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Water Imp's Conjecture is the first part of the Thelxie's Fantastic Adventures event.



Water Imp's Conjecture

The Traveler and Paimon accepted a commission request to help someone from the Fontaine Fishing Associaion, Delaroche. Arriving there, Delaroche seems worried. She explains that the fishes in Erinnyes all mysteriously vanished recently she wants the Traveler and Paimon to investigate the situation. She also warns them about the local fairytales of Water Imps and she believes that the fishes are all eaten by a Water Imp called Thelxie who took an appearance of a snake-haired woman or a penguin. There are also rumors about a child who walked into the water and went missing because Thelxie's voice luring them. Delaroche warns them to be careful during their investigation.

Arriving in the waters near Erinnyes Forest, the Traveler and Paimon see footsteps nearby. Freminet emerges from the water all of a sudden in his diving helmet, surprising them. Freminet tells them that he is also on a special commission to create a mechanical penguin, who is also called "Thelxie". They tell Freminet about their investigation and after connecting the dots, the "penguin" from the rumors is Freminet's Thelxie who he brought for underwater testing everyday for some time and the fish will be back after he is done with the commission. He also believes the child in the rumors is most likely him getting into the water to dive. The Traveler and Paimon offer to help him with his commission and he brings them to his temporary camp. At the camp, he introduces them to Thelxie who only responds to simple commands and reacts to some keywords as he has no language output module. Freminet invites them to test Thelxie's motherboard. After debugging the motherboard, Freminet takes them to the waters to get colorful shells and coral for Thelxie's weapon.

After returning to the camp, Freminet's employer Zuria Destree is waiting for him and he introduces the Traveler and Paimon as his trustworthy companions to help him with Thelxie. Zuria shares the reason she's commissioning Thelxie is because her son is obsessed with the Water Imps instead of fearing it. Her son believes they are just misunderstood and longing for companions, because of it he would come near the water in secret to make friends with them and crafted a detailed fantasy world of them. Her son is also diagnosed with Loneliness Syndrome when he was 8 years old. Because it is a rare disease, not much can be done and the inflicted will no longer able to differentiate between fantasy and reality. The doctors suggested Zuria to "guide" his fantasy, which is why Zuria is commissioning Freminet and she is also creating a picture book of Thelxie's story. Zuria invites them to go to "Water Imp Kingdom", an underwater ruin in Salacia Plain, an pretend as if they are inside Thelxie's fairytale story. Zuria tells them to meet again in two days.

After Zuria left, Freminet warns them to mentally prepare for Zuria's sake. Freminet takes this seriously because he had seen many cases of it during his stay in House of the Hearth under the previous director. In the worst case, the patient could pass away. Freminet offers them to back out now if they cannot handle that possibility, which they quickly refuse and they are ready to help Zuria and her son. They all plan out for the adventure and shares his own made-up fairytale world of Pers, who came from Penguin Town. Freminet then leaves to get more supplies and reminds them to meet again in two days.


No.Soundtrack NameAlbumPlayed In
29Rainbow CradlesongPelagic PrimaevalityWater Imp's Conjecture (Quest), Miraculous Crown (Quest)

Other Languages[]

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishWater Imp's Conjecture
Suiyou no Suisatsu
Korean 님프 조사
Mul Nimpeu Josa
SpanishLa conjetura del nixieThe Nixie's Conjecture
FrenchConjecture des DiableautinsWater Imp's Conjecture[• 1]
RussianДогадка о водяном
Dogadka o vodyanom
Vodyanoy's Conjecture
VietnameseSuy Đoán Về Thủy YêuWater Imp's Conjecture
GermanExistenz eines Wasser-Unholds
IndonesianMenerka Sosok Siluman AirGuessing the Figure of the Water Spirit
PortugueseConjectura da SereiaMermaid's Conjecture
TurkishSu İfriti Şüphesi
ItalianLa congettura del folletto dell'acquaThe Water Imp's Conjecture
  1. French: Diableautin is a wordplay between diablotin "imp, little devil" and eau "water."

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