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We Will Be Reunited is the fourth act in Chapter I of the Archon Quests. It was released in Version 1.4 on April 12, 2021.


  1. Involuntary Sacrifice
  2. A Herald Without Adherents
  3. Dishonorable Trial
  4. A Soul Set Apart


Involuntary Sacrifice

After their brief travel with Dainsleif, the Traveler and Paimon head to the Adventurers' Guild Liyue branch, where they find Ganyu and Lan. Ganyu explains that the Treasure Hoarders are attempting a heist on the Abyss Order and came to the Guild to post a commission as the Qixing are too busy, so the Traveler accepts it.

Heading to the ruins, they make their way inside and find an Defiled Statue of Barbatos hanging upside down, along with the deceased Grand Thief. The area starts shaking soon after, causing Paimon to panic and tell the Traveler to flee. As they near the end, an Abyss Herald intercepts them. After a brief scuffle, the Herald teleports away.

A Herald Without Adherents

Outside the ruins, they find Dainsleif, who is surprised to see them. The Traveler then tells him about the inverted statue and the deceased thief. Dainsleif had never heard of an inverted statue before, but due to the Traveler's description of it, knows that it is tied to the Abyss Order in some way. He then proposes to catch up to the Abyss Order, so they find several groups around Jueyun Karst. After defeating them, Dainsleif begins talking about Khaenri'ah, upon which part of the Traveler's memory regarding the fallen nation returns.

Dainsleif talks more about Khaenri'ah, explaining that it was a nation without gods; not because they were killed, or that they abandoned it, but because it never had one in the first place; human civilization flourished at a very advanced pace; but around five centuries ago, that nation was destroyed by gods. Dainsleif reveals that the Ruin Guards are just the modern names: they were originally called Field Tillers, powerful mortal weapons, and after the destruction of Khaenri'ah they wandered aimlessly spreading throughout all of Teyvat.

After defeating more Abyss Mages, they find a talisman, which Dainsleif begins to translate. It is revealed that the first phase of the Abyss Order's plan is about Osial, who the Traveler had fought along with the Liyue Qixing and the adepti a while ago. The Abyss Order is planning to attach Osial's limbs to the Defiled Statue, and use the eye of the first Field Tiller in place of the orb that the Statues of The Seven normally hold, to construct a mechanized god.

Dishonorable Trial

The Traveler then suggests heading to the Favonius Cathedral to get some information. Dainsleif agrees, but reminds the Traveler not to speak of the missing statue, and he waits outside. Inside, the Traveler finds Barbara, who tells them that they did indeed have one of their statues missing. She also tells them about the "Tyrant's Final Fury", a strange phenomenon in that people who approached Old Mondstadt were attacked by missiles for about a year before they stopped.

Rosaria then comes in and informs the pair that the Abyss Order is attacking Wolvendom. The Traveler informs Dainsleif of this and they make their way there, where he insists they find Boreas and ask for more information. Arriving at the site where they first met Boreas, they find the Herald once more subjecting him to a corrupting ritual. The Traveler interrupts the ritual and the Herald flees once more.

Boreas and Razor thank them for the timely rescue. The Traveler then asks Boreas about the Field Tiller. Boreas is not interested in the name, but does tell them that a strange machine entered his territory long ago. Taking the intruder as a challenge, he fought and damaged the machine, which fled the area soon after.

A Soul Set Apart

The Traveler and Paimon return to Dainsleif and inform them of Boreas' account. With his and Barbara's information, they conclude that the Field Tiller is the machine tied to the Tyrant's Final Fury. Paimon then realizes that it must be the Weird Statue in Stormterror's Lair.

Arriving at the domed building, they find the Field Tiller and Dainsleif concludes that it is the one the Abyss Order is seeking. Using his own methods, he extracts its eye out and takes custody of it. To ensure that the Abyss Order cannot restart their plan, he also suggests to destroy the Defiled Statue.

Returning to the ruins once more, Dainsleif senses the Herald, who attacks them with some mages. As the Herald clashes with the Traveler, it realizes that they are too strong and tries to flee in another portal, but is stopped by Dainsleif, who uses magic to put it into a chokehold. However, he is stopped by a shockwave from someone's sword.

When the smoke clears out, the Traveler is shocked because the person who interrupted the attack is none other than their sibling. The sibling asks the Traveler why they are with Dainsleif; surprisingly enough, Dainsleif also knows them. The sibling reveals that Dainsleif is the Twilight Sword, one of the royal guards from Khaenri'ah, and he had failed to protect it, being laid upon a curse of immortality and forced to watch his people turn into monsters.

Although the Traveler insists that the sibling go home with them together, the sibling refuses because they have to fulfill the goal of the Abyss Order, or their war with destiny will not end. They tell them that they will see the truth about the world in their travels, which they had already done. As the Herald conjures a portal, the sibling leaves alongside them. Dainsleif dashes into the portal, with the Traveler trying to follow suit, but it closes on them before they could enter, leaving them depressed.

As they try to not be depressed about the events, Paimon cheers them back up, telling them that they have some useful information and that they need to keep in mind about Dainsleif as they prepare to go for Inazuma. They recount the events happened so far, and Paimon tells the Traveler to prove their sibling what they're made of and the resolve to travel around Teyvat to discover the truth.


Change History

Released in Version 1.4
Version 2.0
  • "Bough Keeper: Dainsleif" and "We Will Be Reunited" unlock criteria were lowered to AR 28 or above.

Version 1.4

  • "We Will Be Reunited" was released with unlock criteria of AR 36 or above.

Version 1.3

  • Prelude: "Bough Keeper: Dainsleif" was released with unlock criteria of AR 36 or above.