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Where the Heart Finds Rest is the fourth part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Interlude Chapter: Act I - The Crane Returns on the Wind.


  1. Give the Wonder Cores and Adepti Sigils to the secretary
  2. Talk to Ningguang at the Jade Chamber
  3. Defeat Beisht, "The Avenger of the Vortex"
  4. Speak to Ningguang
  5. Head to the Jade Chamber to take part in the victory feast



UI Quest.png Quest Description

The time when the Jade Chamber takes to the skies again is drawing closer. Who knows what will happen when it finally does?
(Approach Baiwen)
Paimon: Ningguang's little secretary! We've found all the materials!
Baiwen: Oh? Already?
Baiwen: All three of you found them together? Okay, I see.
Baiwen: The Wonder Cores and Adepti Sigils look good. It seems that we've found our winners.
Baiwen calls for the participants to gather...
Baiwen: I hereby announce that the winners of this material procurement contest are (Traveler), Yun Jin, and Beidou!
Hongfei: What? It's over already? I haven't even found the Plaustrite yet!
Changgui: I can't believe it...
Zhicheng: *sigh* So close, but so far...
Baiwen: I'd like to invite our three winners to please proceed to the Jade Chamber, where Lady Ningguang is waiting for you.
Paimon: Huh? Where's Beidou? She was right here.
Baiwen: Captain Beidou has some business to attend to. She will join later. Please come with me for now.
Paimon: Alright then, guess we'll head on up to the Jade Chamber first.
Paimon: This has been a long time coming! The last time we went up to the Jade Chamber was aaaages ago!
(Talk to Baiwen if quest is interrupted)
Baiwen: Want to go up to the Jade Chamber? Come with me, then.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Go.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Don't go.
Baiwan leads you to the Jade Chamber...

