 1–2
7 92 300 8,100 70 4–5 2–3 1–2 5–8 2–3
8 94 300 9,000 70 4–5 2–3 1–2 5–8 2–3

Artifact and material drop ranges are primarily sourced from the Genshin Data Gathering team

Attacks and Abilities


Andrius has full immunity to Anemo and Cryo damage and 10% resistance to all other forms of damage.

1 39 44,352
2 42 53,244
3 51 94,032
4 63 166,824
5 73 253,656
6 84 363,204
7 92 460,260
8 94 488,196

Phase 1

  • Wolf Leap: Andrius jumps into the air and leaps toward the ice circle that appears on the ground.
  • Wolf Charge: After charging for a while, Andrius will quickly dash towards you, leaving an ice trail in his wake.
  • Wolf Slash: Andrius raises his front legs and slashes towards his front.
  • Tail Sweep:
    • Melee: Andrius raises his hind legs and sweeps his tail quickly.
    • Ranged: Andrius raises his hind legs and sweeps his tail quickly while shooting small icicles towards you.
  • Spinning Slash: Andrius creates circular ice surfaces around him before spinning quickly (The actual range of slash is wider in front of him than behind him).
    • This move is an unblockable attack and cannot be dodged by dashing.
  • Repositioning: After attacking his hind legs, Andrius will reposition himself to face the player(s).

Interlude Phase

Interlude Phase is skipped if Andrius' HP is reduced to 0 in a single strike before the start of Interlude Phase

  • Andrius runs in a circle around the map, and will Wolf Charge towards the player(s) when he stops (twice). Next, he circles the arena once again, then Wolf Leaps to the middle of the arena, either continuing Phase 1 or entering Phase 2 if certain triggers are met.
    • Trigger 1: Slightly above 50% of HP left.
      • At 50% HP, Andrius will not take any additional damage until he gains the power of Anemo.
    • Trigger 2: The player(s) take too long to defeat him.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is skipped if Andrius' HP is reduced to 0 in a single strike before the start of Interlude Phase

  • Phase 1 abilities can still be used in this phase.
  • Icicle Storm: Andrius charges for a while and summons icicles that fall from the sky. The edge of the arena will be covered by an icy floor that deals Cryo damage if stood in.
  • Wolf King Roar: Andrius charges for a while and then roars, dealing continuous chip damage in a huge AoE around him.
  • Ice Waves: Andrius raises his front legs while creating an ice path in front of him, then releases ice waves on the path.
  • Wind Blades: Andrius raises his front legs, then summons 3 vertical wind blades in a 60-degree forward arc.
  • Small Phantom Wolf: Andrius summons a small phantom wolf to attack the player(s). These will slowly escalate in appearance and attack speed as time progresses.
    • Trigger: When his HP falls below 20%.
    • Trigger 2: If the player(s) take too long to defeat him.


For reference, Andrius has 438,374 HP on his highest difficulty, or twice that of Stormterror in total. Each of his 2 phases has 1/2 of this total, or about 1 Stormterror worth of HP. He is immune to Cryo and Anemo attacks, but his resistance to other forms of damage are identical.

Many of his attacks can be dodged by using I-frames or sidestepping the AoE.

Spinning Slash's actual range is far wider than the ice circle indicator on the ground when you are in front of him (180 arcs in front of him), while the damage range is exactly the same as the indicator when you are behind him. When he is preparing Spinning Slash (ice circle shows up on the ground), you may try to use Elemental Burst I-frames to dodge, or just run up behind him.

Both Ice Waves and Wind Blades are ranged attacks, but he will use them when targets are in melee range as well. They have the same start up animations (Andrius raises both front legs in the air), but Wind Blades will not create an Ice Path in front of him.

Recommended characters

The recommended elements are Pyro, Electro, and Geo. Cryo and Anemo characters are not recommended for this fight as Andrius is immune to these elements, but they can still be used for auto-attacking or other support abilities (like shields or buffs).

Hydro skills that apply the Wet status to the player are not recommended, as Andrius uses Cryo attacks which can freeze the player if they are caught in it, but Hydro characters may still be used.

  • Mona can be useful against Andrius as she's able to quickly cover ground and avoid attacks, and she can do massive burst damage in certain team comps.
  • Tartaglia and other bow users can use a Charged Attack to stop his charge early, however it can be difficult to properly aim as Andrius moves around quite a lot.
  • Xingqiu's Guhua Sword: Fatal Rainscreen applies Hydro to Xingqiu for a moment. This could freeze the character, but his rain swords can be useful as they reduce the incoming DMG and heal the character.
  • It's not recommended to bring Barbara, as her Melody Loop applies Hydro permanently to the player until the effect is finished. If she's the only possibility, she can still be used due to her healing capabilities.

