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Weather is an exploration mechanic in Teyvat. While exploring the world, the weather can shift. Depending on the new weather conditions, special properties will be applied to the environment, to your characters, and to opponents.


Areas with Special Environment climates are perpetually affected by a particular weather condition. Areas with unique environmental shifts are not necessarily considered Special Environments, but have properties that may override weather conditions; see the Unique Environmental Shifts section for more information.

For player convenience, major cities (the City of Mondstadt, etc.) are usually always sunny/clear unless there is a story circumstance that temporarily changes the weather, such as in the Archon Quest Dragon Storm. (This is not an in-universe phenomenon.)[1]

When the weather changes or when the player enters an area with different weather conditions from the area they were previously in, the active character's corresponding voice-over line will play if applicable.

Regular Weather Conditions


Default state for most areas. It has no special properties.


  • Characters and opponents get Wet.
  • Some fires such as campfires and torches are doused.
  • Dendro objects such as grass cannot be burned during rain.
  • In extremely rare circumstances, a double rainbow may appear during or after rain.


Special Weather Conditions

The following weather conditions are found in Special Environment areas.


Snowy weather is only encountered in Subzero Climate, which currently affects only Dragonspine.

While in snowy areas, Sheer Cold will accumulate.


Snowstorms are only encountered in Subzero Climate, which currently affects only Dragonspine.

The base Sheer Cold accumulation rate is 2.5× higher. Goulash also has no effect during Snowstorms; it is unknown whether this is a bug or a feature.


Fog is a temporary phenomena that reduces visibility. It appears in Golden Apple Archipelago. Sailing too far into the fog while on the Waverider will cause one to respawn at the last activated Glimmering Beacon. Once all the Teleport Waypoints are activated, the fog disappears.

Fog also appears in Tsurumi Island. Players who venture too far or for too long into the fog will be teleported away. Once the Through the Mists quest series is completed, the fog will be lifted.

Unique Environmental Shifts

"Unique environmental shifts" (unofficial term) refers to observable phenomena during which the environment, and usually the sky in particular, abruptly changes within a few seconds upon entering the vicinity of a certain area. These effects dispel upon reaching a certain distance from the area or by completing certain actions, although the range required to dispel the effect is typically wider than the area in which the effect is applied. (For example, the gray sky at Cuijue Slope is applied upon entering the vicinity of the Nine Pillars. However, from the Nine Pillars, one has to move further away from the area before the sky will begin returning to normal.)

Most areas with unique environmental shifts do not distinguish between daytime and nighttime. Sometimes, they will apply a Special Environment climate or will otherwise override regular weather conditions (for example, Andrius' arena will never experience rain while the shift is in place, even if it is raining in Wolvendom). In some cases, particularly when there is no observable difference between daytime and nighttime, the moon is not visible.


Location Appearance Day/Night Overrides Weather? Moon Visible? Notes
Dragonspine Snowy Considered a Special Environment (see Snowy and Snowstorm sections above).
Nameless Island ? ? ? ?
Wolf of the North Challenge arena Blue haze, blue particles floating in air Also dispels upon defeating Andrius.


Location Appearance Day/Night Overrides Weather? Moon Visible? Notes
Cuijue Slope Gray, cloudy skies ? Entering the building removes the sky effect; effect returns as you approach the entrance.
Rhodeia of Loch arena Gray cloudy sky, constant rain, teal ground effect From the nearby Teleport Waypoiint, activates upon reaching the water leading to the arena. Dispels upon reaching the torch past the waypoint. Also dispels after defeating Rhodeia of Loch.
Wuwang Hill ? ?
Eastern Yaoguang Shoal Gray haze Thick fog that will appear and reappear over time. Takes effect after entering Yaoguang Shoal via the middle of the beach through the rocky underpass towards the north. (Verification needed.) Also dispels after reaching the rocky underpass to the north.


Location Appearance Day/Night Overrides Weather? Moon Visible? Notes
Chinju Forest ? ? ? ?
Hakushin Lands
(Base of Mt. Yougou)
Blue haze ? ? Area is enveloped by purple haze from above, not visible while inside the area. (Need to check if sky effect is applied at a certain height, or if it applies at all altitudes.)
Mikage Furnace Sky is overcast and tinted a purplish pink ? ? Covers a little more area than the area affected by Balethunder
Tatarasuna Skies are blanketed by storm clouds, foggy and misty ground
Seirai Island except Asase Shrine Skies are very dark and overcast with a purple tint; there is a bright orange light at the south horizon ?
Asase Shrine at night Skies are a medium blue similar to daytime or Chinju Forest; blue fog hinders long-range visibility (not present during the day) N/A ?
Thunder Manifestation arena Extremely dark skies below the bright vortex above the area
Ocean around Seirai Island (close enough to see true vortex model) Foggy; skies are a dark, solid gray ?
Ocean around Seirai Island (far enough to see the "from afar" vortex model) Foggy; skies are cloudy ?


Location Region Appearance Day/Night Overrides Weather? Moon Visible? Notes
Maguu Kenki arena Golden Apple Archipelago ? ? ? Dispels after defeating Maguu Kenki
Same visual effects and music as Sea Fog but is technically not the climate.
Islands north of Broken Isle Golden Apple Archipelago ? ? ? ? Dispels after completing Who Wields the Wild Wind?
Same visual effects and music as Sea Fog but is technically not the climate.


  • As of Version 1.5, when the weather changes (excluding fog), the active character in your party will immediately say their voiceline that corresponds to the new weather if it is available. This happens regardless of whether or not the weather change is due to teleporting or otherwise moving to a new area.
  • When changing the time via the Paimon Menu within an area with a unique environmental shift where daytime and nighttime cannot be distinguished, the camera will not pan to the sky. When shifting between daytime and nighttime hours, there may be a momentary change in the sky color before returning to normal.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 2.2
  • Reduced the camera shake caused by storms and lightning in the open world and optimizes the gaming experience when thunderstorms are in high frequency.

Version 2.0

  • Characters' "When Thunder Strikes" lines play in the open world.

Version 1.5

  • Characters' weather voicelines play in the open world when the weather changes. Exceptions are the "When Thunder Strikes" (temporarily removed due to a bug), "When the Wind Blows," and "When It's Windy" (no conditions found for the latter two).

Version 1.2

  • Snowy weather and snowstorms were added with the release of Dragonspine.
  • Lightning strikes were added to thunderstorms.

Version 1.0

  • Different Weather conditions were available since the game launched.


  1. Archon Quest Chapter I, Act III: The Fond Farewell
    Zhongli: Until one drizzly day, as I was strolling along the harbor [...]