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Weight is the measurement of the force of gravity on an entity (character or enemy). It is an attribute that affects Interruption Resistance and how entities are pulled by Vacuum Fields.

For example, the heavier the entity, the harder it is for them to be displaced in general.

Physical Definition

In classical Newtonian physics, weight is defined as

where m is the mass of the object and g is the acceleration of gravity. The unit of measurement for weight is the Newton (), which is also used to measure force.


Real Weight

Weight is a hidden attribute related to some physics systems in Genshin Impact.

Weight can be effected by special abilities, such as some enemies will add their weight when they have elemental shields.

Character Weight

The weight of all characters is 75.

Enemy Weight

Common Enemies

Enemy Weight
Slimes 60
Large Slimes 100
Specters 80
Whopperflowers 60
Floating Fungi 75
Cicins 60
Hilichurls 75
Samachurls 75
Unusual Hilichurl Unusual Hilichurl 75
Fatui Skirmishers Bracer 80
Fatui Skirmishers Legionnaire 150
Fatui Skirmisher - Anemoboxer Vanguard Fatui Skirmisher - Anemoboxer Vanguard 120
Fatui Skirmisher - Electrohammer Vanguard Fatui Skirmisher - Electrohammer Vanguard 120
Treasure Hoarders Thin Men[1] 80
Treasure Hoarders Strong Men[1] 100
Treasure Hoarders Fat Men[1] 100
Treasure Hoarders: Marksman Treasure Hoarders: Marksman 75
Nobushi 110
Kairagi 150
  • [1]Treasure Hoarders Thin Men: Scout, Potioneers.
  • Treasure Hoarders Strong Men: Pugilist, Crusher.
  • Treasure Hoarders Fat Men: Handyman, Seaman, Gravedigger.

Elite Enemies

Enemy Weight
Mitachurls 150
Lawachurls 150
Abyss Mages 75
Abyss Heralds 150
Abyss Lectors 150
Rifthounds 150
Rifthound Whelps 100
Shadowy Husks 110
Black Serpent Knight: Windcutter Black Serpent Knight: Windcutter 150
Humanoid Ruin Machines 300
Ruin Sentinels 300
Fatui Pyro Agent Fatui Pyro Agent 80
Fatui Cicin Mages 75
Mirror Maiden Mirror Maiden 80
Geovishap Hatchling Geovishap Hatchling 150
Geovishap Geovishap 150
Bathysmal Vishaps 150
Bathysmal Vishap Hatchlings 150
Eye of the Storm Eye of the Storm 150
The Great Snowboar King The Great Snowboar King 10000

Normal Bosses

Enemy Weight
Hypostases 300
Perpetual Mechanical Array Perpetual Mechanical Array 300
Regisvines 300
Rhodeia of Loch Rhodeia of Loch 150
Hydro Mimics 150
Thunder Manifestation Thunder Manifestation 150
Primo Geovishap Primo Geovishap 300
Maguu Kenki Maguu Kenki 99999
Dual Maguu Kenki 600
Golden Wolflord Golden Wolflord 1000
Coral Defenders Coral Defenders 250
Ruin Serpent Ruin Serpent 1000

Weekly Bosses

Enemy Weight
Andrius Andrius 20000
Dvalin Dvalin 20000
Childe Childe (Phase 1 and 2) 150
Childe Childe (Phase 3) 20000
Azhdaha Azhdaha 20000
La Signora La Signora (Phase 1) 150
La Signora La Signora (Phase 2) 20000
Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto (Phase 1) 150
Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto (Phase 2) 450

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Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 2.1

Version 1.0

  • Weight was released.