Icon Quest Step.png Step Description

You head to the Jade Chamber at Ningguang's secretary's instruction. The lady herself seems to have been expecting you.
(Approach Ningguang)
Ningguang: Combine the Adepti Sigils with the Wonder Cores and insert them into the Jade Chamber's control compartment.
Ningguang: The construction of the new Jade Chamber is now officially complete. Once the tethers are released, it will soar into the sky.
Ningguang: Thank you all for your work. Now it is time for me to fulfill my promise.
Paimon: Yeah!
Ningguang: Ms. Yun, I've already heard something about the reason for your involvement. You are looking for a venue for your new opera, aren't you?
Yun Jin: That's right. Lady Ningguang, I would like to hear your opinion.
Ningguang: The unveiling of Ms. Yun's grand new opera surely requires a venue of equal grandeur. So what would you say if I proposed that we stage your first performance right here, in the newly built Jade Chamber?
Ningguang: The Jade Chamber offers a splendid panoramic view of the mountains and the bustling city. It is fitting for the finest performance to be hosted in the heavens... I can think of no better stage for you than here, Ms. Yun.
Yun Jin: Thank you, Lady Ningguang. Then I will prepare my props and other articles shortly. Please allow me to bring all these aboard the Jade Chamber.
Ningguang: You're quite welcome. It's truly what a good opera deserves.
Yun Jin: (Traveler), Shenhe, Paimon, I'll be leaving now. Do come and see my play when the time comes.
Ningguang: You're next, (Traveler). What is your question?
Ningguang: I should clarify. I do not know your (sister/brother)'s whereabouts. So please, don't waste your question on this matter.
Paimon: Wow... You're a mind-reader, Ningguang! Oh well, guess Paimon will ask a question then!
Ningguang: ...Managing a successful business is not as simple as you might think. Capital, connections, sensitivity to the trends, an instinct for what is a good opportunity... All of these traits are crucial.
Ningguang: If you want to know how to make money, I will honor our agreement and give you an answer. But that is not to say that it will work for you.
Paimon: Wow! Paimon hadn't even asked the question yet!
Ningguang: Your question was written all over your face. Now look, you've helped me rebuild the Jade Chamber, and I intend to repay you handsomely for it.
Ningguang: So I promise you that should you one day require financial assistance, you may seek employment here. I will pay you at the highest rate of remuneration.
Paimon: Great! So next time we run out of Mora, we just need to come to Ningguang!
Paimon: No more questions from us. Shenhe, you got a question?
Shenhe: Me?
Paimon: Yes! This was a group effort!
Shenhe: Thank you... But I don’t have anything to ask.
Ningguang: Are you sure? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I'd urge you not to squander it.
Paimon: Yeah, just don't waste it! Hold on a second, Paimon can probably think of another one...
Shenhe: Lady Ningguang... do you think I can ever fit in in Liyue Harbor?
Ningguang: Now that is an interesting question.
Ningguang: Liyue Harbor is very inclusive. As long as you respect the rules here, you will not be turned away.
Ningguang: So the key is whether or not you yourself can develop a sense of belonging in Liyue Harbor.
Shenhe: A sense of belonging?
Ningguang: Yes. To become fond of a place, to feel part of it... it always requires a reason.
Ningguang: Perhaps someone you've met or something you've experienced here. Or perhaps you enjoy the atmosphere of Liyue and you will become accustomed to it.
Ningguang: In short, everyone needs a reason to stay. I hope you can find yours soon.
Shenhe: ...I see.
(Beidou arrives)
Beidou: Hey, what's going on? I just went to see the fleet, I'm a little later than expected.
Paimon: Come on, Beidou, it's your turn! Do you have a question for Ningguang?
Beidou: Me? Nah, I ain't got any questions. She forced me to help out, so I figured I may as well get involved with the contest.
Beidou: Ningguang, don't forget what we talked about.
Beidou: It's not gonna be easy to deal with. I don't think my fleet can take it on their own.
