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"Every journey has its final day."
This page contains information about a finished event. It may or may not return in a future version.
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Duration: February 19, 2021 01:00:00 PM GMT+8 ~ March 04, 2021 11:59:00 PM GMT+8

Legend has it that these lanterns will carry the wishes of the people to the adepti.

The web event Wish Upon a Lantern has begun! Access the >>Portal<< to go to the event.

PlayStation users can participate via the portal link in the event mail (Paimon Menu > Mail). (Note: Do not delete the event mail.)


Travelers who have reached Adventure Rank 10 or above can participate in this event.

Event Period

  • Lantern Release Times: 2021/02/19 13:00 – 2021/02/25 23:59 (UTC+8)
  • Finalization Time: 2021/02/26 0:00 – 2021/02/26 19:59 (UTC+8)
  • Reward Collection Time: 2021/02/26 20:00 – 2021/03/04 23:59 (UTC+8)

Event Description

This event features five types of Xiao Lanterns.

During the event, Travelers can release lanterns on this page. This will light up one of the Xiao Lanterns, and once five different Xiao Lanterns have been lit, you will be able to share in the Grand Primogem Prize.

  • Releasing a lantern will award you one Xiao Lantern. The Xiao Lantern types can repeat themselves.

Event Reward

Little Gift Box

Though it may be by turns exquisite or pedestrian, every one of these contains the heartfelt feelings of the sender, whoever they may be.

Each time you release a lantern, you will receive a "Little Gift Box," which will contain a random amount of Mora and other small presents.

For rewards, please view Little Gift Box Presents

Grand Primogem Prize

A luxurious gift from a mysterious organizer. A card lies atop it that reads: "Happy New Year, Traveler from another world!"

You will be able to claim a random amount of Primogems as a reward from the main event page during the reward collection period, provided that you have lit up all five Xiao Lanterns.

The amount of Primogems awarded is random for each player in the following amounts: 108, 188 or 288. Any screenshots or videos claiming to have won more than 288 Primogems are fake.[1]


Completing each quest gives a Xiao Lantern

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Change History

Released in Version 1.3


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