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Wild Escape is the seventh part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Prologue: Act II - For a Tomorrow Without Tears.


  1. Escape the Cathedral
  2. Use the wind currents to get far away from the Cathedral
  3. Hide in the tavern
  4. Talk to Diluc
  5. Hide on the second floor of the tavern
  6. Answer Diluc's questions



(Upon entering the tavern)
Charles: Master Diluc, this is this week's accounts.
Diluc: Hmm... The disaster has greatly affected business.
Charles: Well, let's hope it all ends soon.
Venti: Hi, we'd like a seat at your, uhh... least conspicuous table.
Diluc: Umm... The second floor has fewer customers. You'd be less conspicuous up there...
Diluc: But aren't you a bard? Why not sit front and center?
Venti: Hahaha, let's save the paid performance for next time. We'll be heading up now, see you in a bit!
(After Traveler, Paimon and Venti get going)
Diluc: Hey, keep an eye on them. There's something strange about that bard. I'll go ask around.
Charles: Ask who exactly?
Diluc: The "protectors" of Mondstadt...
(Talk to Diluc again)
Diluc: Not going upstairs yet? You both seemed to be in a hurry.

(After hiding upstairs)
Otto: Ah, Master Diluc. Have you seen two thieves around?
Diluc: What happened? Why have you mobilized so many guards?
Miles: Haven't you heard, Master Diluc? Two thieves were trying to steal the Holy Lyre!
Diluc: Oh? How odd.
Miles: Isn't it? The Holy Lyre is a treasure that was played by the God of Anemo themselves. Such a precious piece of cultural heritage–
Diluc: Why would one want to steal something they can't sell off? Would pay better to steal from my cellars...
Otto: Huh?
Diluc: Sorry, off topic. Believe they headed that way.
Miles: Understood. Thank you, Master Diluc!

(Talk to Diluc)
Venti: Today I think I'll have a glass of...
Diluc: You can put down that bottle you stole from behind the counter.
Venti: ...something cold.
Diluc: Right. I want answers.
Venti: Lemme finish my drink first? I'll pay you — well, with a performance.
Diluc: It's not about money. You seem too young to be drinking.
Venti: No need to worry. When I started drinking, you were still—
Icon Dialogue Talk.png How about answering my question first?
Venti: Oh, you wanna ask "Who's this?" Am I right?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Actually... yeah.
Venti: He is Master Diluc, the boss of... ah, the owner of this tavern.
Venti: He's very famous. By the way, his dandelion wine is one of my favorites.
Venti: Though most of the time I can only afford a bottle or two...
Diluc: I just heard about some thieves from the guards.
Diluc: For the record, I like your guts for trying to steal the Holy Lyre der Himmel.
Diluc: Even if you are fools... but we don't often get to see people like you.
Paimon: It wasn't us that stole it! The real thief is still out there!
Venti: This is the hotshot of the Knights of Favonius. Why would someone so aspiring steal Mondstadt's sacred treasure?
Diluc: Hotshot...? Oh, so it's you.
Diluc: So, you and the bard are close friends?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We're not close, actually.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I've only heard him play once.
Diluc: Well... Despite only being a passing traveler, you still offered your help to Mondstadt in its time of need.
Diluc: A shame you joined the Knights.
Diluc: The Knights of Favonius... Inefficient right from beginning to end.
Diluc: And towards the Fatui? Weak and conservative.
Diluc: Forget it. I don't feel like talking about it.
Venti: Seems you don't really like the Knights of Favonius.
Diluc: Just differences in approach is all.
Diluc: I have my own hopes for this city.
Diluc: Now, answers. Why did you steal the Holy Lyre?
Venti: You sure you want to know? It could implicate you in the affairs of the Knights of Favonius.
Diluc: That's fine. I somehow always end up implicated in their affairs.
Venti: If I tell you the story with a performance, will you believe me?
Diluc: It depends. I'll make my own judgment.
Venti: Then will I get paid?
Diluc: Your reward will range from anywhere between five Mora and the Holy Lyre. It all depends on your story.
Venti: Very well. Let me put on a show...

You listen to Venti sing the song about the dragon once more...
(The story I want to tell starts at... the sky dragon heeding his grave calls...)
(Brutal battle with the wicked dragon... ingested venomous blood and fell into a slumber... only to awake to be expelled in abhor...)
Diluc: What did I just witness...
Diluc: This is confidential information. Why did you let me know?
Venti: Why? Hmm... Perhaps the winds are changing.
Venti: What say you, Master Diluc?
Diluc: Interesting.
Diluc: Give me some time. I'll organize some contacts.
Diluc: Outlander, as one of the Knights, it seems you're not a suspect.
Diluc: Blonde is the only description on the wanted poster. You should be safe.
Diluc: As for the bard however, it'd be better if you stayed in the tavern.
Venti: Haha. No problem! I like taverns.
Diluc: ...
Diluc: Okay. Let's meet here tonight after the tavern closes.
(Talk to Venti again)
Venti: Okay, got it. Tomorrow night, right? Don't worry, I'll show up...
(Talk to Diluc again)
Diluc: Don't forget our meeting tomorrow night.

(Talk to Venti at the tavern before midnight)
(Talk to Diluc at the tavern before midnight)

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishWild Escape
SpanishUn escape apresuradoA Hurried Escape
FrenchLa fuiteThe Escape
The Chase
Ni si ro arai!!!
Run, What are You Waiting For?!!!
VietnameseChạy TrốnEscape
GermanHastige FluchtHastily Escape
IndonesianMelarikan DiriEscape
PortugueseFuga SelvagemWild Escape

Change History

Released in Version 1.0