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Wings of Feasting is a Wind Glider obtainable through a redemption code obtained by buying a specific KFC combo meal in China. It is available globally through participation in the Adventurers' Guild on Twitch event.


This is an item that drifted here from another world. It symbolizes that world's final feast, and the coming of the weekend.

Once upon a time, that world was ruled by dragons.
But not the ones you hear about in stories. These were more akin to a cross between lizards and chickens.

It might be hard for you to imagine it, Klee, but that was exactly what that world was like: fish-dragons lived in the oceans, and bird-dragons soared through the skies on wings that were super huge!
They were powerful creatures, and so they looked down on all the other animals.
In that world, they were rulers of all life.

Later on, humans appeared in that world.
No one knows how that happened. Maybe they came with the falling meteorites. Who knows? But what we do know is that they had a strange habit, which was known as "Sunday dinner."
Not long after, that day came. The feast was about to begin.
Dragon drumsticks and dragon wings were smeared with flour, and were subjected to the flames of the furnaces that the humans made.
They were made into food for everyone. They say that dragon meat tasted delicious, causes the people to lick their fingers after eating.
The Sunday feast, which used to only happen once a week, became a daily occurrence, because the meat was just too good.
"This is great!"
"Let's have Sunday dinner every day of the week!"
And so everyone cheered.
And that was how the time of the dragons come to an end.

This wind glider commemorates that great extinction, and it was not always this color. It was once blue and white.
Klee's mother changed its color scheme to be more amenable to that of their family, which resulted in its current form. She returned home briefly, leaving this wind glider behind, before leaving once again.
"Teyvat's borders have grown fragile these past two years — looks like Mommy's going to have to get busy."

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Wings of Feasting
Xiǎngyàn zhī Yì
Wings of the Banquet
Xiǎngyàn zhī Yì
Japanese 饗宴の翼
Kyouen no Tsubasa
Wings of the Feast
Korean 향연의 날개
Hyangyeon-ui Nalgae
Wings of Feast
Spanish Alas del BanqueteWings of the Banquet
French Ailes d'agapesWings of Agape Feasts
Russian Планер великого пиршества
Planer velikogo pirshestva
Glider of the Great Feast[• 1]
Thai Wings of Feasting
Vietnamese Đôi Cánh Dạ Yến
German Flügel der FestgelageWings of Feast
Indonesian Wings of Feasting
Portuguese Asas do BanqueteWings of Banquet
  1. RU: Планер Planer is an alternative spelling of Планёр Planyor, which means "Glider".

Change History

Released in Version 1.4
Version 2.3
  • Wings of Feasting was made available globally through a redemption code received by participating in the Adventurers' Guild on Twitch event.

Version 1.4

  • Wings of Feasting was made available only in China through a redemption code received by buying a specific KFC combo meal.
  • Wings of Feasting was released.