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Wangshu is the third part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Chapter I: Act I - Of the Land Amidst Monoliths.


  1. Go to Wangshu Inn
  2. Ask the boss lady about Xiao
  3. Make a Delicious Satisfying Salad
  4. Talk to the chef
  5. Go to the kitchen
  6. Tell Smiley Yanxiao about what happened
  7. Seek help from Verr Goldet
  8. Observe the painting
  9. Find a place where you can see the whole Witness Sigil
  10. Chase the ghost
  11. Defeat the Ruin Hunter
  12. Talk to Dusky Ming
  13. Tell Smiley Yanxiao about what happened
  14. Talk to Xiao



(At Wangshu Inn)
Paimon: Oh, this seems to be Wangshu Inn.
Paimon: Compared to Jueyun Karst this place seems basic. Are we really gonna find an adeptus here?
Paimon: Let's take a look. Paimon reckons he'll be on the balcony. Heh, doubt we're going to find him in the kitchen.
(Head upstairs)
Cutscene's Travel Log summary:
You take a good look around the balcony, but there's no one to be seen. You stop to admire the view - when suddenly, an adeptus appears
Paimon: Oh? He's not here?
(Paimon and the Traveler admire the scenery)
Xiao: To the blind, everything may not be as it appears...
(If the player has already met Xiao before)
Xiao: Oh. It's you two.
Paimon: We meet again! Hiya!
Xiao: Why do you insist on getting involved in the world of demons and adepti? You're breaking the rules too often.
(If the player hasn't met Xiao before)
Xiao: A Sigil of Permission? You came prepared.
Xiao: Though this only prevents me from hurting you myself. Doesn't stop you from getting hurt in other ways.
Paimon: Uhh... Paimon doesn't get it...
Xiao: Too much contact with our world is breaking the rules.
Xiao: Mortal souls are not as robust as those of adepti, nor can your blood carry this level of adeptal energy.
Xiao: It's for your own good. Leave. Now.
Paimon: Wait a sec, we came here to...
(Xiao disappears)
Paimon: Argh! Paimon's... peeved! All he does is think about himself!
Paimon: Paimon wants to give him an ugly nickname... but if you tick off an adeptus, the only thing you'll probably ever find in treasure chests is cabbages! Bleurgh!
Paimon: Ugh... Guess we should go ask the boss lady of the inn about just how she manages to talk to adepti.

(Talking to Verr Goldet, Boss of Wangshu Inn)
Icon Dialogue Quest.png: Tell me about that adeptus.
Verr Goldet: Oh? You've already met Xiao?
Verr Goldet: Not bad. Not often he's in a good enough mood to agree to see people.
Paimon: That's his good mood?
Verr Goldet: Oh yes, the adepti are very hard to come by. Many people go their whole lives praying to them, never once actually getting to see one.
Verr Goldet: When the Geo Archon built Liyue, he borrowed power from the adepti.
Verr Goldet: But most of them only know how to protect Liyue by fighting.
Verr Goldet: So for many millennia, it has instead been humans who have led Liyue, whilst the adepti have lived hidden away on the outskirts.
Paimon: You really know a lot, huh boss lady.
Verr Goldet: It's not "boss lady," it's just boss...
Verr Goldet: Anyway, seen as you have the favor of the adepti, things should be a lot easier.
Verr Goldet: Well... If you wanna know my opinion... If you keep Xiao in a good mood, things should be okay.
Paimon: Good mood? Can't really imagine what a "good mood" looks like for that "Vigilant Yaksha."
Verr Goldet: Haha! Will be interesting, won't it?
Verr Goldet: (Come to think of it, I've never seen him smile either...)
Verr Goldet: How 'bout this — you go see the chef for a bowl of Almond Tofu, and a plate of whatever it is you are best at making.
Verr Goldet: Almond Tofu is one of the few human foods Xiao likes. The other dish is up to you.
Paimon: Up to us, eh...? Traveler, what do you think you're the best at cooking?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png: Satisfying Salad I guess?
Paimon: Really hard to screw that one up, right?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png: Perhaps a Maha Manjusaka Hot Pyro Slime?
Paimon: Wow! Never heard of that one! Paimon wants to try it!
Paimon: But, if we're gonna be cooking for an adeptus, perhaps the Satisfying Salad would be the safer choice...
(Talking to Verr Goldet again)
Verr Goldet: Opportunities to meet an adeptus are rare and fleeting. Make the most of it.

(Talking to Smiley Yanxiao, the chef of Wangshu Inn)
Smiley Yanxiao: Can't you see I'm on a break kid? Scram.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png: Excuse me, we'd like an Almond To—
Smiley Yanxiao: Scram!
Paimon: Whoa, this chef guy's service is about as good as that Wagner guy's back in Mondstadt.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png: It's for the boss, Goldet.
Smiley Yanxiao: ....
Smiley Yanxiao: I see. If it's for the boss, then guess I don't have a choice now, do I?
Smiley Yanxiao: But my heart's not really in it right now, not enough to make a dessert as painstaking as Almond Tofu.
Paimon: And why is that?
Smiley Yanxiao: A fencer's hand must be steady, so too must be the hand of a chef.
Smiley Yanxiao: But my hands, I'm.... they're not steady...
Smiley Yanxiao: Because ahh, a traveler once told me that this inn... is haunted.
Smiley Yanxiao: And then, just now — just now! In the kitchen... I saw something... something not right.
Paimon: (This chef looks so intimidating, but speak of ghosts and he becomes weak.)
Smiley Yanxiao: I keep thinking... even Wangshu Inn isn't safe. I—I can't keep a steady hand for something like Almond Tofu.
Paimon: Alright Traveler. In the name of high-quality Almond Tofu, we need to go check this kitchen out.
(Talking to Smiley Yanxiao again)
Smiley Yanxiao: If the bosses hadn't been so good to me, there's no way I'd be putting up with this...

