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After the Traveler and Paimon convince Zhiqiong to return to camp, what is Taliesin's dialogue? And what if you didn't talk to him to get either of his known optional dialogues before then? It seems like he has no further quest-specific dialogue

Wherefore Did the Spiritstone Descend? is a World Quest in The Chasm: Underground Mines, Liyue. It is the sixth and last part of The Chasm Delvers World Quest Series.


  1. Talk to the Zhiqiong up ahead
  2. Go to the camp with Zhiqiong
  3. Talk to Zhiqiong
  4. Go to the gate that Zhiqiong mentioned
  5. Open Gate [sic]
  6. Go within the gate to investigate
  7. Read the stone tablet
    • Completion of this step reveals the final map area in the southwest.
  8. Purify the large crystal (0/5)

    Map of 5 Crystals

  9. Strike the large purified crystal
  10. Defeat the monster lurking in The Chasm's depths
  11. Return to the camp and talk to Zhiqiong
  12. Report back to Muning



UI Quest.png Quest Description

Having taken out the Abyss Lector lurking here, you discover that Zhiqiong has seen the symbols on the key-like object the Lector left behind somewhere else...
Zhiqiong: I'm here, (Traveler)! The campsite's been set up, follow me!
Paimon: Is it Zhiqiong's voice? It's coming from up ahead!
Paimon: How did she get in front of us... This is weird.

(Talk to Jinwu at the camp, optional)
Jinwu: Ah, you're here. Thanks for helping us clear the path. Zhiqiong was also a big help in guiding us, as well, so thank you both.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Tell me about the camp.
Jinwu: Well, it looks good, eh? My specialty, by the way.
Jinwu: I started learning all this from my father starting from the time I was around ten... How to set up campsites, how to make crystal lamps, how to maintain mining equipment...
Jinwu: I learned and learned, and my father grew old all the while... Eventually, when his eyesight started failing, it fell to me to maintain the safety equipment in the mine.
Jinwu: And even later on... Well, as you can see, I'm not young anymore myself. As for the rest of my tale, it's not much... I found a man, lost a man, had a daughter who went off to Sumeru to study...
Jinwu: Sometimes, when the men at the mines leave us early, it falls to me to take care of their kids... So I carry some sweets around all the time.
Jinwu: And that's why... in my mind, kids always look this way to me: sweet-smelling, staring at me from where they are on the ground, waiting for candy or some colorful rocks to play with.
Paimon: Whoa. Uh, so, do you have candy on you right now, Jinwu?
Jinwu: Candy? Well, it's not the fancy type like you'd get in the city, but you're not going to be picky now, are you?
Paimon: Ah, so that's the kind of candy you're talking about...
Jinwu: People come and go, leaving only memories behind to accompany me... and adventurers who go into the mines like you, of course.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Tell me a bit about Zhiqiong.
Jinwu: Zhiqiong's from our latest batch of miners, and she was born in Mingyun Village. To be honest, all the experienced miners at The Chasm were from Mingyun Village. Zhiqiong was just born at the wrong time.
Jinwu: Ah, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that times are hard. I'm just saying that the ore veins dried up at Mingyun a good long time ago, so work there has already ceased.
Jinwu: Shortly after Zhiqiong came to The Chasm, the incident happened and work here stopped as well. I guess she and mining just aren't meant to be.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Uh...
Jinwu: Everyone went their separate ways after that. I stayed, though — it's not as if the equipment will maintain themselves. She, on the other hand, became an adventurer.
Jinwu: She hasn't grown up at all, though, and still doesn't value her life at all... or maybe she's just spent too little time down in the mines.
Jinwu: I'm pretty sure that getting used to the mining life and saving a few people from perilous situations might give her a new appreciation for life.
Jinwu: Well, I'm not sure if I can make this request of you, but could you watch over her for me? I'd hate to see her get herself killed.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png See you.
Jinwu: Alright then. Take care!
(Obtain Sugar ×1, occurs regardless of the dialogue option picked)
(Talk to Khedive at the camp, optional)
Khedive: That... *sigh* Eh? Oh. Hello. Sorry. You bothered me there.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So, does that make us even?
Khedive: Alright, no need to horse around. Our current situation is not good. Not good at all, really.
Khedive: You've seen that shining crystal fragment already, right? If my guess is not off, there should be an even larger one deeper down... Although I suppose you already knew that.
Khedive: In theory, our readings should have stabilized once the fragment above "returned" to its original location. And that's what happened, in fact... But the waveform is wrong... all wrong.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What are you talking about?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Use words that I understand, please.
Khedive: Not much of a student, were you? Well then, let me put this simply. We are currently akin to beans on a stone mill, on the brink of a clash between two great powers.
Khedive: Albeit on a larger time scale, we are presently being crushed by these two forces — one from above and one from below — and we shall soon be turned into bean paste!
Khedive: Just wait and see if you don't believe me yet. That adventurer named Zhiqiong... Well, I've seen what happens to those who get too close to such things.
Khedive: Today it's going to be coughing up blood, and tomorrow, she might just cough her innards out too.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Is there anything I can do to help?
Khedive: You? Well, give me some time to think... There's got to some way we can...
Khedive: Well, whatever the case, what we need most urgently now is for you to continue exploring until you find out what happened down there.
Khedive: Don't worry, I won't sit by and do nothing in this situation. I've got to make sure that my investments see return, after all, so I must see to the safety of the exploration team.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Will you be taking responsibility for me, too?
Khedive: Mmm, well... I have to admit that your abilities have completely exceeded my estimations. As such, I think that you're more than capable of taking responsibility for yourself.
Khedive: Agh, never mind, what am I saying... If something does happen to you, I'll compensate you, okay?
(Talk to Taliesin at the camp, optional)
Taliesin: Sorry, I'm a little dizzy at the moment, but I can take it! Ugh...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What is it you're doing here?
Taliesin: I consider myself a bard of the old school, so of course I'm here to get some inspiration.
Paimon: Well! You looked pretty alright just a moment ago, and now you look like you're about to drop any second!
Taliesin: I've never gone down into a mine before... And in my hurry during in getting here, I wound up... pulling a muscle.
Taliesin: Ow ow ow...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I won't disturb you, then.
Taliesin: Agh... This medicinal oil really isn't doing it for me... Well, see you, and do come to me again when you have new stories to tell, alright?
(Talk to Clitopho at the camp, optional)
Clitopho: Hello! How have your travels been going?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Fine, and you?
Clitopho: Thanks for giving me that opportunity back there. After our attempt to create the cannonball fuse earlier succeeded, everyone's warmed up to the idea of letting me stay.
Clitopho: As for what I'll do after getting back to the surface... Heh, I haven't thought it all through yet, but I probably won't rejoin the Treasure Hoarders!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Probably...?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Really...?
Clitopho: Uh, oh, I mean, I'm definitely never rejoining the Treasure Hoarders! Definitely!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png See you.
Clitopho: Take care of yourself!

