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The Waverider is a boat mechanic that players can use to traverse over water. It was introduced in the Golden Apple Archipelago and can be used in Inazuma.


While riding it, the player can use two types of weapons: the Swiftstrike and Heavy Cannons. The Swiftstrike, which is used like a Normal Attack, is a quick tap with a 1-second cooldown. The Heavy Cannon, which is used like an Elemental Skill, launches a bomb that explodes dealing AoE damage. It has a 15-second cooldown. Both attacks can be used to damage enemies and take down certain submerged Hilichurl Structures.

The player can also speed up the boat to consume an amount of engine stamina. Its stamina is independent of the player's stamina. Stamina regeneration is also independent; the Waverider's stamina will continue to regenerate even when the player is not riding it, and the player's stamina will continue to regenerate while riding the Waverider. If the stamina is fully depleted, it will not cause death; the Waverider can continue to move at a normal speed, similar to what happens when the player runs out of stamina while sprinting on land.

The Waverider will have a certain level and amount of HP (e.g. Lv. 90 with 42821 HP). Using the Waverider Repair Toolbox gadget will restore 50% of its HP. If the Waverider reaches 0 HP, the player will be ejected from it. The player can also self-eject by holding the spacebar.

Ejecting from the Waverider will cause the player to shoot into the sky while gliding.

While sailing, if one steers too far off course into the fog, they will automatically return to the last activated Glimmering Beacon.

There are multiple achievements related to the Waverider.


Tutorial Adventure The Mystical Waverider... 1.png The Waverider is a very mysterious waterborne vehicle that can be summoned to its skipper's side using a Waverider Waypoint. Get close to the Waverider to board and set sail.
You can summon it from a Waverider Waypoint at any time, but one person can only own one Waverider.
Tutorial Adventure The Mystical Waverider... 2.png Waveriders can Accelerate to increase their speed.
Waveriders are also armed with two different weapons: the Swiftstrike and Heavy Cannons. The Heavy Cannon has more firepower, but goes on cooldown after being fired.
Tutorial Adventure The Mystical Waverider... 3.png Hold the Jump button to stop sailing and leave the Waverider.
After leaving your Waverider, you can get close to it again to start sailing or use a Waverider Waypoint to summon it to your side once more.


  • The achievement for when your Waverider gets destroyed is called "...And Her Name Is the Mary Celeste." This is a reference to the real life Mary Celeste, a merchant ship that was found abandoned near the Azores Islands in 1872.
  • The Waverider cannot be brought to Liyue or Mondstadt. Attempting to do so will teleport the player back to Inazuma.

Change History

Released in Version 1.6
Version 2.0
  • Waverider's stamina is now independent of that of the character's, and Stamina Regeneration is also calculated separately for each.

Version 1.6

  • Waveriders were released.