Ningguang: Don't worry, I have made preparations. The wound dressings are ready and the Millelith have set up an ambush.
Beidou: Glad to hear it. Watch your back. Stay alert!
Paimon: Beidou, Ningguang, what are you talking about?
Ningguang: You'll see when the Jade Chamber ascends. However... it's not the most pleasant topic of conversation. Maybe it's better that you don't know.
(Beidou walks off)
Ningguang begins to prepare for lift-off...
Ningguang: When I first set foot in the Jade Chamber, I stood at the edge of the platform and looked down upon Liyue Harbor far below.
Ningguang: At that time, I dreamed that one day the Jade Chamber's shadow would be seen in all seven nations of Teyvat.
Ningguang: My wish has not changed to this very day. However, it is not only out of consideration for myself that I have built the Jade Chamber anew at this time.
Ningguang: I hope the Jade Chamber will always float in the skies above Liyue Harbor, bearing witness to the prosperity and peace of the human world...
Ningguang: ...and I hope that you can all witness it with me.
Ningguang: Let the ascension ceremony commence!
(A cinematic plays)
Cutscene's Travel Log summary:
The Jade Chamber rises slowly into the sky before your eyes. But it is also at that moment that you notice a raging storm forming above the ocean surface in the distance. From beneath it emerges a colossal monster. According to Ningguang, the monster is Osial's wife - Beisht, the one who roams the oceans. Keqing and Beidou, who have been waiting, pounce on the opportunity and lead people to attack it. Wounded and thus angered, the monster summons a tsunami. Alarmed at the ominous turn of events, you draw your sword and charge toward Beisht - but then are knocked out by it. The looming danger reminds Shenhe of what happened to her in her childhood. To protect you and everyone else there, she charges resolutely towards Beisht.
(The iron tethers are released and the Jade Chamber floats into the skies)
(As the Jade Chamber takes off, storms gather and a monster rises from a vortex in the sea)
Ningguang: Right on cue
Ningguang: "The Avenger of the Vortex," Beisht
Paimon: Who is that!?
Ningguang: Osial's wife
Ningguang: Final follower of the Overlord of the Vortex
Paimon: Sounds like you knew this was coming...
Ningguang: Beidou sensed something was stirring in the deep
Ningguang: She warned me months ago
Ningguang: Knowing she harbors hatred towards the Jade Chamber
Ningguang: I chose to rebuild it now
Ningguang: As a way of drawing her out
Paimon: Got it
Paimon: Well, let's go fetch the adepti!
Ningguang: No
Ningguang: In this human age
Ningguang: The people of Liyue
Ningguang: Must find a way
Ningguang: To overcome this crisis
Ningguang: On our strength alone!
(The Jade Chamber launches projectiles at Beisht, followed by attacks from Guizhong Ballistas in Guyun Stone Forest commanded by Keqing and on The Alcor commanded by Beidou)
(Beisht roars and creates a giant tsunami)
Beidou: All hands
Beidou: Tsunami incoming!
(The Alcor immediately turns around)
Millelith Sergeant: What's that!?
Millelith Soldier: Wave... A giant wave!
(The Traveler jumps off the Jade Chamber and attacks Beisht with a Dull Blade)
(Beisht emits a beam which sends the Traveler crashing into a mountain)
(Shenhe catches the Traveler as they fall and lays them down onto the ground)
(Shenhe looks at the Traveler struggling and gets a flashback)
Shenhe's Father: You are a cursed child...
Shenhe's Father: Your life
Shenhe's Father: Brings nothing but disaster to us all
Shenhe's Father: At least if you die
Shenhe's Father: I can bring her back
Cloud Retainer: The day you learn
Cloud Retainer: How to use your strength for the good of others
Cloud Retainer: Is the day
Cloud Retainer: That you can truly become part of human society
(Shenhe walks towards the tsunami and summons a talisman which freezes it)
(The frozen wave shatters and reveals Beisht)
Keqing: Fire!
(Guizhong Ballistas in Guyun Stone Forest fire projectiles at Beisht again)
(Beisht dives back into the depths and Shenhe jumps into the vortex that forms)
(Cinematic ends)