(Talk to Zhiqiong in the Nameless Ruins)
Zhiqiong: It's great to see that you're alright! What... what were those two creatures? I've never seen anyone... or anything like that... *cough*
Zhiqiong: Alright, alright, there's no need to be so strict. I won't risk provoking them, I know...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png How did you get in front of us?
Zhiqiong: We came through a hidden mine on the western side that just so happens to let us get around the areas infested with the black matter and the strange creatures below... *cough* Ugh...
Paimon: Uhh, are you alright?
Zhiqiong: I'm fine, I'm fine... That road was pretty hard to find and no mistake. It might've been some sort of path the Treasure Hoarders carved out en route to their loot stashes... But I can't imagine them wanting to come this far down, either...
Zhiqiong: Well, our campsite isn't too far away. Let's talk as we go, shall we?
(While going through the tunnel to the camp)
Zhiqiong: Speaking of which, we heard a few tolling sounds, like a bell, not long after we entered the mines... and then the tunnels started collapsing!
Zhiqiong: We just about barely got out by running for our lives. No one was hurt, though, and our equipment wasn't damaged. We can also call for foodstuff resupply to replace the losses.
Zhiqiong: Would you happen to know anything about that, (Traveler)?
Paimon: Hehehe, not really...
(Arrive at the camp with Zhiqiong)
Zhiqiong: We're here! Welcome to the forward operating base of the exploration team. Feel free to rest here whenever you like!
(Talk to Zhiqiong at the camp)
Zhiqiong: *cough* Oh, hello there. Is there something you need?
Paimon: You're coughing away! You sure you're okay?
Zhiqiong: I'm alright, really... The air down here is just kinda thin, which doesn't sit too well with me.
Zhiqiong: Ah, yes. This is the map that I drew earlier... *cough* *cough* Ugh. Well, that feels better.
Paimon: Uh, you'd best rest up. Don't go running around all over the place, now!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Speaking of maps, we've got one for you as well...
Paimon: It's a map of "The Two Strange Bells"... Seems like it's something those dastardly Fatui left behind!
Zhiqiong: Thank you! I'll incorporate this new location into my map!
Zhiqiong: ...Wait a moment. Did you say "Fatui"? They've tunneled into this place as well?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Certainly looks like it.
Zhiqiong: Looks like we've got to be even more careful while exploring The Chasm...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Speaking of which, we found this...
Paimon: You've been around here more, Zhiqiong, so you probably know what this is used for, right?
Zhiqiong: This? I think I found a gate with a symbol similar to this one somewhere deeper down.
Zhiqiong: *cough* *cough* Ah, sorry. If I remember correctly, you could hear the wind behind that gate... I'm quite sure that there should be a large open space behind it for us to explore.
Zhiqiong: I wonder what relationship this thing has to that gate? Might it be a key of some sort? *cough*
Khedive: Zhiqiong's right. This is a device used to unlock the gate.
Paimon: Whoa! Where did you come from?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png A "hello" before joining the conversation might be nice.
Khedive: Sorry, um... I was just too eager to say that this strange device is indeed used to open doors.
Khedive: I once looked into similar devices, and just as luck might have it, the device in your hands is an exact match to the one in my research lab.
Khedive: Unfortunately, neither alchemy nor basic mechanics can help us understand the energy held within these devices, nor can they explain the principles behind their ability to unlock and lock gates...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png A research lab...?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Aren't you a paleontologist?
Khedive: We Amurta take a rather dim view of those who rely purely on theory. That said, we often have to work with those blockheads from Spantamad all the same...
Khedive: *sigh* Well, that's all I can tell you. There isn't much else to be said with regard to the Academia...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Oh, I have a pillow right here, you can keep talking...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You can keep going. Not that we'll understand or anything, of course.
Khedive: Oh, I'll stop, I'll stop... I didn't form this exploration team to divulge all our secrets or something.
Khedive: Whatever the case, if we're able to find that gate that Zhiqiong spoke of, we'll be able to use this strange device to open it.
Zhiqiong: Let's go together then, shall we? Ever since you shared this new map with me, I've been left with this last section unmapped!
Zhiqiong: I just thought that we could... *cough* ... Whoops, sorry. You know, we could get it all done in one go! *cough* Haha... *cough* Sorry, sorry... *cough*
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...
Khedive: ...
Khedive: We can leave the map thing aside for now. Have you... had close contact with that black, muddy stuff at any point?
Zhiqiong: Oh, I'm fine. The environment's just not sitting too well with me, y'know? I mean, this is nothing for a true adventurer! *cough* *cough*
Khedive: Nothing? Hey. You'd better wake up, you hear? You're the only person — I repeat, the only person in the whole team — who has shown such serious negative reactions during this process.
Khedive: We have to send you up to the surface to rest. If we go now, there's still time.
Zhiqiong: ...
Khedive: Alright, alright, don't look at me like that. Do whatever you want. It's not as if I'm your parent or something.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Will you really be fine?
Paimon: That's right, you've been coughing this whole way!
Zhiqiong: *cough* I'm fine... I can take it.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Khedive, do you mind explaining?
Khedive: I'm telling you this out of the goodness of my heart. Don't take it for a reason to violate the strictures of the Academia.
Khedive: ...I'm sorry, I cannot divulge the details, but Zhiqiong has to get some distance from the thing under The Chasm... No, she has to leave The Chasm itself.
Paimon: Wait, what... C'mon, you're talking in riddles! Are you just annoyed that Zhiqiong's not well or something?
Khedive: She is very sick, yes, and if no one takes it more seriously, it really will be too late.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...
Zhiqiong: Alright, please, just stop it... *cough*
Zhiqiong: I joined this team of my own accord. I'm not going to change my decision based on what others say.
Khedive: Mm, yes. And I suppose that as an adventurer, your primary concern is the remuneration?
Khedive: If you're willing to leave, I'll make sure you're compensated. It'll be quite the generous package. The representatives from Liyue will understand as well.
Zhiqiong: ...
Zhiqiong: *cough* *cough* Sorry, I'll have to excuse myself now. The area (Traveler) cleared out needs re-mapping. I shan't waste your time any further.
Zhiqiong: Right, (Traveler). I'll head to the gate that I mentioned before later. If that's where you're headed as well, we can meet up there.
Khedive: Hmph, this kid... is not to be reasoned with. At all.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You're being too harsh on Zhiqiong, Khedive.
Paimon: Exactly. You were so curt, and you didn't explain anything either. Is there any wonder that you ticked her off?
Khedive: Heh. I just didn't expect that she would have literally no concern for her life at all! ...You know what? Forget it. She can do what she wants.
Khedive: And then she'll regret it later... and ask for help. That's how young people are. Always got to take a hit or two before they learn.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What exactly is wrong with Zhiqiong, anyway?
Khedive: What we're facing is, in essence, very similar to the anomalies on Dragonspine, in the sense that their source is something alien to this world we know... and it involves the clash of two energies.
Khedive: And that is why we had to get you on the team, (Traveler), since you are able to manipulate the elements without the use of a Vision.
Khedive: For normal people like us who neither have Visions nor can manipulate the elements, these anomalies are malignant, even fatal.
Khedive: Those who have close contact with the source of the anomalies may begin to lose touch with the world. Some will weaken swiftly and even...
Paimon: So, Zhiqiong...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...Is in trouble.
Khedive: That's as much as I can say.
Paimon: Wait, then what are we supposed to do? Should we chase after her?
Khedive: *sigh* It's her choice...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...
Paimon: But we can't just stand by and watch... We should at least try, (Traveler).
Khedive: Well, don't let me delay you either way. I'll leave you to your own business... There are still a great many secrets for us to discover down there.
Khedive: And... if you meet Zhiqiong, please take care of her on behalf of the rest of us.
(Obtain Key to a Stony Hall)
(Talk to Khedive again, optional)
Khedive: Sorry for telling you all that.
Khedive: I won't take up any more of you time... We've all got things to busy ourselves with, after all.
(Talk to Jinwu, optional)
Jinwu: Oh, you're here.
Jinwu: Something's been wrong with Zhiqiong lately. I suspect that it's that... tainted stuff that's affecting her mind and body.
Jinwu: Whatever it is, it's strikingly similar to the way in which locals here five hundred years ago described the dark calamity...
Jinwu: But today, the Yakshas are a distant memory, and Rex Lapis too has left us... I must admit that this is the most worried I've ever been for the safety of us mortals.
Jinwu: Sorry... I kept you back just to tell you all this pointless nonsense. Still...
Jinwu: Never mind... You stay safe now, alright?
(Talk to Taliesin, optional)
Taliesin: Phew, the swelling in my leg's gone down... as has the pain. I should probably write an epic for Liyue's medicinal oils, hmm...
Taliesin: Ah, sorry, didn't see you there — I've just been resting over here all this while.
Taliesin: If you're looking for Zhiqiong, I believe she said that she was looking for some kind of gate...
Taliesin: She said that she'd share the story of her adventure with me, too. Just head over that way, you should find her easily.
(Talk to Clitopho, optional)
Clitopho: Zhiqiong left just a moment ago. She seemed pretty angry about something... Do you know what happened?
Clitopho: I mean, come on! She said that she wouldn't be mad at me anymore... and yet her temper hasn't changed for the better in the slightest since coming to this campsite.
Clitopho: That Khedive guy's telling everyone that Zhiqiong's lost it and has to leave The Chasm...
Clitopho: Heh. Sounds like he's the one who needs to get his head checked.

