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  1. Talk to Katheryne
  2. Talk to Iris


(Talk to Katheryne)
Katheryne: Hello, Traveler. I trust your adventures are going quite smoothly?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Pretty smoothly.
Katheryne: Good. In fact, I have been keeping up with your recent endeavors. I have no doubt that if you continue in this vein, you will become an outstanding adventurer one day.
Katheryne: As for other Guild activities, I have some adventure intel I would like to share with you, if you are interested.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Another commission for me? Let's hear it.
Katheryne: Haha, your tone suggests you are now exceptionally familiar with the way the Guild handles its affairs.
Katheryne: However, this time I do not have a commission for you. Rather, I simply have some adventure intel to share.
Katheryne: It's about Dragonspine, that snowy mountain near Mondstadt.
Katheryne: The Guild has set up a camp and stationed a number of adventurers there.
Katheryne: I have marked the location on your Map. Once you arrive, please look for an adventurer by the name of Iris. She will brief you on the situation in that area.
Katheryne: That's all from me. Happy adventuring, and ad astra abyssosque!
(Talk to Iris)
Icon Dialogue Quest.png About adventuring in Dragonspine...
Iris: If you really want to go into Dragonspine, you must make sure you are fully prepared — do not underestimate the dangers of the mountain.
Iris: Dragonspine is not forgiving towards careless adventures.

Change History

Released in Version 1.5