Pyro characters:

  • Diluc can deal tremendous DPS against Andrius, and his Dawn can dish out tons of damage because of the boss' large hitbox. As a Claymore user, the player must time their dodge and attack, such as when performing Searing Onslaught.
  • Bennett's Fantastic Voyage can provide the party with continuous heals while also buffing the party members' ATK.
  • Hu Tao can do significant damage with both her skill and burst. However, the necessity of keeping her HP low to deal more damage can make her dangerous to use as Andrius' attacks are powerful enough to critically lower her HP or outright kill her. Any team that uses her should also bring along a shield or healer.
  • Klee can be a bit squishy due to being a Catalyst user, but she can also work well. Jumpy Dumpty can be used during the interlude phase to set up traps for Andrius to run into.
  • Xiangling may be used as the main DPS or for her Pyronado, but Guoba Attack won't be as useful due to Andrius moving around.
  • Xinyan can create a shield using both Sweeping Fervor and Riff Revolution (at C2), although only the shield cast by Riff Revolution will be able to deal intermittent Pyro DMG as it will be impossible to hit more than 1 opponent. However, her burst can deal just as much damage as Xiangling's Pyronado, if not more, so it may be best to replace Xiangling with her if she is only used as support.
  • Yanfei can be useful as a DPS in this challenge as her Normal Attack follows the opponent and the Charged Attack spawns right over it. Additionally, she can create a shield with constellations that can resolve the Spinning Slash attack problem.
  • Yoimiya's Charged Attack at charge level 2 can follow the opponent and this can be a solution to Andrius's fast movements.

Electro characters:

  • Keqing's Starward Sword has enough range that she will be able to perform it without getting hit, and her Stellar Restoration will let her dodge Andrius' attacks and quickly teleport back. However, Keqing does not have enough range during her attacks to rush away from him.
  • Lisa has enough range to be able to avoid him while dealing damage and her Violet Arc can be used to attack Andrius while he is running in circles. However, her Lightning Rose does not move when cast and Andrius can easily move beyond the range of the attack.
  • Beidou can parry and negate the effects of most attacks from Andrius.
  • Fischl can be used as sub-dps support with her skill and burst letting her place Oz on the field to deal continuous Electro DMG. Like Lisa, Oz will not follow the opponent when placed, but he can be moved and recast more quickly.

Geo characters:

  • Traveler's Geo Constellation 2 will cause the summoned meteorites from Starfell Sword to deal damage when it expires or is destroyed. You can spam this skill and place it around the map as landmines.
  • Albedo will allow you to avoid Andrius entirely with his talents.
  • Ningguang's ability to create shields using Crystallize while also dealing damage can be useful against Andrius, as her attacks follow the opponent.
  • Noelle or Zhongli are both useful for their shields.


Video Guides


The following soundtracks play during the boss battle with Andrius, from the soundtrack City of Winds and Idylls.

Soundtrack No. Soundtrack Name Player Played in
62 Whirl of Boreal Wind
Andrius, Dominator of Wolves (Phase 1)
63 Symphony of Boreal Wind
Andrius, Dominator of Wolves (Phase 2)

Known Issues

  • It is possible to put the meteorite from Starfell Sword or a Stone Stele from Dominus Lapidis below Andrius to evade his Spinning Slash attack, but this may cause Andrius to behave erratically due to his AI being unable to decide what to do next.
  • It is possible to petrify Andrius using Zhongli's Planet Befall (as demonstrated here) if Zhongli is a higher level than Andrius because of Interruption Resistance, but this may be a feature rather than a bug (bug from above could be another condition too).
  • It is possible to make Andrius force to exit from arena without despawning (as demonstrated here). It needs at least 2 players at Co-Op where host is summoning the boss while another player is staying on the tree. Due to his AI, he will change target and keep aggression on the player on the tree if the host doesn't attack and leave the arena, so after he will do the Wolf Leap. This may cause Andrius to behave erretically due to being stuck at this place.

Battle Dialogue

Andrius, Dominator of Wolves
Commence Trial Traveler...
Ready to test your skills?


  • To restart the challenge, exit the arena by climbing out or teleporting somewhere else. The challenge will end and Andrius will despawn, letting the player restart it.
  • The first time this domain is challenged in Razor's Story Quest, the Wolf is identified as "Boreas". After this, it is referred to as "Andrius". This is likely because Andrius is also known as Lupus Boreas.
  • In We Will Be Reunited, it is confirmed by Dainsleif that the physical body of Andrius died long ago; in the Wolf of the North Challenge, you challenge his spirit instead.
  • As this challenge takes place in the overworld and not in a domain, the player can freely change team members after defeating Andrius for Friendship Experience.
  • During the Dishonorable Trial, The Wolf of The North challenge is unavailable.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 1.2
  • The Wolf's Gravestone in the arena to start the challenge now respawns after defeating, meaning this challenge is no longer a one-time fight in a player's world per week.

Version 1.0

  • Wolf of the North Challenge was released.