Icon Quest Step.png Step Description

To think that ocean still hid such a threat. Defeat her while she's still reeling from the Millelith's attacks!
(In the domain)
Shenhe: What are you doing here?
Paimon: We can't let you be the only one taking this risk!
Shenhe: I hardly see this as a great risk. The people of Liyue Harbor are well-prepared and she is already badly injured. Only sheer willpower is keeping her alive.
Shenhe: I may be nearing the end of my stamina, but in a fight to the death... I think I have the upper hand.
Paimon: We'll help too!

Icon Quest Step.png Step Description

You have defeated Beisht and Liyue's seas are now at peace. Can the adepti rest easy now as well?
(After defeating Beisht)
Paimon: She's getting away! Shouldn't we go after her?
Shenhe: This place is unstable. It is too risky to continue pursuing her.
Shenhe: If the place collapsed, the consequences would be disastrous... Let's head back.

(Leave the domain)
Shenhe: ...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Are you alright?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Are you okay?
Shenhe: I'm just a little exhausted. Otherwise, fine.
Shenhe: I wanted to deal with it myself. I didn't expect you to follow me.
Shenhe: Don't worry. She's not coming back any time soon. After an injury like that, she'll likely seek refuge somewhere else.
(Ningguang arrives with a Millelith soldier)
Ningguang: How did things go underwater?
Shenhe: It's been dealt with. She was injured before entering the water. It didn't take too much effort to finish the job.
Ningguang: Good. So the crisis has been safely averted. When you visit the Jade Chamber in the future, you will be afforded generous treatment.
(Zhengmao arrives)
Zhengmao: Lady Ningguang, the fleet reports that the sea monster has left Guyun Stone Forest and the surrounding waters have returned to normal!
Ningguang: Thank you. How are the Millelith?
Zhengmao: Thanks to the medical supplies you prepared and Lady Keqing's command, our losses were minimal.
Zhengmao: Of course, we owe huge thanks to this young lady for her help.
Zhengmao: On behalf of the entire Millelith, thank you for your service.
Shenhe: I...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Shenhe protected us.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Just like the hero in the story.
Shenhe: Great. Then next time I watch Ms. Yun's opera, I'll be able to take the compliments.
Shenhe: I wasn't trying to be a hero, though. I just wanted to protect you.
Ningguang: Let the soldiers recuperate. But don't let your guard down — if she returns with a vengeance, we must be prepared.
Zhengmao: Yes, Ma'am!
Ningguang: You've been monitoring us for some time now. I trust you've reached a conclusion.
Cloud Retainer: Hmph. You wish to hear one's opinion? Well. Things would have hardly gone so smoothly had it not been for Shenhe.
Ningguang: That I do not deny. However, final victory was always going to be ours, even had things been a little more arduous.
Ningguang: If it came to it, I could always destroy another Jade Chamber.
Cloud Retainer: ...One has observed your adaptation of the Guizhong Ballista, and finds oneself compelled to admit that you have evidenced some degree of novel thinking.
Cloud Retainer: You have learned from past failures and prepared for this crisis in advance. This is considerable progress compared to the last time.
Cloud Retainer: Hence, on balance, one finds your performance during this trial satisfactory enough. But there will no doubt be further trials to come in the future. Do not suppose that one will not continue observing you hereafter.
Ningguang: While the position of Tianquan remains mine, I will always ensure Liyue's safety.
Cloud Retainer: Shenhe... One saw you secretly venture out from the mountains a few years ago, and noticed the air of dejection in which you returned.
Cloud Retainer: Hopefully, this trip to Liyue Harbor has been a different experience?
Shenhe: Yes. I can't explain it, but...
Shenhe: I feel happier than I expected.
Cloud Retainer: Good. Traveler, please take good care of Shenhe, she is a dear child.
Cloud Retainer: In fact, one has many fond memories of Shenhe's childhood that you may be interested to hear about...
Shenhe: There'll be no need for that.
Cloud Retainer: Oh? Hmph. They are all like this.
Cloud Retainer: Fine! Since you care not to listen, one shan't be telling you. One shall be going homeward now!
(Cloud Retainer leaves)
Ningguang: Please have a good rest. Come to the Jade Chamber when you have recovered your energy.
Ningguang: We must celebrate both the completion of the Jade Chamber and the fact that Liyue has weathered another crisis. This banquet must be the most spectacular ever.
(If you talk to Keqing in Guyun Stone Forest)
Keqing: The Millelith's casualties are within the range we expected.
Keqing: But on hindsight, there were still flaws with our plan.
Keqing: If we'd had more time, we could have built a barrier here to absorb the impact of the waves.
Keqing: We must learn from this experience and never repeat the same mistakes again... We were fortunate to have your assistance this time. Thank you.

