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Wildlife are a type of NPC that function similarly to Enemies encountered throughout Teyvat. Most Wildlife will flee when a player approaches them.

Wildlife can be categorized into three sub-types by their interactability: uninteractable pets (cats and dogs), wildlife that drop items (birds and beasts), and wildlife that act as an interactable item pick-up (material sources). Creatures which function as interactables will not drop their loot upon death, but instead just disappear with a cloud of smoke. Fish are an exception, as they can be both killed to drop items and directly picked up.

Wildlife that drop items, besides fish, trigger weapon passives on hit, e.g., Composed, Chord. Artifact passives will not be triggered, e.g., Pale Flame's 4-Piece bonus, Tenacity of the Millelith's 4-Piece bonus. Some character talent passives will trigger, e.g., Sparkling Scatter. And some character talent passives will not trigger, e.g., Cold-Blooded Strike.



Brownwing Falcon Brownwing Falcon Umbertail Falcon Umbertail Falcon Lapis Glede Lapis Glede Silkwhite Falcon Silkwhite Falcon

These will drop Fowl Fowl ×2


White Pigeon White Pigeon Brightcrown Pigeon Brightcrown Pigeon Graywing Pigeon Graywing Pigeon Crimsonflank Pigeon Crimsonflank Pigeon Black King Pigeon Black King Pigeon

These will drop Fowl Fowl ×1


Crimson Finch Crimson Finch Golden Finch Golden Finch Snow Finch Snow Finch Emerald Finch Emerald Finch

These will drop Fowl Fowl ×1


Scarletbeak Duck Scarletbeak Duck Emerald Duck Emerald Duck

These will drop Fowl Fowl ×1


Azure Crane Azure Crane Violet Ibis Violet Ibis

These will drop Fowl Fowl ×2


Crow Crow

These will drop Fowl Fowl ×1



Snow Fox Snow Fox Crimson Fox Crimson Fox Kitsune Kitsune

The Kitsune cannot be killed; the others will drop Raw Meat Raw Meat ×2


Squirrel Squirrel

These will drop Raw Meat Raw Meat ×1


Forest Boar Forest Boar Forest Boar Baby Forest Boar

These will drop Raw Meat Raw Meat ×2

Snowboar Snowboar

These will drop Chilled Meat Chilled Meat ×2

The Great Snowboar King
The Great Snowboar King

These will drop Chilled Meat Chilled Meat ×6-10


Northland Hound Northland Hound Forest-Patrol Hound Forest-Patrol Hound Shiba Shiba Black-Back Hound Black-Back Hound


Sapphire Sapphire Jade-Eyed Cat Jade-Eyed Cat Gray Snow Cat Gray Snow Cat Northland Cat Northland Cat Tiger-Striped Cat Tiger-Striped Cat Sheriff Cat Sheriff Cat Black Cat Black Cat


Snow Weasel Snow Weasel Red-Tailed Weasel Red-Tailed Weasel Boot Weasel Boot Weasel

These drop Raw Meat Raw Meat ×1.

Weasel Thieves

Amateur Weasel Thief Amateur Weasel Thief Hoarder Weasel Thief Hoarder Weasel Thief Golden Weasel Thief Golden Weasel Thief

The Amateur Thief drops Mora Mora ×500. The Hoarder Thief drops Mora Mora ×750. The Golden Weasel Thief drops Mora Mora ×1,000.


Bake-Danuki Bake-Danuki



Black-Back Bass Black-Back Bass Blue-Fin Bass Blue-Fin Bass Golden Bass Golden Bass

These drop Fish Fish ×1.


Catching a fish will award an item of the same name.

All fish species also have more lively and more valuable specimen known as Ornamental Fish. These energetic fish can be raised as pets in the Serenitea Pot's Pool of Sapphire Grace.


Medakas can be fished using Fruit Paste Bait Fruit Paste Bait. They can be processed to Fish Fish ×1.

30x30px Medaka 30x30px Glaze Medaka 30x30px Sweet-Flower Medaka 30x30px Aizen Medaka 30x30px Dawncatcher 30x30px Crystalfish


Sticklebacks can be fished using Redrot Bait Redrot Bait. They can be processed to Fish Fish ×2.

30x30px Lunged Stickleback 30x30px Betta 30x30px Venomspine Fish 30x30px Akai Maou 30x30px Snowstrider


Koi can be fished using Fake Fly Bait Fake Fly Bait. They can be processed to Fish Fish ×3.

30x30px Golden Koi 30x30px Rusty Koi


Butterflyfish can be fished using False Worm Bait False Worm Bait. They can be processed to Fish Fish ×2.

30x30px Brown Shirakodai 30x30px Purple Shirakodai 30x30px Tea-Colored Shirakodai 30x30px Abiding Angelfish 30x30px Raimei Angelfish


Moonfins are special since the can only be fished using Glowgrass Bait Glowgrass Bait and always will be Ornamental Fish.

30x30px Moonfin


Pufferfish can be fished using Fake Fly Bait Fake Fly Bait. They can be processed to Fish Fish ×3.

30x30px Pufferfish 30x30px Bitter Pufferfish


Divda Rays and Formalo Rays can be fished using Fake Fly Bait Fake Fly Bait. They can be processed to Fish Fish ×3. Floating Rays cannot be fished.

Floating Ray Floating Ray 30x30px Divda Ray 30x30px Formalo Ray

Material Sources


Anemo Crystalfly Anemo Crystalfly Electro Crystalfly Electro Crystalfly Cryo Crystalfly Cryo Crystalfly Geo Crystalfly Geo Crystalfly

These give Crystal Core Crystal Core ×1 when caught. Killing them will cause them to vanish instead.


Golden Loach Golden Loach Sunny Loach Sunny Loach Sunset Loach Sunset Loach

These drop Loach Pearl Loach Pearl ×1.


Frog Frog Mud Frog Mud Frog Blue Frog Blue Frog

These drop Frog (Material) Frog (Material) ×1.


Golden Crab Golden Crab Sun Crab Sun Crab Ocean Crab Ocean Crab General Crab General Crab Pale Red Crab Pale Red Crab

These drop Crab Crab ×1.


Blue Horned Lizard Blue Horned Lizard Red Horned Lizard Red Horned Lizard Green Horned Lizard Green Horned Lizard Pith Lizard Pith Lizard

These drop Lizard Tail Lizard Tail ×1.


Adorned Unagi Adorned Unagi Red-Finned Unagi Red-Finned Unagi Deep Sea Unagi Deep Sea Unagi

These drop Unagi Meat Unagi Meat ×1.


Blue Butterfly Blue Butterfly Yellow Butterfly Yellow Butterfly Pink Butterfly Pink Butterfly Light Blue Butterfly Light Blue Butterfly

These drop Butterfly Wings Butterfly Wings ×1. They are currently not listed in the Archive.


Fireflies drop Luminescent Spine Luminescent Spine ×1. They are currently not listed in the Archive.

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Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 2.1

Version 2.0

Version 1.3

  • Wildlife entries were added to the Archive.

Version 1.2

Version 1.1

Version 1.0

  • Wildlife was released with the game.