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A maximum of 5 charges can be stored in the bottle and used to release a single wind current each. It can be used an unlimited amount of times as long as you charge it. Using a charge puts the item on a 100-second cooldown. A single charge will create a wind current for about 9 seconds.

A good place to find Anemograna to charge up the 'Wind Catcher' is just south-west of Windrise. To pick up a charge, simply walk over an Anemograna.

The mutated Amenograna found in Dragonspine will also charge the Wind Catcher. There is no change in the wind current created.

The Wind Catcher cannot create upward currents while the player is in combat.

Note for co-op: It appears that you cannot pick up Anemograna/charges in other players' worlds, but the item can still be used/charges still be consumed.

Archive Description

This item was designed by Knights of Favonius scholars to help the Knights on their scouting expeditions and travels by affording them the ability to manipulate the blessings of the Anemo God. In order to take advantage of its wind currents with a wind glider, however, you technically need a gliding license - this has prevented it from becoming widely used, at least legally anyway...


Icon_Forging_Small.pngForging for 30 seconds
  • Item Hurricane Seed.png 10 Hurricane Seed
  • Item Windwheel Aster.png 30 Windwheel Aster
  • Item Crystal Chunk.png 50 Crystal Chunk
  • Item Mora.png 50,000 Mora
  • Creates Wind Catcher Wind Catcher ×1

    Change History

    Released in Version 1.1
    Version 1.4
    • Added sound effect upon use.

    Version 1.1

    • Wind Catcher was released.