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What Is This, a Day Trip? is a quest in the second branch of Bennett's Hangout Event Act I: Fantastic Voyage.


  1. Go to the "dandelion meadow"
  2. Talk to Bennett
  3. Accompany Bennett on a walk
  4. Talk to Bennett
  5. Open all the treasure chests (0/5)
  6. Talk to Bennett
  7. Accompany Bennett on a walk


The Adventurer In the Dandelion Sea

(Talk to Bennett)
Bennett: ...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Is this definitely the right place?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It's not quite what I expected...
Bennett: Ah... what happened? It wasn't like this the last time I saw it!
Bennett: The dandelions are all stripped bare of seeds...
Bennett: Was there a wind storm? Or did some strange creature come by...
Bennett: I'm so sorry... bringing you all this way only for you to end up seeing nothing...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You couldn't have predicted this, no need to apologize.
Bennett: Well, that's true... but then again, the unpredictable is to be expected when my luck's involved...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Maybe scout the place out in advance next time. (-1 Heart)
Bennett: You're right, I just got careless. With my poor luck, I should have been extra careful... sorry about that.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It's fine, we still got to go out for a nice walk. (+1 Heart)
Bennett: Really? You're not just saying that because you don't want to hurt my feelings, are you? Heh, you're so nice.
Bennett: Well, there's not much reason to stay here anymore.
Bennett: But, how about we take a walk around the area? Maybe we'll find something interesting.

Reap without sowing...?

(Talk to Bennett after following him to the monster camp)
Bennett: Hey! Do you see that? There's a monster camp up ahead!
Bennett: I can see a whole load of treasure chests with no monsters guarding them!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg That's rare...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It feels a bit off...
Bennett: I was hoping I'd get a chance to flex my muscles a bit! Where did all the monsters go? This is weird.
Bennett: For me, this kind of good fortune is super rare. It must be because you're here, hehe.
Bennett: Let's go check it out! Ooh... I wonder what goodies are hidden in those chests?
(Open the third chest)
Paimon: Why are these chests so empty? It looks like there's nothing good left in them.
(Open the last chest)
Paimon: ...Is that it? What a letdown.
(The chests can only drop 1 Mora, a Radish, or a Cabbage each)
(Talk to Bennett after opening all the chests)
Bennett: Whew... we didn't miss any, right?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg How can this be!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg No wonder there were no monsters guarding them...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I can't believe there was nothing good at all...
Bennett: Hmm? what's the problem?
Bennett: We got so much stuff today! We should be happy... How come you look so down?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Does that mean you usually...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Surely not...
Bennett: Hmm? Chests are always like this, aren't they?
Bennett: A few loose Mora, occasionally a cabbage, maybe a radish or something.
Bennett: A bit of Mora and some ingredients to fill our stomachs, that's good enough for me!
Bennett: The kind of chests you mentioned that have weapons, artifacts, or some other treasure inside...
Bennett: Aren't they super, super rare?
Bennett: I've only seen them in places that are so dangerous you'd have to risk life and limb to get there...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It's because you don't have good luck. (-1 Heart)
Bennett: So that's how it is!? ...Ugh, and I actually thought this was the norm.
Bennett: I can't believe even chests are after me... hmph.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Uh... Yep, you're quite right.
Bennett: Right? So let's not ask for too much.
Bennett: Let's keep walking. Who knows when the monsters might return.
Bennett: Shall we?

Ad Astra...

(Talk to Bennett after the walk)
Bennett: It's so nice here. The breeze is so comforting... Really lifts my mood.
Bennett: I've been adventuring alone for a long time. It feels so nice to have company. Honestly, I miss it a lot, hehe.
Bennett: Oh, uh, not that I'm super lonely or anything. I've got my dads to keep me company when I'm not out adventuring.
Bennett: Actually... did I tell you about my dads already?
Bennett: Back in the day, they were all great adventurers. They've got so many cool stories.
Bennett: They were the ones who rescued me from a perilous place when I was just a baby, and together they raised me.
Bennett: Now they're all old and frail. Some of them can't even walk by themselves anymore. So it's my turn to take care of them.
Bennett: I'd love to take you to meet them sometime. You'd be blown away by some of their stories!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Sounds like there's a lot I can learn. (+1 Heart)
Bennett: Absolutely! I picked up most of my adventure expertise from them. They're incredible!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Isn't that tough on you?
Bennett: No, not really! I mean, I have to be careful to make sure they don't get affected by my bad luck, but apart from that, it's kinda fun taking care of them!
Bennett: By the way, you did bring a wind glider with you today, right?
Bennett: The weather is so nice and the wind speed is perfect. Why don't we take the chance to go for a glide?
(As he says this, the weather changes to a thunderstorm)
...: ...
Bennett: Aww...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What happened to the weather...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Your bad luck is getting ridiculous!
Bennett: Eh-he... sorry, I didn't see this coming... not to this extent, at least.
Bennett: Well, it seems we'd better give up on that idea. Let's go do something else...
Jack: Bennett! So there you are!
Bennett: Hi, Jack! Is something going on? Are you here to see me?
Jack: Some of the older adventurers in the guild are really hurting from their arthritis again... it could be because of the humidity today...
Bennett: You mean my dads? That's too bad. They'll need someone to take care of them.
Jack: Well, you're the one who usually looks after them, right? They're all asking for you!
Bennett: Okay, I'll be right over!
Bennett: O—Oh, wait...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It's okay, this is important.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'll see you the next time we get a chance.
Bennett: Yeah, thanks for understanding. Though, I feel pretty bad leaving you here...
Jack: We'd better hurry back. They're all waiting for you.
Bennett: Okay... okay, sure. Well... I have to go now. Let me treat you to something next time... bye...

Ending: Hasty Farewell

Aether Lumine
Hangout Bennett Act 1 Hasty Farewell (Aether).png Hangout Bennett Act 1 Hasty Farewell (Lumine).png

That is a misfortune of great enough magnitude to change even the weather.

(After the Hangout ends)
Paimon: How come the weather suddenly brightened up the second Bennett left?


Change History

Released in Version 1.4