Icon Quest Step.png Step Description

Ningguang would like to hold a banquet at the Jade Chamber. Yun Jin will debut her new opera here as well. Time to enjoy yourself!
(Approach the tables)
Paimon: Wow... Everyone's already seated!
Paimon: It's Paimon's first time attending a banquet in the Jade Chamber! The food here looks amazing!
Ningguang: All of you here are my distinguished guests. I am determined that each of you thoroughly enjoys yourself.
Ningguang: Those who don't drink alcohol, please help yourself to other beverages. Fine wine is a delight to the senses, but it is far from the only one. I trust you will find the marvelous view from the Jade Chamber to be an equally gratifying indulgence.
Yongye: Have you heard? Ms. Yun's going to be performing today.
Zhu Tao: Sure have, honestly, it's the main reason I'm here! I've never missed any of Ms. Yun's performances and I don't intend to start now.
Zhu Tao: I hear she's going to perform "The Divine Damsel of Devastation" today, the one written by her father. I've been so excited that I've barely slept the last few nights.
Shiyu: Hey, look, Ms. Yun is going on stage!
(A cinematic plays)
Cutscene's Travel Log summary:
Yun Jin takes the stage and sings a verse from "The Divine Damsel of Devastation." This time - in contrast to her past performances - she spontaneously adds a few new lines to the end:"From the world she seems apart, but there are those who know her heart." May the divine damsel in the opera never be lonely again, just as the lyrics say.
Yun Jin:
(Translated) Alas!
Two loving souls by death cruelly parted
In madness and grief, a dark path started
Calamity was drawn, rituals subverted
But by her cold steel was death averted
Mortal ties broken, with the adepti she went
Their abiding place filling paternal bonds rent
To her red strings of binding they sent
And they dwelt long together, content
The crane returned to a home without luster
The cobwebs overgrown, the grave-shrouds a-fluster
But one bond upon her
This world could not muster
Thus does the Divine Damsel's tale duly end
But today a new tale I have to append
Which I shall now tell — if you shall attend
From the world she seems apart
But there are those who know her heart
With crimson spear and flashing brand
To still the raging tides they stand
The crane once returned
And once, she was spurned
She turned, and left alone
Now, she might be found
With friends all around
To whom she is bound — a home
(Cinematic ends)
Yun Jin: What did you think? Personally, I thought I sang rather well.
Paimon: It was beautiful! Paimon wants to learn too!
Shenhe: It was wonderful. Also... Thank you.
Yun Jin: You're welcome. Thanks to you, The Divine Damsel of Devastation is a more nuanced tale than ever.
Yun Jin: The play has an ending, but life goes on. I believe you will find a way to fit in in Liyue Harbor.
Shenhe: Thank you. I think I've found the opportunity I needed to change.
Zhu Tao: Ms. Yun... *hic*... Here you are, great to see ya.
Zhu Tao: Huh? Hey, this young lady with the white hair looks like some kind of VIP. Yeah, that's it, like an adeptus.
Zhu Tao: Wait, you're the girl from the opera, aren't you? The "divine damsel" herself! And look who else we have here, the illustrious (Traveler)! Well I'll be... this was definitely worth showing up for.
Zhu Tao: Lemme pull up a chair, alright? We'll all have a friendly chat, get better acquainted...
Shenhe: ...
Shenhe: Alternatively, you could leave us alone. That is, if you'd prefer to finish your drink via the orifice of your own choice...
Paimon: Uh-oh, this feels all too familiar... Shenhe's back to her old self again...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It seems she still has a long way to go.
Zhu Tao: Hey! What are you doing?
Paimon: Calm down, Shenhe. Calm down...
(Talk to Yun Jin again)
Yun Jin: "To act, one must first feel"...
Yun Jin: After our trip to Mt. Tianheng together, I felt much more in touch with the character today. I believe I was able to deliver a more profound performance because of it.
Yun Jin: Next time I have a new opera, may we study the character together again?
(Talk to Shenhe again)
Shenhe: Now that I think about it, I'm glad Master sent me here to deliver the sigils. Otherwise, I wouldn't have had the chance to meet you.
Shenhe: I'm sure I have much to learn from you in the future.
(Talk to Ningguang again)
Ningguang: You've made an exceptional contribution toward the building of the new Jade Chamber.
Ningguang: I will not forget this. I shall be sure to repay your kindness at an appropriate juncture.
(Talk to Yongye again)
Yongye: Drinking and watching opera in the Jade Chamber... a rare and exquisite pleasure.
(Talk to Zhu Tao again)
Zhu Tao: More wine, more wine!
(Talk to Shiyu again)
Shiyu: I wonder when I'll be able to build a Jade Chamber of my own? *sigh* It'll take a lot more wealth than I have now.
Shiyu: But hey, you've gotta dream big. Who knows, if I keep working at it... Maybe one day.


Cutscene Lyrics

The performance of "The Divine Damsel of Devastation" is entirely in Chinese for all voice-over languages. The original transcript is shown below.

