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Wind Gliders are the primary tool that players use for Gliding in mid-air through open terrain in Genshin Impact. Wind Gliders can be changed for each individual Character in the Dressing Room. This customization is purely aesthetic and has no impact on gameplay.


While gliding is another stamina-consuming activity, it does not cost as much stamina as sprinting, and is comparable to that of regular swimming. The utilization of gliders varies — often, deploying the glider can negate user Fall Damage from any height (unless the player opts out of gliding in mid-air). Gliders are also used to be able to reach high areas that neither normally jumping or climbing would achieve.


When the Traveler first enters the city of Mondstadt and heads up to the fountain area, they are greeted with the unlocking of the wind glider by Amber. A short quick-time tutorial is given to the player to help them learn the controls of a glider.

It is not until the quest "Glide with the Wind," that Amber tells the player they cannot glide (in Mondstadt, at least) without a gliding license. Regardless if the quest is done or not, however, it does not restrict the player from using a glider in any area of the game.

During the event story quest, "Where Ancient Stars Align," it was later revealed that the inventor and designer of the Wind Glider was a retired adventurer by the name of Leonard, who lived two thousand years ago.

List of Wind Gliders

There are 9 Wind Gliders:

Name Image Description Source
Wings of First Flight Item Wings of First Flight.png A stylized wind glider that bears the passionate longing of an Outrider. Default glider given to the player by Amber.
Wings of Companionship Item Wings of Companionship.png A stylized wind glider upon which is inscribed the wish to soar together. Mailed to all players as part of the official launch.
Wings of Descension Item Wings of Descension.png A stylized wind glider that can be used to cross the celestial heights. Special reward for players on the PS4 & PS5 systems.
Wings of Azure Wind Item Wings of Azure Wind.png Stylized wind glider. Gifted to you as a mark of Mondstadt's acknowledgement and recognition. Reach Reputation Level 8 in Mondstadt.
Wings of Golden Flight Item Wings of Golden Flight.png Stylized wind glider. Gifted to you as a mark of Liyue's acknowledgement and recognition. Reach Reputation Level 8 in Liyue.
Wings of Concealing Snow Item Wings of Concealing Snow.png Stylized wind glider. A gift left behind by a bird of prey that once soared among these mountains. Reach Frostbearing Tree Offering Level 12.
Wings of Feasting Item Wings of Feasting.png A pair of wings that memorialize great banquets or ordinary dinners. All the enjoyment of a feast, for the price of a simple meal. China: Obtainable through a redemption code received by buying a specific KFC combo meal.
Global: Obtainable through a redemption code received by participating in the Adventurers' Guild on Twitch event.
Wings of the Stormstrider Item Wings of the Stormstrider.png A stylized wind glider gifted to you as a mark of Inazuma's acknowledgment and recognition. Reach Reputation Level 10 in Inazuma.
Wings of Shimmering Galaxy Item Wings of Shimmering Galaxy.png A stylized wind glider and a gift that celebrates a symphony that resounds across the stars. Genshin Concert Preparation Mail Day 1


  • Players can use the Wind Glider before unlocking it from the Archon Quest "City of Freedom" when ejecting from a Waverider.
  • According to Amber, many people who are new to using gliders will learn to fly in Springvale, since the buildings only have two or three floors.[1]

Change History

Released in Version 1.0


  1. Amber's Companion Dialogue: Idyllic Town