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Whopperflowers are dangerous plants that can be found all over Teyvat, although some types of Whopperflowers are unique to specific nations. Whopperflowers will spawn with three "crystals," which it uses for specific attacks.

Some can be found wandering in the world, but others appear disguised as a plant, most often among groups of 3 or more Sweet Flowers, Mints or Small Lamp Grasses in the wild, ambushing the player if they try to pick up the fake plant. Less commonly, some Whopperflowers may burst from the ground when the player walks too close, and they can also spawn in Dragonspine if the snow covering them is melted.

Whopperflowers that feed for a long time end up becoming Regisvines.


A bizarre mimetic plant monster that harnesses the elements in combat.
These plants lurk under the surface and ambush unsuspecting prey. With the passage of years, sufficient nutrition, and the right environment, it could even take root somewhere and grow into a giant tree that sways and spews elemental power...




All Whopperflowers possess a 35% damage reduction against all attacks, apart from their own element, which is 75%. Whopperflowers, when in close range of the player, tend to burrow and emerge a short distance away from them. All of their attacks deal elemental damage of their type. Whopperflowers have three "crystals" surrounding them that indicates the amount of charges for their Charged Attack.

This Charged Attack is used after a short duration of fighting the player. The Whopperflower will charge up and glow brightly where a secondary shield bar will appear under their health bar. If this shield is not disabled in 10 seconds, the Whopperflower will leave the charged state and perform a barrage of elemental attacks aimed at the player. It cannot be staggered in this state.

Depending on the Whopperflower's elemental affinity, the shield can be damaged through specific elemental reactions or weapons. A single application from the Whopperflower's weakness knocks it out straight away, which also includes weather and is not affected by character stats.

When the shield is destroyed, the Whopperflower is left stunned for around 15 seconds, and their passive damage reduction is reduced by 25% all across the board.

Alternatively the Whopperflower can be drowned by knocking or manipulating it to appear in a deep body of water, but not all Whopperflowers appear near such areas.

Disguised Whopperflowers

A Cryo Whopperflower disguised as a Sweet Flower. Notice that the icon is different and the plant doesn't shine compared to the real Sweet Flowers.

Using Elemental Sight over a disguised Mint and a real Mint.

A Whopperflower disguised as a Small Lamp Grass.

In some areas, rather than a Whopperflower wandering around, it may appear as a harvestable plant. If this plant is collected, elemental particles will appear in the surrounding area before the Whopperflower bursts from the ground, dealing elemental AoE damage in the process.

  • Does It Spark Joy?: Any standard collectible plant will glitter, signifying that it's a collectible item. A disguised Whopperflower never glitters.
  • Elemental Vision: Any standard collectible plant will show a white silhouette like the player character or non-elemental enemies when viewed in Elemental Vision. The disguised Whopperflower doesn't have that white silhouette.
  • Icon Dialogue Talk.svg The Impostor Has Something to Say: Any typical collectible plant will show with its unique icon when the collect option pops up once the player is near enough. For the disguised Whopperflower, a dialogue bubble appears instead of an icon, as if you're talking to an NPC.
  • Does It Glow?: This only works at night on Whopperflowers disguised as Small Lamp Grasses; regular small lamp grass will always glow a faint blue, the disguised ones don't.


Whopperflower locations can be pinpointed on the map by using the Adventurer Handbook. However only non-disguised ones can be tracked that way.

Non-Respawning Whopperflowers

Disguised Whopperflowers




  • During the Archon Quest Solitary Fragrance, a group of whopperflowers are found disguised as Glaze Lillies, a disguise exclusive to this quest.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 2.0
  • Electro Whopperflowers were released.

Version 1.0

  • Whopperflowers were released with Cryo and Pyro Whopperflowers.