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When the Wind Dies Down is the seventh part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Prologue: Act III - Song of the Dragon and Freedom.


  1. Talk to Amber
  2. If you destroy a hilichurl barricade:
    1. Destroy the hilichurls' barricades (0/13)
    2. Talk to Otto
  3. Chat to the locals (Cyrus)
  4. Chat to the locals (Nimrod)
  5. Chat to the locals (Grace)
  6. Go to Good Hunter
  7. Take a seat by Amber


One day later...
Amber: You guys are back! The Honorary Knight returns triumphant!
Paimon: Yup, (Traveler)'s back from playing tussling with Dvalin!
Amber: You just returned yesterday, right? Jean got back first, and she told us all about your heroic deeds.
Amber: *sigh* I wonder if I'll ever get an opportunity like that...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png All thanks to your referral.
Amber: That doesn't come into it. You guys deserve all the credit for how you resolved this crisis.
Amber: When I brought you into the city that day, I was just doing my duty as an Outrider.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Trust me, it's not an opportunity you'd want too often...
Amber: You're right, actually. Peace is hard-won, and we shouldn't take it for granted.
Amber: And this time, you're the one we should all the grateful to.
Paimon: You're welcome! ...But, have you been waiting here for us this whole time?
Amber: Of course not! Just because I'm not out on the front line doesn't mean I don't have work to do... In fact, I'm dealing with the aftermath of the crisis as we speak.
Paimon: Aftermath? Here? What happened in Mondstadt?
Amber: While Master Jean was away, the monsters lurking nearby made a coordinated attack on the city.
Amber: Fortunately, we weren't completely taken by surprise. I detected the hilichurls were moving closer to the city a while back.
Paimon: Oh yeah! Paimon remembers. When we first met, you were clearing out one of their camps...
Amber: Exactly. And if we hadn't started making preparations back then, Mondstadt would be in much greater danger by now.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Glad you held them off.
Amber: Me too. But I have a strange feeling that we're not out of the woods yet...
Amber: Hilichurls aren't usually capable of coordinating like this...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Why would the hilichurls do this?
Amber: I know, it's strange. Hilichurls aren't usually capable of coordinating like this...
Amber: Our best bet is that the Abyss Order is behind it.
Paimon: They've taken over the hilichurls? Hmm... Good thing we saved Dvalin, or they might've taken him, to...
Amber: That's right. And since I'm the Outrider, it's up to me to keep eyes on the Abyss Order from now on.
Amber: Ugh, I'm sorry. You should be celebrating your victory, not listening to all this somber talk!
Amber: Hmm... I promised to take you out for some Sticky Honey Roast, didn't I? Before everyone got caught up in the Stormterror crisis.
Amber: There's no time like the present, right? You guys hungry?
Paimon: You bet! You may have forgotten till just now, but it's been on Paimon's mind this whole time!
Amber: Awesome, let's go! It's been way too long since I last ate a Sticky Honey Roast myself.
Amber: Wait for me at Good Hunter. I'll be right there, I just have to clean up here real quick.
(Talk to Amber again before the meeting)
Amber: *sigh* What timing... Not only was Jean away right when the hilichurls attacked, but Kaeya had disappeared, too.
Amber: Luckily, the knights on hand all did an admirable job and we successfully defended the city.
Amber: I guess Kaeya must have had his reasons.
Amber: I mean, it's not like he would've just sat the whole thing out at the Cat's Tail, right? ...Right?