(Arrive at the gate)
Zhiqiong: *cough* *cough* Hey, (Traveler), you're here! *cough*
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What are you doing here?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Found you.
Zhiqiong: *cough* What's wrong? You don't look so good. Did I annoy you in some way?
Paimon: Y'know, Paimon's having trouble telling who looks worse between the two of you...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The road ahead is very dangerous.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You need to get more rest.
Paimon: You know, everyone's actually... really concerned about you. Please don't care so little about your own safety...
Zhiqiong: I... Of course I know they're worried. But it's like I said before. This is what an adventurer's life should be like!
Zhiqiong: No adventurers in this world would balk in the face of danger! And I have no wish to lie in bed in my dotage, withered by age, relying on others to eat or even to get myself to the toilet!
Zhiqiong: If the alternative is stability and boredom, I'll choose danger any day. I'd rather lay my life down here than lie in some cushy bed waiting for time to claim me.
Zhiqiong: I belong here. I know it. A comfy job with the Ministry? That's not for me. Khedive's Mora? It doesn't own me.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...
Zhiqiong: And as opposed to those lucky few who have Visions...
Zhiqiong: Adventure, exploration, challenge — these are things that can only be truly experienced by normal people like us!
Paimon: So when it comes down to it, it's all about you, huh? Haven't you spared a single thought for others?
Zhiqiong: I've said it before, this is my own personal business. It's got nothing to do with anyone else. I'm... sorry that they might feel bad about the matter, but...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Must you really go deep into such dangerous places?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You want to leave a memory of yourself behind, do you?
Zhiqiong: Yes. I mean, no... I mean, yes! I just... I don't want to be forgotten.
Zhiqiong: At least this way I'll leave some maps behind, and I'll have borne witness to the sights of The Chasm... and I would have accomplished all this, stepping into the realm of the forbidden, as a normal human being!
Zhiqiong: And the trail of the Yaksha who defended Liyue in legends might be behind this gate. If I could reach that place...
Zhiqiong: I don't know if I can make it there, but... I wish that I could get closer to these unknown places. Perhaps we might truly find the reason for the anomalies here in The Chasm...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Everyone needs a rest, ordinary or not.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png There may be worse things behind that gate.
Zhiqiong: ...
Paimon: We're all worried about you. Please don't take such poor care of yourself...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What you need to do right now is regain your strength.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Please, go back to the camp and take a rest.
Paimon: Yup, that's right, you should totally get some more rest! The road ahead is still plenty dangerous. You can just wait for us to finish clearing the obstacles ahead before following after. It won't be too late!
Paimon: Anyway... um... Someone needs to record down what we've seen, right? If no one records the stuff, no one will remember it, after all!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Huh, you've got a point there, Paimon.
Paimon: Hee-hee!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Paimon being reasonable? Say it isn't so.
Paimon: C'mon, (Traveler), what are you talking about?
Zhiqiong: ...
Zhiqiong: I get it... I'll go back if you insist. But please, you keep your wits about you as well...
Paimon: We will! Stay safe on the way back, now!
Paimon: *sigh* Paimon has no idea if she really heard a word we said.

