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Plants and trees grow densely over Watatsumi Island. Their color is distinct from those in other islands.

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Watatsumi Island (Japanese: 海祇わたつみじま Watatsumi-jima) is one of the islands of Inazuma. Among these islands, it is located the farthest and on the opposite end of Narukami Island. It is known for its dense foliage in breathtaking colors which are distinct from plants found elsewhere.


Name Description Image
Sangonomiya Shrine A shrine located at the center of Watatsumi Island. Watatsumi Island Sangonomiya Shrine.png
Suigetsu Pool Located in the northeastern part of Watatsumi Island. Suigetsu Pool.png
Bourou Village A small village located in the southern part of Watatsumi Island. It served as the camp where soldiers were trained during the Watatsumi Army's fight against the Shogunate. Bourou Village.png
Mouun Shrine An abandoned shrine in the western part of Watatsumi Island. Mouun Shrine.png

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Watatsumi Island got its name from the phrase "the god of the oceans" from Watatsumi's ancient language.[1] It was created by Orobashi after the Archon War.[2] The giant corals found at the island were coral branches that were broken off from Orobashi's body. These corals were later used as a ladder by the people of Enkanomiya to rise to the surface.[3] The people of Enkanomiya became the ancestors of the people of Watatsumi. Under the leadership of the Sangonomiya Clan, they worship the Watatsumi Omikami (Japanese: 海祇大御神) instead of the Raiden Shogun.[4]

The Sangonomiya Shrine is located at the center of this island, surrounded by a canopy of mountains and waterfalls. The distance from the capital city has allowed the residents of this island to develop its own unique culture and customs, and as such, many Inazumans outside of this island are well aware of the poor relationship they have with the Shogun and her government — there was a brutal war between the two long ago, but eventually ended with the Sangonomiya Clan pursuing peace.

As a result, the Vision Hunt Decree has driven hostility between the Sangonomiya Clan and the followers of the Raiden Shogun, particularly the Tenryou Commission, to an all-time high, and the Watatsumi Army has risen up in opposition to the decree.[4] Following the abolishment of the Vision Hunt Decree, negotiations are underway to reconnect Watatsumi with the rest of Inazuma under the Shogunate's rule.

Holy Soil

According to legends, the depths of Enkanomiya attempts to absorb the spirit of Watatsumi Island, which causes the soil to bleach and erode, and, if left unchecked, will turn the island into a desert. To prevent this, a ritual called the Watatsumi Mitama Omatsuri is conducted regularly. A Jade Coral Branch from Enkanomiya is required to conduct the ritual. After the events of the Three Realms Gateway Offering, Kokomi decides to find a new way to counteract the Holy Soil phenomenon as to no longer disturb the vishaps.


There is an old Enkanomiya prophecy that foretells the rebirth of the Dragon of Water in human form.[5]


  • In Japanese mythology, Watatsumi (Japanese: 海神わたつみ), or sometimes Wadatsumi, is the name of the tutelary deity (kami) of the sea, often equated with the dragon god Ryuujin. In some cases, the term may be used to refer to the sea itself.
  • Sangonomiya Shrine may be inspired by Ryuuguu-jou, the undersea palace of Ryuujin in Japanese folklore. One of the other names of Ryuuguu is "Watatsumi Palace" (Japanese: わたつみのみや Watatsumi no Miya).[6]



No. Soundtrack Name Album Played In
04 A Tranquil Town Islands of the Lost and Forgotten Watatsumi Island
02 Illuminated Coral Palace Islands of the Lost and Forgotten Watatsumi Island
06 In a Harmonious Atmosphere Islands of the Lost and Forgotten Watatsumi Island, Silken Courtyard (Day)
01 Island of Crystal and Pearl Islands of the Lost and Forgotten Watatsumi Island
03 Peaceful Wishes Islands of the Lost and Forgotten Watatsumi Island
07 Stories Untold Islands of the Lost and Forgotten Watatsumi Island
05 Stroll Along the Beach Islands of the Lost and Forgotten Watatsumi Island
08 What Now Remains Islands of the Lost and Forgotten Watatsumi Island

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Watatsumi Island
Chinese reading of Japanese name
Japanese 海祇わたつみじま
Sea God Island
Korean 와타츠미섬
Watatsumi Island
Spanish Isla WatatsumiWatatsumi Island
French Île de WatatsumiWatatsumi Island
Russian Ватацуми
Thai เกาะ Watatsumi
Ko Watatsumi
Watatsumi Island
Vietnamese Đảo WatatsumiWatatsumi Island
German Watatsumi
Indonesian Watatsumi Island
Portuguese Ilha WatatsumiWatatsumi Island

Change History

Released in Version 2.1


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