(Talk to Otto if the player helped destroy the barricades)
Otto: Thanks for helping us clean up the battlefield... You really didn't have to, you know...
Otto: This work ethic of yours really puts me to shame.
Otto: I know this paltry sum doesn't begin to pay you back for everything you've done for the Knights, but... for what it's worth, please take it.
(Obtain "Pile 'Em Up" ×3, Adventurer's Experience ×4, Mora ×10,125, Mystic Enhancement Ore ×2, Adventure EXP ×350)

(Talk to Cyrus)
Cyrus: Here we go! This is it!
Cyrus: Crisis! Danger! The thrill of adventure!!
Cyrus: Adventurers' Guild! Finally, our days of rescuing kittens and finding lost puppies are over! The age of adventure is upon us!
Cyrus: Roll up, youngsters, join the Adventurers' Guild today! In this time of great upheaval, we must rally together, take on the dragon, and save our great city of Mondstadt!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Yeah, about that...
Cyrus: ...What!? WHAT!?
Cyrus: The Stormterror threat is resolved? I missed the Acting Grand Master's speech?
Cyrus: ...
Cyrus: ...Bah! Stormterror should have put up more of a fight! We didn't get to join in...
(Talk to Nimrod)
Nimrod: Long live the heroes! Thank you, it's finally all over.
Nimrod: Many trade routes have closed due to the Stormterror incident. We can cope for now without fresh fruit and vegetables... But if the wine supply dries up, we're all doomed!
Nimrod: I cannot imagine a world without wine.
Nimrod: I hope they get the trade routes back up and running soon.
(Talk to Grace)
Grace: So, Stormterror's true identity is Dvalin – one of the Four Winds! We never should've forgotten his past sacrifice for Mondstadt.
Grace: Every cloud has a silver lining – we're fortunate that our relationship with the Dragon of the East didn't sour past the point of no return.
Grace: For that, we have you to thank. And Jean, for her unfailing devotion.
Grace: As long as we have the Knights of Favonius, peace and freedom will prevail in Mondstadt.
(Talk to Guy)
Guy: We're lucky Albedo stayed in the City during the crisis, our defences were all the stronger for it.
Guy: It was a rare privilege to see the Chief Alchemist of the Knights of Favonius in action.
Guy: Makes me wonder whether I should try my hand at Alchemy too...
(Talk to Huffman)
Huffman: I salute you, Honorary Knight!
Huffman: The Acting Grandmaster gave a public address on the Stormterror incident. It was truly inspiring!
Huffman: The truth was... incredible. And to think the Knights nearly approved a plan to slay the dragon. We were too quick to jump to conclusions...
Huffman: Still, it could take a long time for those who suffered to forgive Dvalin. And... who knows if they can forgive him fully.
Huffman: As ever, we must let the wind lead.
(Talk to Otto)
Otto: Now I have to submit a full damage report on the disaster to Lisa.
Otto: There were no casualties, but they still want a record of every scraped knee and broken roof tile for some reason...

