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Wind, Courage, and Wings is the first act of Amber's Story Quest, the Lepus Chapter. In order to unlock this quest line, the player must have completed Prologue: Act I - The Outlander Who Caught the Wind and reached Adventure Rank 8.

During the act, Amber helps the Traveler obtain their gliding license by taking her test.

List of Quests[]

  1. Glide With the Wind
  2. License to Glide
  3. Mondstadt Glider
  4. They Call Him Raptor
  5. Outrider Style


Glide With the Wind

The Traveler runs into Amber, who asks them how their gliding is going. She tells them that she had forgotten to inform them that they needed a gliding license to glide around Mondstadt, despite having done so without one previously. The license can only be obtained after completing an exam which she would oversee, as she gave them their glider in the first place and gives them a guidebook. Apparently the book she gave to them at first was her favorite storybook by mistake.

License to Glide / Mondstadt Glider / They Call Him Raptor

After studying the "real" guidebook, the Traveler completes the first test, upon which Amber tells them to meet her at Favonius Cathedral. While taking the test, they are spotted by Otto, who orders them down and demands their glider license. The Traveler is unable to procure one as they are taking the exam, so the Knight prepares to arrest them for breaking the law. The Outrider then comes in and apologizes to him, explaining that she was overseeing their exam. Otto tells her that he had no ill intentions, as she chose a bad time to start the exam; a criminal named Raptor stole a priceless artifact which the Knights had placed to bait him, but he had unexpectedly escaped their grasp. As such, he mistook the Traveler to be Raptor's accomplice.

Amber offers to help apprehend the criminal, which the Knight accepts and he tells her that Raptor was last seen in Springvale, with one of the sisters having placed an Anemo mark on the artifact. Upon arriving, they find several clues and hear fighting in the distance. To her disdain however, they simply find some Hilichurls attacking Farrah, a merchant who was traveling on the road. Clearing the Hilichurls, Farrah tells Amber that a man had fallen from the sky into a Hilichurl camp with a heavy object in tow and fled the scene, which the Outrider recognizes as Raptor's doing. Amber promises to send some knights over to clear the remaining Hilichurl camps in the area as the two proceed to chase after the criminal.

Outrider Style

Pressing on, they are ambushed by some Hilichurls and Raptor's men, just as the trail goes cold, indicating that he must be nearby and find his stronghold. Amber decides to modify the final exam by having the Traveler drop bombs on Hilichurls on the way, which they successfully accomplish. They soon find Raptor at a dead end, with a massive gap between them. Raptor tries to goad the pair into leaving, but Amber is unwilling to give up and jumps into the canyon, a wind current carrying her to his location. The criminal is flabbergasted and tries to escape, but Amber is able to apprehend him. She realized that he could not escape from behind, so the only way to do so was to force the three to leave.

Amber proceeds to take Raptor to the Knights' HQ to press him. The Traveler and Paimon soon catch up and meet with Amber at the Cathedral, where she gives them their gliding license. She also reveals that she is signing them up for the next Wind Gliding Championship, as no one is able to best her and she needs a challenge. She is eager for their match and reminds them not to get their license revoked.


6 Characters appear in this Story Quest:


No.Soundtrack NameAlbumPlayed In
02Legend of the WindCity of Winds and IdyllsGlide With the Wind (cutscene)
Serenitea Pot
13Perilous PathCity of Winds and IdyllsShadow Over Mondstadt, Kaeya's Gain, Mondstadt Glider, Justice, for Books' Sake, The Fond Farewell, Festering Desire (Quest), Archon's Rival, Involuntary Sacrifice, Blind Loyalty, Reckless Courage, To Hear Mortal Hearts, The Snowy Past, The Oni's Pride, Sky-Gazers, Land-Walkers, A Centuries-Long Dream, As by a God's Side, Where the Boat of Consciousness Lies, Dream of Falling, Fragmented Testimony, Shade Upon Red Silk, The Truth Shrouded in Shadow, An Opportunity for Rebirth, Fiction and Reality Inside and Outside the Frame (Quest), Memories That Should Not Exist, Switcheroo
Event Gameplay
16An Interesting LabourCity of Winds and IdyllsThe Oni's Justice, Wild Escape (escaping the cathedral), License to Glide (gliding challenge), Mondstadt Glider (gliding challenge), Cooking Showdown (cooking competition)
Locations, Event Gameplay
03A Sweet SmileThe Wind and The Star TravelerWind-Riding Knight, Glide With the Wind, Sara's Worries, The Snowy Past
Event Gameplay, Serenitea Pot
13Knighthood ExcellenceThe Wind and The Star TravelerKaeya's Gain, Outrider Style

Other Languages[]

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishWind, Courage, and Wings
Fēng, Yǒngqì hé Chìbǎng
Wind, Courage, and Wings
Fēng, Yǒngqì hàn Chìbǎng
Kaze, Yuuki to Tsubasa
Wind, Courage, and Wings
Korean바람, 용기와 날개
Baram, Yonggiwa Nalgae
Wind, Courage, and Wings
SpanishViento, coraje y alasWind, Courage, and Wings
FrenchVents, courage & ailesWinds, Courage & Wings
RussianВетер, храбрость и крылья
Veter, khrabrost' i kryl'ya
Wind, Courage, and Wings
Thaiสายลม, ความกล้าและปีก
VietnameseGió, Đôi Cánh Và Dũng KhíDũng KhíWind, Wings, and Courage
GermanVon Wind, Tapferkeit und FlügelnOf Wind, Courage and Wings
IndonesianAngin, Keberanian, dan SayapWind, Courage, and Wings
PortugueseVento, Coragem e AsasWind, Courage, and Wings
TurkishRüzgar, Cesaret ve KanatlarWind, Courage, and Wings
ItalianIl vento, il coraggio e le ali

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