White Iron Chunk is a Forging Material item. It is used for crafting Fine Enhancement Ore, forging weapons from Billets, and creating a variety of Furnishing items.


White Iron Chunks are generally found inside mines and near mountainous terrain. Notable regions for harvesting White Iron Chunks are between Brightcrown Canyon and Wolvendom, Musk Reef, and the peninsula east of Wuwang Hill / southwest of the Dawn Winery.

White Iron Chunks can be collected by breaking them using any weapon—Claymores are the most efficient at this, while Bows and Catalysts are highly ineffective. Their respawn rate is about 48 hours.

Archive Description

This white iron ore can be turned into a variety of splendid items in the hands of skilled craftsman. It is suffused with memories of battles fought across the land, which makes it a great material for crafting weapons.

Craft Usage

Name Image Craft Type Amount
Fine Enhancement Ore Item Fine Enhancement Ore.png Forging 3
Prototype Rancour Weapon Prototype Rancour.png Forging 50
Iron Sting Weapon Iron Sting.png Forging 50
Prototype Archaic Weapon Prototype Archaic.png Forging 50
Whiteblind Weapon Whiteblind.png Forging 50
Prototype Starglitter Weapon Prototype Starglitter.png Forging 50
Crescent Pike Weapon Crescent Pike.png Forging 50
Prototype Amber Weapon Prototype Amber.png Forging 50
Mappa Mare Weapon Mappa Mare.png Forging 50
Prototype Crescent Weapon Prototype Crescent.png Forging 50
Compound Bow Weapon Compound Bow.png Forging 50
Timber Wall With Jade Eaves Item Timber Wall With Jade Eaves.png Creation 4
Dark Wood Arch Wall Item Dark Wood Arch Wall.png Creation 4
Colorful Checkered Tile Item Colorful Checkered Tile.png Creation 4
Wide Stone Stove Item Wide Stone Stove.png Creation 4
Northern Stone Hearth Item Northern Stone Hearth.png Creation 12
Flower Arrangement: Baby Blue Tranquility Item Flower Arrangement Baby Blue Tranquility.png Creation 8
Potted Plant: Crystalline Breeze Item Potted Plant Crystalline Breeze.png Creation 4
Exquisite Hourglass Ornament Item Exquisite Hourglass Ornament.png Creation 4
Alchemic Device: Between Fire and Water Item Alchemic Device Between Fire and Water.png Creation 4
Alchemic Component: Burden of Dust Item Alchemic Component Burden of Dust.png Creation 4
Calligraphy Set: Assiduous Calligraphy Item Calligraphy Set Assiduous Calligraphy.png Creation 4
Favonius Coat of Arms Item Favonius Coat of Arms.png Creation 12
Liyue House: Solitary Retreat Item Liyue House Solitary Retreat.png Creation 6
Liyue House: Of Timber and Stone Item Liyue House Of Timber and Stone.png Creation 6
Liyue House: Moon-Crested Eaves Item Liyue House Moon-Crested Eaves.png Creation 6
Liyue House: Amity Abounds Item Liyue House Amity Abounds.png Creation 6
Liyue Shop: Citywide Favorite Item Liyue Shop Citywide Favorite.png Creation 6
Wing House: Dawn & Dusk Item Wing House Dawn & Dusk.png Creation 6
Pavilion: Stargazer's Shelter Item Pavilion Stargazer's Shelter.png Creation 6
Liyue House: Time Waits for No-One Item Liyue House Time Waits for No-One.png Creation 6
Open-Air Workshop Item Open-Air Workshop.png Creation 6
Bird and Blossom Design Fountain Item Bird and Blossom Design Fountain.png Creation 12
"Ballad-Spinning Windwheel" Item Ballad-Spinning Windwheel.png Creation 6
"Pure Gorgeous Summer" Item Pure Gorgeous Summer.png Creation 6
Adeptus Gate Item Adeptus Gate.png Creation 8
Birch Main Courtyard Gate Item Birch Main Courtyard Gate.png Creation 6
Carved Courtyard Fence Ending Item Carved Courtyard Fence Ending.png Creation 4
Carved Courtyard Fence Item Carved Courtyard Fence.png Creation 4
Scenic Corridor: Sylvan Stroll Item Scenic Corridor Sylvan Stroll.png Creation 6
Courtyard Wall: Spring and Autumn Splendor Item Courtyard Wall Spring and Autumn Splendor.png Creation 4
Wall Corner: Fragrant Nook Item Wall Corner Fragrant Nook.png Creation 4
Courtyard Wall: All in a Row Item Courtyard Wall All in a Row.png Creation 4
Courtyard Wall: Peace Across Item Courtyard Wall Peace Across.png Creation 4
Main Entrance: Gateway to the Clouds Item Main Entrance Gateway to the Clouds.png Creation 6
Perimeter Wall: Scenic Archway Item Perimeter Wall Scenic Archway.png Creation 6
Stone Cup-Shaped Pool Item Stone Cup-Shaped Pool.png Creation 8
Potted Plant: Verdant Vastness Item Potted Plant Verdant Vastness.png Creation 4
Sturdy Stone Well Item Sturdy Stone Well.png Creation 8
Old Well Item Old Well.png Creation 4
Roofed Well: For Purity Item Roofed Well For Purity.png Creation 4
Stone Lion Statue: The Warding Item Stone Lion Statue The Warding.png Creation 12
Stone Lion Statue: The Knowing Item Stone Lion Statue The Knowing.png Creation 12
Glazed Porcelain Tea Set: "Embracing Truth" Item Glazed Porcelain Tea Set Embracing Truth.png Creation 4
Smooth Stone Bench Item Smooth Stone Bench.png Creation 4
Alchemist's Crafting Bench Item Alchemist's Crafting Bench.png Creation 20


Change History

Released in Version 1.0


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