(At Good Hunter)
Sara: Greetings, may I take your order?
Kaeya: Why so cold? I've always thought that we enjoy quite the intimate friendship.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Oh hey, I didn't see you there...
Kaeya: Hahaha... It seems your great battle sharpened not only your combat skills but your wit as well. A knight after my own heart.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Ah, the handsome Mr. Kaeya.
Kaeya: Ah, so you do feel something for me. And people say my charm is fake.
Kaeya: To bask in the presence of Mondstadt's new big hero is quite the morale boost. And that's coming from a knight.
Paimon: Sweet-talking sugar-coated Captain Kaeya...
Kaeya: Haha, nonsense! I speak from the heart.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What are you doing here?
Kaeya: Just looking for a quiet spot to collect my thoughts.
Paimon: While all the other knights are working hard to clean up after the battle...
Kaeya: Thinking can be an arduous task, you know. Believe me, I'd much rather be taking out the trash.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What are you plotting this time...
Kaeya: Me? Nothing. On the contrary, I'm trying to work out what others are plotting.
Kaeya: That's why I'm here – somewhere quiet, where I can collect my thoughts.
Paimon: So, whatcha thinkin' about, then?
Kaeya: The Abyss Order.
Kaeya: A dragon wreaks havoc in Mondstadt, and the Acting Grand Master leaves the city to combat the threat. Strategically, that's the perfect moment for the Abyss Order to make their move.
Kaeya: If you were with the Abyss Order, would you squander this golden opportunity by sending in nothing more than a few hilichurls?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You're right, it doesn't add up.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png There must be more to this story.
Kaeya: To get to the bottom of it, I decided to wait. So I waited, and watched for their next move.
Kaeya: Then came the day when you made all hell break loose in Stormterror's Lair, just as hilichurls' cries sounded from the city gates...
Kaeya: The same day, I saw shadowy figures lurking in the city itself.
Paimon: Inside the city!?
Kaeya: Well, all the other knights were outside, fighting the enemy. As you can imagine, that left the inside of the city completely unguarded.
Kaeya: Except for me, of course. And so I approached the Abyss Order infiltrators for a bit of... hmm, let's call it fraternizing.
Kaeya: Through various means, I managed to gather some rather interesting intel.
Kaeya: The situation is this: The Abyss Order... they are united under a single leader.
Paimon: The Abyss Order has a leader?
Kaeya: Yes. And it was this very leader who devised the plot to turn Dvalin into a weapon of war.
Paimon: What exactly did you have to do to find this out!?
Kaeya: Heh... Let's just say I'm blessed with certain linguistic powers.
Kaeya: There's more... The Abyss Order has a name for this leader... They call (her/him) "The (Princess/Prince)."
Icon Dialogue Talk.png (Prince/Princess)...
Kaeya: Now, I'm sorry to cut this intelligence briefing short, but I do believe I spy Amber heading this way...
Kaeya: I think she's still angry with me for my absence from the defense effort during the attack... I'd better slip away before she notices me.
(Kaeya leaves and the Traveler talks to Amber, who just arrives)
Amber: One minute I see Kaeya, the next he's slipped away! Clear sign of a guilty conscience...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png He does a lot behind the scenes...
Amber: Are you sure? Because that sounds like exactly what he'd say to talk himself out of trouble...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I know! What a scoundrel!
Amber: I agree. He sets a terrible example for someone who's Cavalry Captain.
Amber: But let's forget about him. I worked super hard today and my tummy's rumbling. Let's order!
Amber: Hi Sara! One Sticky Honey Roast, please...
(While having a meal with Amber)
Amber: So. Now the Stormterror threat is behind us, what are your plans for the next step?
Paimon: Paimon thinks it's time to leave Mondstadt, and keep looking through the seven nations until we find clues about (his sister/her brother).
Amber: Huh, really? Oh... Well, I guess this is goodbye for now...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I will miss Mondstadt.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I will miss my Favonian family.
Amber: Hey, don't feel down! You'll always be a friend of the Knights of Favonius and our Honorary Knight. Wherever you may go, and wherever the wind may blow.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Let the Wind lead!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'll come back and visit.
Amber: That's the spirit! Remember, Mondstadt will always welcome you.
Amber: Alright, now let's eat before it gets cold!
You enjoyed a relaxing mealtime.
Paimon: Mmm, that was goooood! Note to Paimon, Amber's recommendations are worth the wait!
Amber: Of course! While I don't trust myself in the kitchen, you can always trust me with the menu!
Amber: Oh, I almost forgot to mention...
Amber: Jean's waiting for you at the Cathedral. It's something to do with the Holy Lyre del Himmel... You'd better head there now.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English When the Wind Dies Down
Wěishēng, Fēngtíng zhī Hòu
Epilogue, After the Wind Stops
Wěishēng, Fēngtíng zhī Hòu
Japanese エピローグ、風が止んだ後
Epiroogu, Kaze ga Yanda Ato[!]
Epilogue, After the Wind Stops
Korean 결말, 바람이 멈춘 이후
Spanish Epílogo: La calma después de la tormentaEpilogue: The Calm After the Starm
French AccalmieLull
Russian Эпилог: когда ветер стих
Epilog: kogda veter stikh
Epilogue: When the Wind Died Down
Thai เมื่อสายลมหยุดพัด
When the Wind Stops Blowing
Vietnamese Cái Kết Sau Khi Gió Ngừng Thổi
German Stille nach dem SturmSilence after the Storm
Indonesian Saat Sang Angin BerhentiWhen The Wind Stops
Portuguese Silêncio Após a TempestadeSilence After the Storm

Change History

Released in Version 1.0