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Wings of First Flight is a Wind Glider obtained during the quest City of Freedom.


It's been a long time since the Outriders last had new blood added to their ranks.
Amber has always wanted to give this wind glider to a junior knight with potential.
But after a few years, this opportunity never came.

The Outriders use their wind gliders a great deal, and they would eventually suffer wear and tear.
With Amber's movement style being very taxing on her wings, she went through over ten gliders before she knew it...
And yet, she never once considered taking this special pair of wings out for use.

For some reason, her mood was especially good that day.
She finally put that long-unused wind glider on.
Though she had a combat mission on hand to clear out some hilichurl camps,
And though gliding had become especially dangerous in those recent, gale-swept days.

As for what happened after that...
She didn't know why she'd chosen to believe that gold-haired outlander.
She didn't know why she felt that they had potential.
But if it was them, perhaps...

"So, the present I want to give you is..."

Other Languages[]

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishWings of First Flight
Chūshǐ zhī Yì
Wings of the Beginning
Chūshǐ zhī Yì
Hajimari no Tsubasa
Wings of the Beginning
Korean최초의 날개
Choecho-ui Nalgae
Wings of The First
SpanishAlas de principianteBeginner's Wings
FrenchPlaneur du débutantBeginner's Glider
RussianКрылья новичка
Kryl'ya novichka
Wings of the Beginner
ThaiWings of First Flight
VietnameseĐôi Cánh Sơ KhaiPrimitive Wings
GermanAnfängerschwingenBeginner's Pinions
IndonesianWings of First Flight
PortuguesePlanador de InicianteBeginner's Glider
Turkishİlk Uçuş KanatlarıWings of First Flight
ItalianAli del principianteWings of the Beginner

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