(At the inn's kitchen)
Paimon: Doesn't seem to be anyth—
Paimon: ...
Paimon: ...
(You see the ghost of a girl running)
Paimon: #@&%*!

(Returning to Yanxiao)
Smiley Yanxiao: What!? You saw it too! There really is a ghost!
Smiley Yanxiao: What... How can I...
Paimon: Okay, so he's useless now. What do we do?
Paimon: Forget it. Let's just go see the boss lady again.
(Talking to Smiley Yanxiao again)
Smiley Yanxiao: May the G—Geo Lord protect you... May all the deities protect you!

(Talking to Verr Goldet)
Verr Goldet: Hehe... Scared of something so insignificant. Hard to believe he was once a notorious bandit.
Paimon: You don't seem that afraid of ghosts, boss lady.
Verr Goldet: Gods and ghosts, I've seen it all before.
Paimon: Come to think of it, others don't seem to know there's an adeptus here at the inn, except for the boss lady...
Verr Goldet: Shh!
Verr Goldet: Say any more and you'll be divulging my little secret.
Verr Goldet: Right. Before you two be off. Go see to it that little ghost doesn't go scaring anybody else.
Verr Goldet: Not that I'm ordering you around. It's like the adeptus said, mortal souls are not as robust as those of the adepti.
Verr Goldet: So as to not be harmed when dealing with the adepti, you can start by practicing with that ghost.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png: Sounds good.
Paimon: But how should we persuade the ghost?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png: But how should we persuade the ghost?
Verr Goldet: There is a calligraphy painting in the inn known as the Witness Sigil. It's been in circulation for over a thousand years. Go take a look at it.
Verr Goldet: Once you have, look for a place outside where you can see the exact same Witness Sigil formation.
(Talking to Verr Goldet again)
Verr Goldet: Ghosts are just another form of life on earth. It's certainly possible to deal with them on their own terms.

(Upon viewing the Witness Sigil in the rocks you see the ghost of the girl running away)
Paimon: Th—There she is! So scary... (Traveler), quick, you... you grab her.
Paimon: She's trying to get away!
Paimon: We have to follow her. If it's as the boss lady said, she won't disappear like last time!
(Following her south of the inn, the ghost possesses a Ruin Hunter and becomes hostile)
Paimon: Argh! She doesn't know when to give up!
Paimon: This old, decrepit Ruin Guard... Surely it's not... possessed!?
(After defeating the possessed Ruin Hunter)
Dusky Ming: ♪ Silly-churl, billy-churl ♪...
Paimon: Phew... Finally caught you. Paimon's pooped.
Dusky Ming: ♪ Silly-billy hilichurl ♪...
Paimon: Haunting things isn't nice! Little girl, are you listening?
Dusky Ming: ♪ Chilly-churl, frilly-churl ♪...
Paimon: Now listen here young lady!
Dusky Ming: ...
Dusky Ming: Okay.
Dusky Ming: Dusky Ming won't tease the travelers at the inn anymore.
Dusky Ming: Next time Traveler can come play with Dusky Ming.
Dusky Ming: If you don't come and play, Dusky Ming will come find you~

(After explaining Yanxiao about the ghost's promise)
Smiley Yanxiao: Wh-What... You really got the ghost to promise to stop haunting the inn?
Smiley Yanxiao: Wow... You really are something...
Smiley Yanxiao: I am in your debt.
Smiley Yanxiao: Please wait a moment. I'll make you the smoothest, silkiest bowl of Almond Tofu.
(At the kitchen)
Smiley Yanxiao: Haha, my hands are steadier than ever now that she's gone.
(Talking to Yanxiao again)
Smiley Yanxiao: I haven't enjoyed something so much in a long time. That dish was pure perfection.

(Talking to Xiao)
Xiao: ...You two again.
Paimon: Wait! Don't go disappearing again.
Cutscene's Travel Log summary:
You give the food to Xiao...
Xiao: What's this?
Paimon: It's your favorite, Almond Tofu! As well as this distant traveler's best dish — a Satisfying Salad.
Paimon: Traveler! Quick! Tell him everything before he finishes eating!
(Fastforward the summary of recent events)
Xiao: Rex Lapis... How could this be?
Xiao: I... can't imagine it. Though times have changed, I've never imagined a Liyue without him.
Xiao: The ruling Qixing... Just what role have they played in this?
Xiao: ...
Xiao: I will seek Moon Carver, Mountain Shaper, and Cloud Retainer. It is time they too made their decisions.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png: Will the adepti take over his role in Liyue?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png: Will the adepti interrogate the Qixing?
Xiao: Adepti do not turn on their responsibilities.
Xiao: I have my reasons to not want to be tainted by the mortal realm, but... responsibilities are responsibilities.
Xiao: Our god is the God of Contracts after all.
Paimon: Wait! Paimon still has one last question.
Xiao: Hmm?
Paimon: That... Dusky Ming. She's...
Xiao: When conquering demons, on occasion, you can come across spirits who have never hurt anyone, yet are also not yet able to be moved on.
Xiao: So I asked the innkeeper and the boss if they could keep her here for a time.
Paimon: So really, Wangshu Inn was looking after her! Really keeping a wide range of business going, huh!

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
Wangshu[• 1]
SpanishPosada WangshuWangshu Inn
RussianПостоялый двор «Ваншу»
Postoyalyy dvor "Vanshu"
"Wangshu" Inn
VietnameseVọng ThưWangshu
  1. Chinese: Wangshu is the moon chariot goddess in Chinese mythology, but can also refer to the moon itself.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0