(Talk to Jinwu, optional)
Jinwu: Back again, are we? Do you need something?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png About Zhiqiong...
Jinwu: She went back up to fix some map errata. I'm not sure what the hurry's about... But it's good to see that she's in good spirits.
Jinwu: Whatever you, whatever the case... I don't know what methods you used to bring her back, but I'm just glad she is. We all are, really.
(Talk to Khedive, optional)
Khedive: Thanks for your help. Without your aid so far, I'm quite sure our expedition would have proved a failure.
Khedive: I don't know what you did, but the readings of the Ley Line flows in this area have stabilized significantly... Heh, and the expansion of the contaminants is currently slowing.
Khedive: As for why that is... Perhaps the answer may be found even deeper in the earth, but really, who knows?
Khedive: And as for Zhiqiong... Well, all I'll say is that she can still leave now. She values The Chasm over her life... not realizing that The Chasm seems set on taking it from her.
(Talk to Clitopho, optional)
Clitopho: Hello there! If you're up for a chat, I'm all ears!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well, you sure look like a pair of idle hands.
Clitopho: Oh, come on. Are you taking me for a slacker? I'll have you know that every time I'm needed, I barely have time for anything else!"
Icon Dialogue Talk.png How's Zhiqiong?
Clitopho: Her? She seems to have calmed down a lot after coming back. Honestly, I wonder if it isn't just this eerie environment that's making everyone's fuses shorter and tempers hotter.
Clitopho: I was just scolded by Jinwu not long ago. Never seen her that angry in my life... Still gives me chills to think about it.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png See you.
Clitopho: See, you, and take care!

