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This plain bathes in an everlasting breeze. An ancient, monumental tree left behind by an ancient heroine speaks softly amidst the winds.

Windswept Wilderness

Windrise is the location where Vennessa is said to have ascended to Celestia, where she became a god and now watches over Mondstadt as the Falcon of the West of the Four Winds. The massive oak tree is believed to have grown there after she ascended.

A Statue of The Seven is located at the base of the tree.


A valley surrounded by winds. In its middle grows a large oak tree.
The shade of the tree protects the Statue of The Seven built at its feet from the rain and the wind, like Vennessa once protected Mondstadt.

Expedition description


Item  Specialty  Notes
Crystal Core Crystal Core Located around the Statue.
Windwheel Aster Windwheel Aster Located around the Statue.


Change History

Released in Version 1.0


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