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Weird Statue, referred to as Field Tiller after completing We Will Be Reunited, is an object resembling an inactive Ruin Guard located in Mondstadt, on the upper deck of the central tower of Stormterror's Lair. It was revealed in the quest A Soul Set Apart as the Ruin Guard prototype.


"The land is not to be tilled with farming tools, but rather to be fought for with steel and blood." —This is how the "Field Tiller" came about.

Field Tiller was a codename given to the Ruin Guard machines. The very first Field Tiller created once got into a fight with Lupus Boreas. It was badly damaged and fled to Old Mondstadt (Stormterror's Lair). Barbara mentions the incident called the Tyrant's Final Fury during which whenever somebody approached Old Mondstadt, "fireballs" would rain down from the sky. Those fireballs were actually missiles launched by the first Field Tiller. This phenomenon lasted for around a year, before it stopped, and the first Field Tiller shut down.[1]

All of the Ruin Guards today are just replicas of this machine. As the prototype, its combat capability was unrestricted.

Dainsleif, A Soul Set Apart

The Abyss Order had a plan to place the eye of the first field tiller in the Defiled Statue to create a mechanized god. When the Traveler tries to use Elemental Sight to extract the eye of the first field tiller, it does not work. Dainsleif explains that is because the field tiller is not powered by Elemental energy. Dainsleif then uses his own power to extract the eye and vows to protect it himself to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.[2]


(Before completing We Will Be Reunited)

Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Weird Statue

Weird Statue: ...
(After completing We Will Be Reunited)

Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Field Tiller

Field Tiller: ...


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