Chinese Transcript Pinyin English Transcript
可⸺叹⸺ Kě— tàn— Alas!
秋鸿折单复难双 Qiū hóng zhé dān fù nán shuāng Two loving souls by death cruelly parted
痴人痴怨恨迷狂 Chī rén chī yuàn hèn mí kuáng In madness and grief, a dark path started
只因那邪牲祭伏定祸殃 Zhǐ yīn nà xié shēngjì fú dìng huòyāng Calamity was drawn, rituals subverted
若非巾帼拔剑人皆命丧 Ruòfēi jīn'guó bá jiàn rén jiē mìng sàng But by her cold steel was death averted
凡缘朦朦仙缘滔 Fán yuán méngméng xiānyuán tāo Mortal ties broken, with the adepti she went
天伦散去绛府邀 Tiānlún sànqù jiàngfǔ yāo Their abiding place filling paternal bonds rent
朱丝缚绝烂柯樵 Zhūsī fùjué lànkēqiáo To her red strings of binding they sent
雪泥鸿迹遥 Xuě ní hóng jī yáo And they dwelt long together, content
鹤归不见昔华表 Hè guī bùjiàn xī huábiǎo The crane returned to a home without luster
蛛丝枉结魂幡飘 Zhūsī wǎngjié húnfān piāo The cobwebs overgrown, the grave-shrouds a-fluster
因果红尘渺渺 Yīn'guǒ hóngchén miǎomiǎo But one bond upon her
烟消 Yān xiāo This world could not muster
《神女劈观》到这里本该接近尾声 "Shénnǚ Pīguān" dào zhèlǐ běn gāi jiējìn wěishēng Thus does the Divine Damsel's tale duly end
但今日我再添一笔⸺ Dàn jīnrì wǒ zài tiān yī bǐ— But today a new tale I have to append
唱与⸺诸位⸺听⸺ Chàng yǔ— zhūwèi— tīng— Which I shall now tell — if you shall attend
曲高未必人不识 Qǔ gāo wèibì rén bù shí From the world she seems apart
自有知音和清词 Zì yǒu zhīyīn hè qīngcí But there are those who know her heart
红缨猎猎剑流星 Hóngyīng lièliè jiàn liúxīng With crimson spear and flashing brand
直指怒潮洗海清 Zhízhǐ nùcháo xǐ hǎi qīng To still the raging tides they stand
彼时鹤归 Bǐshí hè guī The crane once returned
茫茫天地无依靠 Mángmáng tiāndì wú yīkào And once, she was spurned
孤身离去 Gūshēn lí qù She turned, and left alone
今日再会 Jīnrì zàihuì Now, she might be found
新朋旧友坐满堂 Xīnpéng jiùyǒu zuò mǎntáng With friends all around
共聚此时 Gòngjù cǐshí To whom she is bound — a home


Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Where the Heart Finds Rest
Cǐxīn ān chù
Where the Heart Finds Rest[• 1]
Cǐxīn ān chù
Japanese 心安らかな処
Kokoro yasurakana sho
Where the Heart Finds Rest[• 1]
Korean 마음이 편한 곳
Ma'eum-i Pyeonhan Got
Where the Heart Feel Comfortable
Spanish Un lugar tranquiloA Peaceful Place
French Où le cœur se reposeWhere the Heart Rests
Russian Где сердцу спокойно
Gde serdtsu spokoyno
Thai ความสงบทางใจ
Peace of the Heart
Vietnamese Nơi Con Tim Bình Yên
German Wo mein Herz mich hinführtWhere My Heart Leads Me
Indonesian Tempat Hati BerlabuhWhere the Heart Rests
Portuguese Onde o Coração Descansa
  1. 1.0 1.1 ZH & JA: 此心安处 is derived from 此心安处是吾乡 "Where the heart finds rest is my hometown," from Dingfengbo — For Mr. Wang Dingguo's Concubine Yuniang Who Just Back from South Sea (定风波 · 南海归赠王定国侍人寓娘), a famous poem written by Su Shi.

Change History

Released in Version 2.4
Version 2.5
  • Fixed a problem whereby Lumine was abnormally displayed as Aether in two frames of the cutscene animation.

Version 2.4

  • Where the Heart Finds Rest was released.