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The Windblume Festival Commemorative Balloon is a Gadget that can only be obtained through the Invitation of Windblume event shop after reaching the Balloon Hunter rank in all Bullseye Balloons Festive Challenges. This Commemorative Balloon costs 280 Festive Tour Tickets.

It can also be bought from Marjorie in Mondstadt for Mora Mora ×150,000 if players missed the event.

The type of balloon released is chosen at random between Bloom Balloon and Bouquet Balloon, which are also seen in the Festive Challenge. The balloons can be shot at or otherwise damaged, causing them to pop. The balloons will also automatically pop after 20 seconds. Balloons can be displaced by character talents such as Wind's Grand Ode or either instance of crowd control from Chihayaburu. Multiple balloons can exist in the world at once, but the gadget enters a 5-second cooldown every time it is used.

This gadget cannot be used indoors or in domains.


  • The balloon that is released from this gadget can be moved with Jean's held Gale Blade, although releasing the ability while aimed at the balloon will cause it to explode.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Windblume Festival Commemorative Balloon
Japanese 風花祭記念風船
Korean 윈드블룸 축제 기념풍선
Spanish Globo conmemorativo del festival
French Ballon souvenir de la Fête des alizéesSouvenir Balloon of the Festival of Trade Wind Flowers[• 1]
Russian Праздничный воздушный шар
Thai Windblume Festival Commemorative Balloon
Vietnamese Bong Bóng Kỉ Niệm Lễ Hội Hoa Gió
German Ballon zum Gedenken des Windblumenfests
Indonesian Windblume Festival Commemorative Balloon
Portuguese Balão de Comemoração do Festival da Brisa Florescente
  1. FR: Here, the word "alizée" (feminine) is a coined word that comes from the word "alizé" (masculine) meaning "trade winds." In the context of the game, the word "alizée" (the feminine form) refers to a flower, so it can be translated to "trade wind flower" or "east wind flower."

Change History

Released in Version 1.4
Version 2.2
  • Windblume Festival Commemorative Balloon was added to Marjorie's shop.

Version 1.4

  • Windblume Festival Commemorative Balloon was released.