(Open the gate)
Icon Quest Step.png Step Description

The gate, opened by the key, leads deeper into the ruins. Proceed onward. Who knows what more secrets are hidden beneath The Chasm...
(Approach the crystal by the tent)
Paimon: Huh, that crystal looks familiar. Let's have a look, shall we?
(Pick up the Lumenstone Ore)
Paimon: Ooh, it's raw Lumenstone ore! That's what Jinwu and Zhiqiong called it, right?
(Read the Fatui Action Log, optional)
Fatui Action Log: Part IV: "...An explosion has occurred. Cause unknown. The Mokosh Device, which should have theoretically been able to clear the Abyssal corruption from this place, has overloaded and been destroyed..."
Fatui Action Log: Part IV: "...The black pollutant on the main fragment has begun to regenerate... We need to sum up what we've learned thus far..."
Fatui Action Log: Part IV: "...One or several hard strikes aimed at key stress points on the main fragment can cause the black matter to retreat..."
Fatui Action Log: Part IV: "...Our scouting parties have discovered human activity in different locations. Whether they are human or some other creature is unclear... But perhaps they might even be the culprits behind the black matter's propagation..."
(Approach the edge of the part of the map that is still not revealed)
Paimon: This tunnel is so long... Why did someone shut it behind a giant gate?
Paimon: What will we find inside...?
Paimon: Zhiqiong mentioned a tale of a giant serpent lurking in The Chasm. Do you think... this tunnel could be a hole dug by a real big serpent?
(Enter the cavern at the end of the tunnel)
Paimon: This doesn't look like a natural cave. It looks like something huge cut right through this place instead... Huh. Actually, "rammed right through" might be more accurate.
Paimon: Y'know, (Traveler)... Don't you think this floating thingy looks rather familiar? This resembles what we saw on top of Dragonspine back then.
Paimon: Their... "smell"... or "aura"...? Is pretty similar...
Paimon: Whatever it is, it's really spooky...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What have you discovered, Paimon?
Paimon: Uh, whatever it is, this is pretty creepy...
Paimon: Y'know, doesn't that stone tablet look kinda new to you? It doesn't look like it fits in with the ruins around it at all!
Strange Stone Stele: (Although the inscription cannot be understood per se, a little observation reveals that the engraving is a map of the surrounding area, and that the other pictures have something to do with the floating crystal...)
Paimon: Hmm, so the big crystal has five weird devices around it, and these lines are connected to the crystal... Gah, Paimon can't read this! Why is this diagram so messy!?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Looks like we need to activate those five devices...
Paimon: Then, uh, someone needs to hit the crystal or something... and then the black spots will disappear...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I guess they just forgot to draw those splotches.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So the application of external force can speed up the purification...
Paimon: After that... Wait a minute, why did they draw this big worm? Hmm... Seems like this stone tablet is telling us to beware of the super big worm.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Perhaps it's warning us to beware of stepping on worms...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So hitting the crystal will awaken some kind of giant creature?
Paimon: Huh... That sounds a lot easier to get... But still, we've got to try before we know for sure.
Paimon: Also, (Traveler), look at that purple-blackish stuff. It's all over that big crystal! Looks pretty similar to that dark mud we encountered before, too.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png This looks exactly as depicted on the stone tablet...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well, let's start from activating those devices.
Paimon: Mm, yeah, you're right...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Oh ho? Very fearless of you, Paimon.
Paimon: Well, we're already here, so we might as well do something.

