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Wind Currents, also referred to as Upcurrents and Updrafts, create an updraft which players can use as a jumping point to start gliding, gain altitude while gliding, or restore some Stamina while gliding.


Some devices can create temporary wind currents. All Anemo Ambers and some Anemo Monuments, Windmill Mechanisms, and Pressure Plates create Wind Currents when activated. Anemograna, as well as the gadget Wind Catcher, can also be used to create temporary Wind Currents.

Notably, Venti's Elemental Skill (after activating the passive talent, Embrace of Winds) serves the purpose of a Wind Current.

While gliding around mountains in Liyue, the player may occasionally be boosted into the air by a Wind Current that randomly spawns on their location. These random currents are temporary, and despawn soon after.

The player consumes no stamina while gliding through them, thus allowing the player to 'rest' at the top to regain stamina. Temporary upcurrents can be created by collecting Anemograna, by using gadgets such as a Wind Catcher or with characters such as Venti.

The Wind Ring Balloon can create a wind current flowing downward.



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