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Winds of the Past is the ninth part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests, Prologue, Act I: The Outlander Who Caught the Wind.


  1. Meet Amber at the temple
  2. Talk to Amber
  3. Enter the temple
  4. Explore the temple's depths
  5. Destroy Stormterror's crystal in the Temple of the Falcon
  6. Leave the temple


Emoji Jean Erm.png
"Wind... hear me!"
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(Talk to Amber)
Amber: This is it. One of the deserted temples of the Four Winds.
Amber: These temples have been left to waste for years now. The people of Mondstadt almost never come here.
Amber: There's a chance there's a monster nest or a hilichurl camp inside.
Amber: Even Stormterror has given up on its own temple.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg "Stormterror...?"
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Wait, did you just say "its own temple...?"
Amber: ...Yes.
Amber: I also find it hard to accept, but... Stormterror was once one of The Four Winds.
Paimon: Ehhhh!?
Amber: Wait... Did you just feel that?
Amber: The wind here... Something's off...
Amber: Let's go in and take a look, (Traveler). Be careful, the dragon's power is disturbing this area.
(Talk to Amber again)
Amber: Everyone in Mondstadt is still getting blown about by the storm...
Amber: Every second we waste is a mark against the name of Favonius. Let's get in that temple, stat!

(Approach the door)
Amber: You can use that console to open the door.
(Enter the next room)
Amber: Wow! I can see so far into the temple!
(After defeating a hilichurl)
Amber: Oh no! A horn!
Amber: The fighting must have got them riled up.
Amber: Well, good thing I've prepared my secret weapon: Explosive Puppet "Baron Bunny"!
(Enter the next room)
Amber: Are those explosive barrels over there?
Amber: Well... One shot should be able to blow them up!
(Approach the chasm)
Amber: It's so high... Seems like there's something up there.
Paimon: But how do we get across?
Paimon: Isn't this... a Pyro Monument?
Paimon: If we hit it with a powerful Pyro attack, we might trigger it!
(Reaching the end)
Amber: Dragon's breath! Is that where the power is coming from?
Amber: Great, let's smash it!
(After destroying Stormterror's crystal)
Amber: Phew, I'm tired.
Amber: But, at least this way we've helped Jean out.
Amber: In the past, we were at least able to defend the city and keep it safe.
Amber: This, of course, is mostly thanks to Jean.
Amber: But now with Stormterror directly attacking the city itself...
Amber: "The winds change, so too should our tactics."
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Sounds deep.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Did you come up with it?
Amber: It's what Lisa likes to say.
Amber: Speaking of which, The Four Winds we were discussing earlier...
Amber: If you want to learn more about our history, you can ask Lisa.
Amber: ...I'm not saying I don't know our history! It's just...
Amber: I mean... A librarian is supposed to be more knowledgeable than an Outrider, right?

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Tutorial Amber 1.png Amber has the ability to aim and shoot. While aiming, her arrows will accumulate charge. Once fully charged, the arrow will be imbued with Pyro.
Tutorial Amber 2.png Use Pyro Skills to ignite combustible objects.
Tutorial Amber 3.png Use Elemental Sight to see the elemental attributes of different objects. Each element has its own color.
Tutorial Amber 4.png Green symbolizes Dendro, which can be ignited by Pyro.
Tutorial Amber 5.png Opponents' wooden shields are attributed to Dendro, which can be ignited with Pyro Skills, rendering them defenseless.

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