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Where Shadows Writhe is an Event Domain during the Energy Amplifier Initiation Event. The Energy Amplifier is used during this domain.


Ley Line Disorder

A Plasma Field will be generated at the edges of some parts of this domain once the challenge begins. While within the field, characters will be hit by a lightning strike once every 2s and take Electro DMG.

(The field will shrink in later parts of the domain).


  1. Enemies 1
  2. Enemies 2
  3. Enemies 3


Item Mora.png 30,000 Mora

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Where Shadows Writhe
Ànyǐng Chǔndòng zhī Dì
The Place Where Dark Shadows Wriggle[• 1]
Ànyǐng Chǔndòng zhī Dì
Japanese 暗影が蠢く地
An'ei ga Ugomeku Chi
The Place Where Shadows Writhe
Korean 그림자가 꿈틀거리는 땅
Geurimja-ga Kkumteulgeorineun Ttang
The Land Where Shadow Wriggling
Spanish Donde las sombras se revuelven
French Là où les ombres vacillentWhere Shadows Flicker Out
Russian Земля извивающихся теней
Zemlya izvivayushchikhsya teney
Thai ห้วงแห่งเงา
Abyss of Shadow
Vietnamese Khu Bóng Đen Rục Rịch
German Stätte der sich windenden SchattenSite of Contorting Shadows
Indonesian Where Shadows Writhe
Portuguese Agitação das Sombras
  1. ZH: Alternately, 蠢動 chǔndòng can also mean "to create disturbances, to stir up trouble".

Change History

Released in Version 1.5