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Windwail Highland is an area in Mondstadt

It is home to the idyllic town of Springvale and the chief winery of Mondstadt, Dawn Winery. It also spans far across the wolf-ruled Wolvendom.

It is one of the more rustic areas around Mondstadt having clear springs, orchards and lush forests; until one reaches to Wolvendom, which is engulfed in higher enemy activity and is usually avoided by locals.


Name Description Image
Dawn Winery The chief winery in Mondstadt and specializes in Dandelion Wine. Owned by the Ragnvindr Clan for several generations, its current owner, Diluc, inherited it four years ago after the untimely passing of his father, Crepus. Dawn Winery.png
Springvale A small town in the south east part of Windwail Highland, Springvale features dirt-paved areas and one-story tan houses with blue tiled roofs. One singular windmill watches over the town, with a naturally-occurring spring right below it. Springvale.png
Wolvendom Home to Andrius, Wolf of the North of the Four Winds, and his wolf pack. Wolvendom.png

Points of Interest

Name Description Image
Dawn Winery Manor, Dawn Winery Located in the center of Dawn Winery. Winery exterior.jpeg
Drunkard Gorge A stretch of road between Dawn Winery and Wolvendom. Drunkard Gorge.png

Notable Features


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Local Specialties



Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishWindwail Highland
Cāngfēng Gāodì
Bluewind Highland
Cāngfēng Gāodì
Soufuu no Kouchi[1]
Bluewind Highland
Korean창풍 고지대
Changpung Gojidae
Bluewind Highland
SpanishMeseta de la VentiscaGale Plateau[• 1]
FrenchHauts du MorneventBleakwind Highlands
RussianНагорье Ревущих ветров
Nagor'ye Revushchikh vetrov
Highlands of Howling Winds
ThaiWindwail Highland
VietnameseCao Nguyên Thương Phong
GermanKlagewind-PlateauWindwail Plateau
IndonesianWindwail Highland
PortugueseTerras Altas das LamentaçõesHighlands of Lamentations
  1. Spanish: "Ventisca" refers to a storm with very strong winds and with or without snow.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0


  1. Map, Label: Windwail Highland (Japanese)