Icon Quest Step.png Step Description

A giant crystal, tainted by some dark substance, lies behind the gate leading deeper into The Chasm's ruins. Use the instructions on the stone table to attempt to purify it...
(Interact with the Strange Stone Slate)
Strange Stone Slate: (This stone tablet looks a fair bit more recent than the rest of the ruins. It seems to have been set up not long ago.)
Strange Stone Slate: (Although the inscription cannot be understood per se, a little observation reveals that the engraving is a map of the surrounding area, and that the other pictures have something to do with the floating crystal...)
Strange Stone Slate: (The tablet is also engraved with some complex pictures that have something to do with the giant crystal suspended before you...)
(Approach the northwestern mechanism to purify the large crystal)
Paimon: Whoa! Why did they set this mechanism up here...!
(After purifying the northwestern mechanism)
Paimon: We've purified it! Let's keep going!
(Approach the southwestern mechanism)
Paimon: Uh... Why did they use these mechanisms to corrupt the big crystal?
(Approach the northeastern mechanism)
Paimon: The corruption here is so terrible! And there are monsters roaming this place!

(Upon purifying the last crystal)
Paimon: Hmm... Looks like we've come to the bit where we've got to "apply some external force to the crystal." You ready, (Traveler)?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Are you sure the diagrams on the stone tablet are reliable?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Do we really have to...?
Paimon: Well, we've come this far. Let's just give it a shot like we always do, eh?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png But...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Ah, Paimon, what will I ever do with you...
Paimon: Alright, come on, it's a big crystal! Don't you just wanna poke it?

(Approach the marked location to strike the large purified crystal)
(A cutscene begins)
(The Traveler takes a running leap and stabs the nail with their sword. After the nail releases a burst of light, a giant monster appears.)
(After the cutscene)
Paimon: Whoa, what is that!? Something's coming out from the ground!
Paimon: So this is the guy who dug out this crazy place...!
(When Haftvard the Worm reaches low health)
Paimon: Arh, this thing is so tough! We can't hurt it at all!
Paimon: This is bad... This guy's a tough customer!
(A cutscene plays)
(Haftvard the Worm circles around the Traveler and Paimon, and is about to attack them. Yelan, watching the battle from a vantage point, unleashes a fully-charged arrow at the crystal, which then falls and crashes onto Haftvard. Yelan leaves with a satisfied smirk. After the dust settles, the crystal rises back into the air.)

As the unexpected collapse occurs, you manage to escape to safety in time.
Paimon: Huh... Is... Is it over? It all kinda feels like a dream...
Paimon: Looks like that thing up there has gone back to normal. The air feels less heavy, too.
Paimon: Hmm, even though we've reached the bottom of The Chasm and even defeated the creature down there somehow... But it doesn't feel like we've answered any questions!
Paimon: In fact, we've got more questions now than we did before!
Paimon: Like for example... What was that thing above us? Why did a giant serpent come roaring out? Where did that dark mud and the strange monsters come from?
Paimon: The monsters that followed the dark mud here seemed to be eating at the big crystal, and Zhiqiong mentioned that a Yaksha was here once...
Paimon: Agh, this is way too many questions for Paimon!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Looks like The Chasm still has many secrets that are yet to be discovered...
Paimon: Yeah, no wonder adventurers like Zhiqiong are so committed to exploring this place...
Paimon: But things should quiet down a bit in here now that we've cleared this big thing up, right?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Still looks like a long way off before the mines can reopen...
Paimon: But our exploration mission seems complete. We'll worry about that other stuff in the future!
Paimon: Oh yeah, one more thing...
Paimon: It feels like... someone helped us out during that fight with the big snake. Did you hear this "shoom" sound during the fight?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png No...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...Sort of.
Paimon: Um... Well, never mind. When we head back, we can ask Zhiqiong if she saw any strangers!

