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A small road cuts through these dense and deep woods.
The fluttering sound of leaves blown by the wind in this place were often mistaken for whispers by travelers.
This is why they started naming it "Whispering Woods."

Expedition description

Whispering Woods is a subarea in Starfell Valley, Mondstadt near Starfell Lake and the City of Mondstadt. It is the location where the Traveler first meets Venti and Dvalin.

Notable Features


Item Specialty Notes
Small Lamp Grass Small Lamp Grass

"My Treasure"

Klee's "treasure" is buried here, but it is stolen by an Abyss Mage during the events of her first Story Quest, "The Mystery of the Girl in Red's Treasure." Interacting with the empty hole after completing the quest gives the following dialogue:

"My Treasure": There's some scruffy handwriting on this wooden post: "My Treasure."

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Whispering Woods
Dīyǔ Sēnlín
Whispering Forest
Dīyǔ Sēnlín
Japanese 囁きの森
Sasayaki no Mori[1]
Forest of Whispers
Korean 속삭임의 숲
Soksagim-ui Sup
Forest of Whispers
Spanish Bosque SusurranteWhispering Forest
French Bois des MurmuresWoods of Murmurs
Russian Шепчущий лес
Shepchushchiy les
Whispering Forest
Thai Whispering Woods
Vietnamese Rừng Thì ThầmWhispering Forest
German FlüsterwaldWhisper Forest
Indonesian Whispering Woods
Portuguese Bosque SussurranteWhispering Forest

Change History

Released in Version 1.0


  1. Japanese voiceline in The Church's Affairs.