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This is the Wangshu Inn Bulletin Board, providing notices of all recent happenings big and small. If guests have any suggestions, requests, or other thoughts, please feel free to post them here as well.

The Wangshu Inn Bulletin Board is located at the base of the Wangshu Inn. Here guests can read and post suggestions, request or thoughts for anything that is local or important. But occasionally, a customer will post a tangential topic...


About the Crane...

Inn Notice: We have assigned a guard to the crane at the inn dock. Do not idle by the crane and do not allow children to play near it. Thank you for your cooperation!

About Dusky Ming...

Inn Notice: Recently, someone has been picking through the food in the kitchen at night and making strange sounds. We ask that guests please conduct themselves with dignity and stop sneaking into the kitchen after dark — this kind of behavior is not welcome! — Smiley Yanxiao
Guest Message: "When I went upstairs last night to get some fresh air, I saw a young girl come out from the kitchen. Who's kid could it be?"

About Smiley Yanxiao...

Guest Message: "There's an old saying in Liyue Harbor: 'The cooking mirrors the cook.' Smiley Yanxiao, however, doesn't fit this adage. The man's boorish appearance doesn't match the exquisite flavor of the dishes he creates. Who knows what kind of stories he may have?"
Reply: If you like, please leave your name. This way we can act as a go-between and introduce guests to each other.

About Xiao...

Guest Message: "I sometimes catch a glimpse of a youth standing on top floor, but I've never seen this person before around the inn. Could it be my imagination?"
Reply: Our inn is situated in the Dihua Marsh, a region of mist and mysticism. What's strange about seeing a good omen here? We thank guests for their understanding.

Almond Tofu

Inn Notice: Our inn's signature dish is Almond Tofu, which has a delightful sweetness and savory aftertaste. It is like a cool summer wind or refreshing mountain stream on the tip of your tongue. Every guest should try it!
Guest Message: "After a long day of hard work, I prefer food with a bit more oil and salt. Does your inn have any cuisine with a stronger flavor?"

Chongyun's Message

Guest Message: "My lack of caution in eating heaty foods led to my quite public buffoonery. I write this note to apologize to everyone, and I am willing to pay for all damages caused. —Chongyun"
Reply: Don't be so formal, young lad! Your swordsman friend already paid for the damages. In fact, everyone was impressed by the skill displayed when you leaped onto the table and danced with greatsword in hand. We all eagerly await your next performance.

From the... Morn Winery? (Landa's Message)

Inn Notice: Morn Winery has recently added new batches of high-quality dandelion wine, red wine, apple cider, and more to our cellar. Come by and enjoy a vintage wine!
Guest Message: "The people of Liyue don't understand wine at all. Can't even get the name of the famous 'Dawn Winery' right."

Ganyu's Message

Guest Message: "Of course on my rare half-day off from work I again end up at the Wangshu Inn, sipping Morning Dew and enjoying some Qingxin."
Guest Message: "I wish every day I had the opportunity to enjoy this bit of peaceful escape, with no need to worry about official work and get buried in the never-ending routine of worldly affairs."
Guest Message: "But when I think of how my hard work can help realize the will of Rex Lapis, these fleeting feelings of anguish disappear."
Guest Message: "Sorry for using this Bulletin to just complain about life, please do not take offense."
Reply: No worries. The Inn's Bulletin Board is for everyone to write whatever they please. I must remark that the young madam's tastes are similar to that of adepti, indicating you are certainly a figure of no ordinary status — we are honored to have your patronage.

Great Merchant Huang's Message

Guest Message: "I'll be off to Qingce Village in a few days to tap into a new market! May the adepti protect me on my journey!"
Reply: May your adventure start early this month.

The Prince

Guest Message: "Strange... Yesterday I caught sight of a prince from a faraway land checking, in, but this morning he was already gone and his room empty."
Guest Message: "I wanted to make friends with him, seeing his impressive appearance, but, didn't expect him to leave in such a rush... what a pity!"
Reply: Don't fret! Before he left, the prince said he had booked a room in the city at the Baiju Guesthouse. You can go to Liyue Harbor to look for him.