Icon Quest Step.png Step Description

You purified the large crystal and defeated the creature that emerged from the depths. Though you do not know who it was who helped you defeat the monster, it seems that this incident is over for now...
(Arrive at the camp)
Zhiqiong: Great, you're back!
Paimon: Yup, we're back!
Zhiqiong: There've been several earthquakes ever since you went through that gate. We don't know what's going on down there, but we're glad to see that you're both okay.
Paimon: Well, you don't look too bad yourself. Looks like the rest helped, eh?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png How are things on your end?
Zhiqiong: I've followed your advice and rested here all this while. I'm feeling a whole lot better now... Was this all due to "that thing" behind the gate?
Zhiqiong: I didn't go in there, but I could feel some strange pulsing within... Something amazing must have been back there, I'm sure of it...
Zhiqiong: *cough* I grew up listening to tales of the Yakshas, and some of my seniors used to say that one of them was sealed inside The Chasm and slumbers to this day.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well, we didn't meet this Yaksha you speak of...
Zhiqiong: I see... Thank you. So, as for the dark mud we... *cough* Sorry...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png There was a huge floating crystal in there...
Zhiqiong: So the crystal in the upper levels did fly towards it — a fragment desiring to be part of the whole once again.
Zhiqiong: So that's the key to solving the mystery of The Chasm... I might go and see it for myself later.
Zhiqiong: *cough* Thank you. So, as for that dark mud... *cough* Sorry...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It hasn't been completely cleared out yet.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It'll experience a gradual retreat.
Paimon: Yup, now that we've removed the taint from that large crystal, that stinky mud should be back underground in no time!
Zhiqiong: I understand... *cough* I'll inform the other team members. It seems that our exploration of The Chasm... has met with some initial success.
Zhiqiong: This is way stronger than that time at Qiaoying Village...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Any future plans?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Are you all leaving?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png "Qiaoying Village"? What's that?
Zhiqiong: Hmm? It's the most famous teahouse in Liyue. Top notch scenery, top-notch tea... You haven't heard of it?
Zhiqiong: Well, not that I like the place very much... Even if it is my second home after Mingyun Village. I know every last creek and tree in that place like the back of my hand.
Zhiqiong: I guess I would've remembered the place and the people more fondly if it wasn't for that disagreement I had with that one commission-giver while on a map-making assignment... Eh, whatever. No point talking about that now.
Zhiqiong: And well, I say I don't like the place, but if I do achieve something great this time, it would be good to go back there to rest... The old man's tea is a truly unforgettable experience, after all.
Zhiqiong: But over to more pleasant thoughts... The next time I'm back home, I'll be a famous adventurer having tea with the old man, you know? I do hope you'll be there to see it.
Zhiqiong: ...Heh, there I go again, talking about unrealistic stuff.
Zhiqiong: Well, we could use this opportunity to become an official exploratory team under the Ministry of Civil Affairs... But I don't think we'll be going anywhere any time soon.
Zhiqiong: After all, it was due to your spelunking that we were able to avoid the perils of the path, such that no one was injured or lost, and that our material losses proved negligible.
Zhiqiong: I think that we might stay here for a while yet, help the Ministry staff watch over the underground anomalies, and maintain the exploration facilities.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Did you encounter any strangers after we left?
Zhiqiong: What? Hmm... Well, I didn't see anyone on the way back and I fell asleep pretty quickly once I got back to camp, so I didn't see anyone else pass by.
Zhiqiong: What's wrong? What's with the sudden question?
Paimon: Hmm, never mind, it's nothing...
Zhiqiong: *cough* Well, if you're leaving, don't forget to say hi to Muning as well... *cough* Tell him... that I'm gonna be promoted. Who knows who's gonna be the boss of who before long, eh?
(Talk to Khedive, optional)
Khedive: Oh? Why, hello there! I thought you'd left, (Traveler).
Khedive: The energy readings around here have stabilized a great deal, thanks to you. When I go back and write my thesis, I will mention you for sure.
Khedive: However, as the nominal employer of the exploration team, I will still need to stay for a long time to observe this place.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well, I've got to go.
Khedive: Then I shan't keep you. Just know that you'll always be welcome with the exploration team!
(Talk to Jinwu, optional)
Jinwu: Haha, you're back. Well then, sit down and rest for a bit. Make yourself at home!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I wouldn't call this place "homely," per se.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What am I now, a tunnel-dweller?
Jinwu: Hahahaha! Ow, your tongue's sharp!
Jinwu: Thanks to your help, the atmosphere at the camp has become way more relaxed. If I gave you the impression that I was the overly-serious sort before, I'm very sorry about that.
Jinwu: The important business has already been settled. Now, the long-term work that remains is... setting up a permanent lookout underground to watch for any changes in the situation.
Jinwu: During this period, many mines can now be partially opened, but going this far underground is still forbidden.
Jinwu: We need to seal up this area and prevent any miners... No, prevent anyone from coming down here.
(Talk to Clitopho, optional)
Clitopho: Ah, you're here! Welcome to the Chasm Exploration Team's demolitions team base and water point!
Clitopho: We — by which I mean I, Clitopho — salute you!
Clitopho: Come, come, have a drink! Consider it my treat — just a little something for all you've done for me.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What's next for you?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Will you be sticking around?
Clitopho: Well, I'm an official member of the team now, so since they're staying, I'm staying.
Clitopho: Well, things would certainly be easier if Khedive and Jinwu could get me some extra help...
Clitopho: Though that said, I wouldn't be able to call myself the sole member *and* team leader if that were to happen.

(Talk to Muning)
Muning: You're back, (Traveler)! How did things go? There's good news to be had from underground, I hope?
You tell Muning everything...
Muning: Hahaha! See what I told you? The exploration team were a reliable lot, and the expedition was bound to be fruitful!
Muning: I have received the ore samples and data that Khedive and Jinwu have gathered. The unknown matter is in full retreat, and the geological shifts have largely ceased....
Muning: ...It's a good omen indeed. Thanks to your help, the Millelith have also expressed no objections to our plans for further exploration and restoration. In fact, they should be getting ready to descend into the mine themselves...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Sorry, did you say something before?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I don't remember you expressing such effusive support before.
Paimon: Hmph, that's right... So, who was the one who was trying their best to prevent us from going down previously, huh?
Muning: Uh, hehe... Come on now, there's no need to be so straight about such things.
Muning: I mean, I will pay you. And of course, The Chasm Exploration Team will become an official part of Huishan Hall from this day forth!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You need to work on your ability to change the topic...
Paimon: That's right! But since there's Mora to be had, we'll forgive you this time.
Muning: Haha, thank you... And you know, I did get a real earful from the higher-ups myself for letting you go down there without so much as a report back to headquarters...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The higher-ups... Who?
Paimon: Yeah, and who would bother coming down here themselves to give you an earful anyway?
Muning: You might not believe me... But it was the Yuheng herself. She seemed quite concerned for your safety.
Paimon: Uh, seriously? So Keqing's been keeping an eye on us this whole time?
Paimon: Uhh, but the person we met down there didn't look anything like her!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You actually saw that person clearly?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What person?
Paimon: Eh? You forgot? It's the one that went "shoom" and went right by us! It was super flashy and stuff!
Muning: You met someone else down there? Are you certain that it wasn't a Treasure Hoarder or a Fatuus?
Muning: Hmm... This is certainly worth recording. But don't worry, the Millelith will help you look into it.
Muning: Ah yes, (Traveler)... Since I'm currently in charge of the exploration team's material needs, could I also ask you how things are with them at the moment?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Zhiqiong isn't looking too good.
Paimon: That's right... she's still down in the mines, and she's not in the best of conditions.
Muning: Hmm... Jinwu did mention her condition to me. I'll send a report recommending that the Ministry send a medical team down. With any luck, she'll be patient and stay out of any hazardous zones.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Clitopho joined up, but...
Paimon: He was a Treasure Hoarder previously. Will things really be okay?
Muning: Oh, him? We all know him. He's not a bad person by nature.
Muning: If you were able to trust him, (Traveler), I don't think we'd gainsay you. Still, I think he'll have to wait for a while before he can be welcomed in any official capacity. Let's just call it a probation period, shall we?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png About Khedive...
Muning: Oh, that fellow from Sumeru? Well, I won't lie to you — you can think of him as a sort of "proxy."
Muning: On the surface, he seems to be the organizer and the overall in-charge, but in truth, even he answers to the Ministry of Civil Affairs.
Muning: Of course, this comes with some "academic agreement" that the Qixing have with the Academia... The people upstairs went back and forth with the Academia for a while over this... and I'm not at liberty to say more, in any case.
Muning: Whatever the case, a researcher from overseas is not exactly someone we would normally use...
Muning: But since he's willing to pay for the team from his own pocket, I suppose we have little reason to refuse his help.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well, what's the arrangement going to be from now on?
Muning: The Ministry will send more people down there. I suppose we've got to trouble our dedicated professional to delve into the perilous depths for us again...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png "Your" dedicated professional?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png "Again"...?
Muning: *cough* Aaaanyway, thanks for your help! You're always welcome here at The Chasm, yes, indeed!
Paimon: And there you go again, changing the topic so suddenly!
Muning: Okay, okay, let's not get too hot and bothered about that. In any case, the Ministry thanks you for your services, and we will not stand in the way of your activities within The Chasm any further.


  • Yelan makes a cameo in this quest.

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