Secret Admirer

Guest Message: "Today in the mountains I ran into a child I have admired for a long time. But alas, I could not approach her, my heart filled with anxiety and unease."
Guest Message: "It's common to become obsessed with the apple of one's eye... pampering them, worrying about them, and thinking about their well-being."
Guest Message: "That child was destined to wander far from home, her body giving off an aura not belonging to this world. I wanted to force myself by her side, but this would surely only lead to disappointment..."
Guest Message: "Thus I suppressed this urge and kept at a distance as I followed her across mountains and fields. I kept watch out of concern that something may happen to her, and quietly helped make paths for her through rough terrain..."
Guest Message: "However, each time I see her with someone else I become very angry... How can I continue to allow this kind of betrayal?"
Reply: "Dearest guest, please relax. Our inn has some top-notch teas that can dispel your worries. This kind of matter should not be rushed, so take it easy and do what makes you happy."

The Starsnatcher

Guest Message: "Starsnatcher bounds across the heavens! When the sun and moon perish, the Celestial Lord will rule supreme!"
Reply: We ask guests to refrain from posting strange slogans or incomprehensible advertisements. Thank you for your cooperation.

Tia's Message

Guest Message: "Wei coughed up a furball again... Gross!"
Reply: "Tia, don't post things like this on the Bulletin Board."

To Verr Goldet...

Guest Message: "Dear wife of the innkeeper, may I ask your name? Isn't it lonely to come live here so far from Mondstadt? May you join me under the moonlight for a chat?"
Reply: Sorry to disappoint you, but it's more apt to say that my wife is the innkeeper here. She has already asked me to gaze at the moon and stars together with her tonight, and she is not one to share. Please do not take offense.

Xiling's Message

Sailor's Message: "My sister and I haven't seen each other for many years. She has become a famous captain, while I am still but a mediocre deckhand living a humdrum life... When we meet each other again, I wonder if she will still treat me as she did before?"
Reply: Life is unpredictable. If you two meet again and greet each other warmly like nothing has changed, then this would certainly be a joyous occasion. But if you are disappointed, then just accept this as one's lot in life. It's nothing to lament or cry about. Relax...

Yaoyao's Message

Guest Message: "Can the owner please refrain from putting chili peppers in Ganyu's food. She often has to stay up late and has a sensitive stomach, which spicy food does absolutely no favors for."
Guest Message: "Ganyu is so busy that she does not often get a good night's sleep. Today is her day off, however, so she finally has a chance to catch up on some sleep. Can the owner please make her bed extra soft and comfy for her?"
Guest Message: "Yaoyao thanks and salutes the owner."
Reply: We are happy to accommodate you during your stay. If I may add, are you sure it is Ganyu who is taking care of you, and not the other way around?

Zhongli's Message

Guest Message: "Thank you for the stay. My scholar friend of Sumeru and I talked happily into the night, from debating the principles of the world and elements to recounting stories of our hometowns, famous specialties, culture, and nearly every topic one could think of — reminiscing like this really makes one's heart swell with emotion."
Guest Message: "I should be getting back to the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor after the rain stops, otherwise Director Hu may come drag me back herself."
Reply: We hope you enjoyed time here and look forward to your next visit. Also, please tell your friends in Liyue Harbor about our wonderful establishment.

Zhonglin's Message

???: "I have all sorts of high-quality, exotic items at the best prices around. If you don't come by today, you might miss out! ...Please, I'm but a simple traveling merchant trying to make a living in this difficult trade, without even a roof over my head. I hope you may grace my wares with patronage, and even make friends! —Zhonglin"
Another Note: "Your child misses you. Come back to the village to visit when you can."


  • In Xiling's message, she doesn't mean sister in a literal sense; rather, it is a term of both familiarity and respect, as they grew up together.


Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 1.2
  • The message about Dusky Ming was released.
  • "Master Hu" was revised to "Director Hu."

Version 1.0

  • Wangshu Inn Bulletin Board was released.